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    Sanchez-Casal Academy in Florida Hands down one of the greatest spots to train. I went there over the summer and everything was really structured and the coaches would not stop drilling you and making sure you were giving all of your effort. I was in the top group (which consisted of the 15-17...
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    I feel sorry for Federer's Legacy...

    JUST ONCE I'D LOVE TO SEE FEDERER GET KNOCKED OUT ON THE COURT. I want someone to win, this is getting ridiculous, I know he's a genius on court but that doesn't mean someone can't step up on the court and actually give it to him like: "I"m going to do whatever it takes and know that I did...
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    Hartru clay court shoe question

    Can I use the Nike Breath Cage 2's on Hartru Clay? I'm going to the Sanchez academy in Naples next week and I want to know if I need a new type of shoe, or I can just buy this one again.
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    which player has the best ''come on!'' ?

    I like the solid one yell type thing. Not the racquet hitting chest, ranting and screaming at yourself, ADJE' blowout move. Players I love to hear: Safina: THE ULTIMATE FIGHTING SPIRIT! She's been through HELL and back to get to the top spot! No easy big wins for her. Sharapova: she...
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    Har-tru clay court shoes?

    I'm going to Naples, Florida, to train at the Sanchez-Casal Academy, and they mostly train on clay. What are the best shoes to use on this surface? Adidas feather? Any good suggestions? thanks a lot. =]
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    Losing body fat if I need to???- your input is needed

    Okay here's my information: 15 year old male 160 pounds 5'10 (growing fast) 22% body fat... Ummm I would like to get my body fat percentage down. I'm really athletic, but if I want to improve my fitness to an even higher level I think losing some of this body fat would help me move a...
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    Is Murray the biggest pusher on the tour?

    Of course there are pushers at that level. They may look very good doing their tactic, but it's still considered pushing, it's just at that high professional level. And of course they will take advantage of short balls, but I think Murray plays smart consistent play that we should all learn from.
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    Need Help Improving Mental Stamina

    Play a lot of practice sets. When you practice sets it gets you a lot stronger mentally because you are constantly thinking about what you need to do to win each point. OR it gets you thinking like that if you don't want to lose.
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    Maria to ever win a slam again?

    You guys are crazy! OF COURSE SHE WILL, just look at how physically intimidating she is on court, some of the girls just bow down to sharapova in matches. She got to the quarters of the French Open by being very inconsistent, and she will have a lot of years ahead of her. Sure she's not...
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    Finding the RIGHT Coach

    Okay so I have really great coaches. I have a coach who has played professionally, has worked at Bolletieri, manages a country club's tennis, and has many connections in tennis. His wife, who is also a phenomenal coach, went undefeated at USC, and she has gone to school for learning about...
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    How much is to much?

    Quality > Quantity
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    Federer's Wimbledon Blazer

    We see this side of federer everywhere.... He's always so elegant. He should try something else to change it up once in a while.
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    Cute Ana Ivanovic

    This is a cool interview- Notice how she almost said the last film she saw was who wants to be a millionaire, but quickly changed it and said slumdog millionaire. haha
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    2010 Easter bowl question:

    What does your ranking need to be around or at to get into the prestigious Easter Bowl? =]
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    Tough match at Sectionals

    it's 211 as of now, will be a lot higher. Watch out for me. =]
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    Tough match at Sectionals

    Really?? Anyways they were probably both really tiered. They both had long three setters.. =]
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    Norcal Sectionals

    Connor Farren is a rising freshman. He should still be playing the 14's. wowww, if he's this good in the 16's, imagine where he will be when he actually turns 15. 0_0
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    Tough match at Sectionals

    Ok so I had a really tough match today, and he was ranked: 117 in SoCal. He was pretty consistent, and had some good volleys, and a good first serve when it went in. I was up 3-0, and 40-0 (or 40-15) and I had opportunites to go up 4-0, then somehow he makes his way back.. I think I stopped...
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    Norcal Sectionals

    That's norcal for ya! I don't think that would happen in SoCal..
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    Luckiest shot you've hit/had hit against you

    I hit a really flat shot and it bounced off the net and made it a sitter for my opponent, he decided to slice it up the line (but he could have smashed it and put it away) and it lands behind me and i scramble and lob it over him down the line! YAY!
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    How much do you train?

    oooo that was a good quote! What you want to achieve decides everything! =]
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    How much do you train?

    this is a rather vague question........... It depends on your level and goals. what you want to achieve decides everything!
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    Hoorayy finally a good site to play at.

    2009 Southern California Junior Sectionals. Very nice sites indeed. My first round is at Woodbridge tennis center. Love it!
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    When will they stop selling the kblade tour?

    Just a question I'd like to ask.. I have no idea, but I really like this racquet, and I don't know when I should stock up on them. Thanks a ton.
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    Rafa's AO 2010 outift

    WTF I'd RATHER WEAR MY OWN VOMIT! Than be caught dead in that flamboyant piece of garbage sucking crap!! pardonnnnn. me =]
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    warm-up music

    britney spears. =] kidding.. Lol, but sometimes the beats in her music get me in a really aggressive atittude. I listen to anything that has a fast beat, and gets me into an aggressive state. Anything too calm... and I'm in trouble. I find if I listen to calm music i just calmly...