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    Serena Williams

    The under achievement tag is ludicrous.
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    Shot clock rules

    A classic case of the cure being worse than the cold.
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    Slam count is the only and true indicator of GOAT

    Yes, I can think of 3 ways. 1. She might not have won these tournaments, anyway. 2. She wins some of these tournaments, but there is a physical and mental cost to these efforts and maybe she is not as fresh at Wimby or the U.S. Open, resulting in her losing a tournament or two that she did...
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    Best player to watch in full flight?

    Agassi dominating from the baseline.
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    I'm a professional tennis player. Ask me anything!

    What non-tennis things, if any, do you think about during a match? John McPhee wrote a book titled "Levels of the Game" featuring Clark Graebner and Arthur Ashe. I was very interested to learn that during a match Ashe would think about his favorite meal that his Mom would make for him.
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    Today I stopped being a tennis fan

    Sssshhh. Don't tell Djokovic or we'll have to put him on suicide watch.
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    Wawrinka's backhand defies all logic

    I don't think his backhand is great because of superior strength compared to the other pros, but because of greater flexibility.
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    Slam count is the only and true indicator of GOAT

    The competitiveness level is higher when many different players win Slams. Most analysts would consider this to be an indication of a strong era in a sport. Take baseball when the Yankees dominated the World Series for a couple of decades. That was a weak era with many perennially hapless...
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    Do you think if Henin and Clijsters hadn't have retired, Serena would be on 20 slams?

    Yes. Serena's play caused them to retire. I don't think either one of them retired thinking they could have won more Slams, they were both great competitors who were unfortunate enough to peak during the reign of perhaps the greatest women's player.
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    Who do you think is the Greatest Ever?

    Since this is not the best, but the GOAT, I'll vote for Li'l Mo. The most dominating pro, just look at her record in the Majors.
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    Anyone else Enjoys Serena Beating down Sharapova?

    Hi, Dedans! I am a Serena fan, so was glad she got her 19th. Serena is obviously the best player of the first decade of this century. Time will tell, but she may end up being the best of the first quarter century. GOAT? Possibly. One interesting thought came to me. Sometimes it is...
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    Bollettieri: 1hbh is dying on tour, dead among the short men

    Okay, I'll give you one more. The return of serve is woefully underpracticed. It's only the 2nd most important shot in tennis.
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    How many slam titles will Serena end up with

    She's just too good of a player to predict she won't win another one. Having said that, I have serious doubts that she will ever win the FO or Wimby again. I'll say one Oz and one US Open in the next 3 years and that is it.
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    Nole surpasses Borg in weeks at No. 1

    I'm too lazy and unmotivated to do the analysis, has anybody done it? Hint: The higher the standard deviation of players' won-lost records from .500, the lower the level of competitiveness.
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    Something I read this week about Graf and the stabbing of Seles!

    Seles is responsible for her reaction to media complaints of her grunting. If she let it affect her game, then that is completely her fault.
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    Bollettieri: 1hbh is dying on tour, dead among the short men

    Exactly! Martina Hingis is the outstanding example of using a 1hbh or 2hbh as appropriate. I believe the failure to teach the use of both is one of the 3 major failings of conventional coaching of amateurs in the USA.
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    At what point in tennis history was the balance right?

    From 1946 when Jack Kramer popularized the serve and volley game until somewhere in the 80's when Wimby became an outright serving contest. I think the pro game has righted itself over the past 5 years or so with the slower mix of grass at Wimby.
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    Ask me anything about being a professional tennis player

    What are the best dive bars to pick up tennis groupies?
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    Nadal could have Career slam of greatest matches of all time

    I'm very suspicious of a list that covers a vast time span of 5 years and has the same player in each match.
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    Will no one care about tennis in 5 years?

    BINGO!!! It reminds me of "The State of the Union" addresses. I'm waiting for the one that informs us we are NOT living in a historical time of crisis.
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    Did anyone notice Courier was annoyed?

    Draws are rigged, because they are SUPPOSED to be. They are rigged based mainly upon ranking so that these players will tend to last longer and play more matches, which is what the fans want. A draw that was not rigged would be randomly selected and would almost certainly be not appreciated as...
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    Why doesn't Fed do his little ball trick before his serve anymore?

    To an opponent, it can be extremely important. A change in an athlete's behavior can be indicative of a problem. Remember, a professional athlete usually has a very highly trained and ritualistic behavior. Any deviation is almost always indicative of some underlying problem such as aging...
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    Why doesn't Fed do his little ball trick before his serve anymore?

    I think people economise their movements as they get older, including athletes.
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    Nadal plays worst on his best surface

    Not when it degrades into a serving contest.
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    Will Nadal become the first player in world history....

    Well, you were half right, bye-bye.
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    Apparently, the name "Darcis" means "To Kill Someone" in the Chinese language ??

    EXACTLY! I once had a Chinese student write a message in Chinese on the board in the college's lunch room to not dump excess rice in the drinking fountain, it was getting clogged up. This was to avoid embarrassment and not show up the Chinese to the American students. I received an angry...
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    The Championships 2013 - WTA Wimbledon Discussion

    I picked Serena as the most likely. She is not a shoo-in, I give her a 1 in 3 chance of winning.
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    What a great career Rafa.....but

    Prediction: This is a premature obit.