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    Did Federer tank because he felt sorry for Murray?

    Federer must have felt bad beating Murray in all those slam finals and denying Britain their much-awaited champion. Maybe he decided to throw them a bone. What else could explain such a poor showing by the GOAT?
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    New psychological disorder: Sharapova Shrieking Syndrome (SSS)

    That's great! I totally agree we should name this disorder "Azarenka Sharapova Syndrome (ASS)"
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    New psychological disorder: Sharapova Shrieking Syndrome (SSS)

    Sharapova Shrieking Syndrome (SSS) - the tendency of highly attractive and successful people to engage in increasingly outlandish, obnoxious, and antisocial behavior, largely due to the failure of authority figures to punish such behavior. Example: Despite her continuous disruptive shrieking...
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    Stupid fireworks ruined the match

    Couldn't they wait until the match was over?
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    Djokovic-Hewitt 4th round 2012 AO

    At least Hewitt will not be triple-bageled. He should be proud.
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    Bjorn Borg is the GOAT

    But it was a standard part of the culture not to play the AO back then. To make a fair comparison, if Federer had only played one AO he would have 12 majors. If he had only played one AO and also retired at age 26, he would have 9 majors. 11 > 9, so Borg > Federer
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    Bjorn Borg is the GOAT

    Did you know that Borg won 11 majors even though he retired at age 26 and only played the AO once? If he had played until age 30 and played all the AO's, he easily would have won 16 majors, and probably 20. I think we've all gotten caught up in the excitement of watching Federer at his peak...
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    Roddick = Judge Smails from Caddyshack

    [duplicate post deleted]
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    Roddick = Judge Smails from Caddyshack

    In tonight's match Roddick got a point penalty for ball abuse, then argued with the umpire that he had just "lobbed the ball into the crowd." Hahaha. It reminded me of Judge Smails "lobbing" his club into the crowd. Roddick: Judge Smails...
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    How many majors will Henin win?

    WTA field is weak. She just turned 27. I think she could win 2 per year into her 30s.
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    Would YOU Call a Foot Fault?

    You mean you call foot faults on your opponent? How can you even tell if they foot fault from the other side of the net? Unless they are like six inches inside the line, I don't see how you can call that.
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    Will CBS release the missing tapes in the Footfaultgate scandal?

    We still haven't seen a camera angle that clearly shows whether there was a foot fault. CBS must have other cameras with a better view than the one they showed us. Will they ever release these tapes? Or will there be a cover up to protect the lineswoman? This is a crucial piece of evidence...
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    Wozniacki vs. Wickmayer

    Anyone have a stream for this one?
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    What's the latest at the US Open?

    CBS said it will show tennis if play resumes.
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    Just tough it out and play in the rain, ladies!

    Hilarious. There's not even a storm anymore. Just one tiny little rain cloud, and it happens to be right over the USTABJK tennis center. This is the Charlie Brown of tennis tournaments...
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    Just tough it out and play in the rain, ladies!

    If that was an intentional pun, then well done. If you meant to type "thread", then STFU
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    Just tough it out and play in the rain, ladies!

    This is getting ridiculous. Tell those ladies to get out there and play in the rain. If you're worried about slipping, buy them each a pair of these rain boots. Product description: "RAIN rubber outsole maximizes traction" Customer review: "these boots, fit great, very comfy and always get...
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    Wheelchair Tennis Mens Singles streaming @ Kuneida(1) vs Legler

    To show you what great corporate citizens CBS are, they won't even let the wheelchair matches be shown by livestream. CBS hates the disabled.
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    Isner attacked for stating the obvious

    Some radio show host asked Isner the lowest ranked man that could beat the top ranked woman. He said the 700 or 800 ranked man could (which is being generous to the women). Now people are trying to paint him as a sexist pig...
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    Melanie Oudin(USA) vs. Caroline Wozniacki(DEN) | QF USOpen 2009

    Interesting that gamblers say Woz has 70% chance of winning, but all the "experts" seem to be predicting Oudin will win. Either the experts are wrong, or Oudin is going to pull a Davydenko.
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    Yanina Wickmayer(BEL) vs. Kateryna Bondarenko(UKR) | QF USOpen 2009

    "Isn't Yanina a beautiful name?" Seriously????
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    Mens 4th round- Djokovic vs Stepanek

    Holy mackerel! "A hot looking girlfriend in the player lounge" Are you allowed to say that on TV? Did he just call out Stepanek for cheating on Vaidisova. Separate joke: Djokovic is doing the same thing to Stepanek that Stepanek did to Hingis and Vaidisova.
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    The Decline of Tennis in America: Is Tennis in America at its worst?

    Devarman is Indian. He just went to school here.
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    C Wozniacki (DEN) vs. S Kuznetsova (RUS) - 4th Rnd USOpen

    All you haters, get the heck out of here. If you didn't enjoy that, you are not a man.
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    C Wozniacki (DEN) vs. S Kuznetsova (RUS) - 4th Rnd USOpen

    Yep. The cheating coach is a bad sport too.
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    C Wozniacki (DEN) vs. S Kuznetsova (RUS) - 4th Rnd USOpen

    LMAO. Why did she hit a drop shot? Mental midget
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    C Wozniacki (DEN) vs. S Kuznetsova (RUS) - 4th Rnd USOpen

    LMAO at the UE. I think Oudin can beat either of these girls. She has way more power than beauty, and way more mental toughness than beast.
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    C Wozniacki (DEN) vs. S Kuznetsova (RUS) - 4th Rnd USOpen

    Love that camera angle. Shows you the girls actually have some pace and speed (relative to us club players)