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    Volleying against the wall feels awkward

    Use a green dot ball. They are a slower moving ball, and will help work on form, and then work with a standard ball.
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    Gasquet's Racquet Handle Mod

    I tried figuring out the image thing and couldn't sorry. The mega tac probably helps. When I wrap the Mega tac overgrip over the butt cap I pull it pretty tight and like I said I make sure the bottom edge is even. To me its the sharp step down that I really like, it really locks my fingers in...
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    Gasquet's Racquet Handle Mod

    The person was asking about the overgrip slipping/coming undone on the handle because of the sharp transition with the enlarged butt cap. Not about the racket slipping out of ones hand. I grip my racket around the bulb of my buttcap modification, thats where the advantage of it comes into play...
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    Gasquet's Racquet Handle Mod

    I don't have any problems with the grip slipping. I have a pic of it, but I can't figure out how to attach images anymore.
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    Gasquet's Racquet Handle Mod

    I build up my buttcap in a similar way, and I have to say it has totally transformed my game. Once you learn how to use it properly it is an advantage to me on all my strokes. Consistency is through the roof. I just take a tournagrip tacky overgrip. Wrap it around the buttcap over the main grip...
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    Forehand warm up taking long time

    I used to have this problem. I believe it often stems from people initially focusing on the wrong things, and thinking about technical things, which leads to them "managing" their physical motions, which does not allow their kenetic chain to fire, and disrupts timing etc... I found by simply...
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    Brush the ball form 6 to 12 o'clock for topspin serve and topspin FH ground stroke?

    I found the thread. Apparently it was not 11 to 5. The guy who started the thread misquoted. It was 11-4 for 1st serve and 10-2 for 2nd kick. Here it is:
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    Brush the ball form 6 to 12 o'clock for topspin serve and topspin FH ground stroke?

    I believe when Rafter is talking 11 to 5 on kick serve he is thinking about the finish of the stroke, or the second part of his swing. I find it allows you to generate more racquet head speed. Kind of like on the forehand when they say focus on the finish and the rest of the stroke takes care of...
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    Exercises for explosive internal shoulder rotation (serve)?

    I wouldn't worry about that specifically. I would get yourself a Kettlebell and do one-armed swings, clean and presses, and crowns. Doing Windmills with the kettlebell is a great way to bullet proof the shoulder. The kettle bell is a great way to build explosive power and teaches you functional...
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    Working on my mental game/nerves?

    Just during a match or game, focus on the ball coming off your opponents racquet, and then focus on what you are going to do to the ball when it is coming towards you. Don't think of anything else but these two things. By watching how the ball is coming of your opponents racquet you will be able...
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    2nd serve - Your experience?

    It actually his body thats moving not the toss.
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    How did you develop your serve?

    I have worked a lot on my serve. I came to tennis late I'm 42 and started playing in my mid 30s. It took a lot of work, mainly sorting through a lot of misguided information, and also not quite physically and mentally understanding what needs to happen. I can now serve easily in the mid 120's...
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    Racket Length

    All rackets compress somewhat during stringing. That being said, Babolats are the worst offenders. All of the Babolat rackets I've owned come out under 27". Drove me nuts. :)
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    Anyone NOT use the continental for serving?

    I think the eastern backhand grip is the way to go on all serves. It takes a slightly different approach to the ball to get it right, but once it clicks it gives you so much more flexibility on serve. I find it gives the ball a more consistent shape and trajectory. I think a lot of the best pro...
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    Question on topspin serve

    Often times our visuals needed to get the desired result are different than what is actually happening at contact. After using the clockface visual for a long time, I find it better to try and hit a particular point on the ball. Keeps my motion more consistent and gives me less to think about...
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    Feedback Head Graphene XT Speed MP Ltd. Edition Racquets

    I was wondering if there is any feedback on the Head Graphene XT Speed MP Ltd. Edition. I play with a Head Instinct MP and the specs seem pretty similar was curious what differences there are between these racquets? Also does the Speed LTD use the same pallet shape (the more wilson-type) like...
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    Nalbandian and power for the 2HBH

    The best way I have personally found to hit the two hander is to think of it almost like a hand transfer. I pull the racket back with my left(non-dominant) hand, rotating, then I swing forward by pulling through with the right hand. It allows for a nice rythmic flow to the stroke, and keeps the...
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    Two-handed Backhands - Right vs Left Handed Dominant

    I've tried every variation of two handed backhand under the sun. All with success. To me the best and easiest at generating power was when I started approaching the stroke as a hand transfer. Meaning pulling the racket back with the left hand and pulling the racket forward to the stroke with the...
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    Serve tip

    The main goal to reach that most people fail to do on the serve is to have the weight on the back foot throughout the entire tossing motion or at the very least evenly distributed. Pin point or platform. Most people transfer their weight too quickly to their front foot during their toss.
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    No Windup Serve?

    It teaches your body incorrect movement patterns.
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    A deep and interesting question on the serve

    Andy Roddick flips his wrist back on his serve.
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    A deep and interesting question on the serve

    There are 2 different ways to approach the ball in serving. One the wrist flips back directly, like Sampras and Sam Querrey, the other it slides back like Roanic. Fed uses the flip on his first serve and the slide on his second. Both require a slightly different set up. The first requires a more...
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    A deep and interesting question on the serve

    Fed on his first serve has a slightly different trophy position, then on his 2nd serve. On his 2nd serve his strings face more towards the top of his head, like Roanic. Cocking the wrist more.
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    Penn ATP 4 Ball Can

    Do you guys have any plans to stock the PENN ATP balls in a 4 Ball Can case? Or is there a a 4 ball can case that you carry that play similar?
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    Toss going too far over my head

    Even in this vid your weight is already moving forward when you toss. Its a hard habit to break. But try standing without a racquet. Lift your front toe, keep your weight on your back foot (leaning back, looking up) and toss, or even without a ball just move your arm up as if you were tossing...
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    Toss going too far over my head

    You have too much weight on your front foot when you tossing. By rushing to initiate the hitting or "serve" motion you are tossing when your weight is on the front foot, you will never get a consistent toss with your weight moving forward. Try lifting the toe of your front foot when initiating...
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    What makes Nalbandian's 2HBH so uniquely dominant? Can a 4.0/4.5 hacker copy it?

    chin to shoulder chin to shoulder, both forehand and backhand:
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    What makes Nalbandian's 2HBH so uniquely dominant? Can a 4.0/4.5 hacker copy it?

    I've looked at Nalbi's backhand a lot. Its a super simple stroke, that primarily relies on torso rotation and early prep. What helped me the most to mimic his stroke was using a shoulder to shoulder approach and relaxing the arms through the stroke. Meaning as soon as you read the ball your chin...
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    Hitting Up on Serves

    Although he's always super balanced, I think Federer actually often gets too much weight forward too quickly. He could add 10mph easily with a slight adjustment. Yes....I said that. :) The best example for platform is Raonic or Sampras. They keep their weight way back through the toss. And Isner...