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    Yamaha EOS

    Oh, I wasn't aware that was what the RZ was. I can't wait to play with it again.
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    Anyone remember the Yamaha EOS

    I just bought an EOS 100 off **** and can't wait to string it up with a modern poly. I bet it's a monster.
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    Yamaha EOS

    That is not the original EOS. The EOS is a 100 or 110 sq. in. in a kinda ugly glossy brown and grey finish.
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    Yamaha EOS

    I'll never forget when I got my EOS 100 in '91. To me it was a revelation in racquet technology. Light but slightly head heavy, very stiff with zero vibration. Not as stiff as the Secret 04 hammer but an incredible racquet. Stole out of my front seat 3 weeks later in my buddies driveway. I...
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    Yamaha Tennis Rackets

    I will never forget the first time I played with an Secret 04 and an EOS. I just bought an EOS 100 on **** and can't wait to string it up with some RPM blast or something similar. I predict a monster.