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    Drama at the Laver Cup between FAA and Monfils !

    This is where the Laver Cup really disappointed me. I'm a big fan of the concept and think team tennis has a bright future. But FAA was rightfully confused by the constant LC promotion of how important this event is, and the booking of Gale Monfils, who is mostly a showman at this point...
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    Who in your opinion had the best match win celebration ever?

    Stan Wawrinka pointing to his head after upsetting Djokovic in the 2016 USO. It was more than just celebratory. Djokovic did try to play his gamesmanship with medical time outs and bathroom breaks any time Wawrinka got momentum. But unlike most opponents, it never phased Wawrinka. And he...
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    Laver Cup Full Teams Are Set

    As a big fan and long time resident of World, I'm concerned their 2023 roster is a bit too homogenous. Aliassime Fritz Tiafoe Paul Shelton Ceruodulo ALT: Eubanks I wish McEnroe would have gone a little deeper into the geographic pool, but maybe it was tough to get people to fly to Vancouver...
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    Predict the slam winners of 2024

    Went to the open a lot this year. Based on what I saw: AO. Zverev. The first two sets against Dimitrov was the fastest, most entertaining tennis I've seen since Fed retired. Find it on youtube if you can. FO. Ruud W. Alcaraz USO. Zverev
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    Medvedev waiving off Djokovic

    Cool moment in the 3rd when Medvedev fell down after a long point and was laying on his back staring at the roof. Djokovic really playing the exhausted card all match, leaned on the net asking if he's ok. Then climbed over to help Medvedev up. Stood over him smiling and gasping for air, but...
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    Djokoviv will have all the crowd support tomorrow

    Medvedev will get the crowd support and it will drive Djokoviv crazy.
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    Ben Shelton Press Conference | 2023 US Open Semifinal

    You mean like Seb Korda (who is by far the most talented American man) did with Rafa at the French Open a few years ago? Give me the delusional a hole any day. I mean, did anyone really prefer Sammy Hagar to David Lee Roth?
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    Who will the crowd support in the final?

    95% rooting for Novak. With Covid rates spiking in NYC, only his strongest supporters will want to be in the same room as him.
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    USO ticket prices vs crowd size

    Well looks like the free market is taking care of things. On Ticketmaster this morning, reseller tickets for the men's final are going for about half of what they were yesterday at 7pm. Well below face value when you factor in fees. Something odd must have happened last night.
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    Djokovic humbles Shelton by mimicking his celebration

    It's a University of Florida thing. It's done after good performances by their track, baseball, and tennis kids. And now Novak Djokovic.
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    Artificial Intelligence believes Carlos Alcaraz is so strong!

    It'd be a lot easier for Benny if they didn't make him use red balls.
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    USO ticket prices vs crowd size

    Yes, I was one of them. The used to invite plebes for the tv cameras. Saw Kyrgios from the third row. Funny thing is, I prefefred the first level up for viewing. I think the USTA does a pretty good job. The qualifiers are free which is insane and I'm sure will end any year now. They...
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    On court coaching was a bad idea after all

    I was undecided too until I saw it so explicitly used - and they talked almost every point. It's only a matter of time where Shelton plays Tsitsias or some other player coached by his dad and then we see two grown men on a tennis court asking their fathers what they should do. It's not good.
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    On court coaching was a bad idea after all

    I know I risk getting kicked off the board and doxxed for saying something negative about Ben Shelton, but I think it's a mistake to allow his 2x National Champion D1 Coach and former pro dad to discuss the match with him during play. I have the ESPN3 feed (no commercials) and you could hear...
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    So, will you switch?

    You're good, impossible to follow all the threads. I'm just a Novak fan in a bad mood. And I'm surprised at all the proclamations of his career being over because he only won two slams, destroyed Stan, Sinner, an on-fire Rublev (a 36 y.o playing his third day in a row) and took Alcaraz to five...
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    So, will you switch?

    Sarcasm can be tough sometimes. You'll get there.
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    So, will you switch?

    I'm with the OP. I'm going to root for whoever's #1 at the time.
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    So, will you switch?

    Nothing dumb about calling out guys who only root for champions.
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    So, will you switch?

    That's like rooting for Holmes after he knocks out Ali. Kind of easy to follow sports that way.
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    Roland Garros Final: [3] Novak Djokovic vs [4] Casper Ruud

    To be fair, Ruud has to conserve is energy to lose in Anderson. When you can’t remember who an ATG beat in a final, it’s one of these two guys.
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    Roland Garros Final: [3] Novak Djokovic vs [4] Casper Ruud

    He should be fined. No game plan after losing break in 1st set. Just rallying and doing that badly.
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    Carlos will never be able to escape that loss yesterday

    If Ruud wins tomorrow, only hardcore tennis fans will remember Alcaraz tapping out. If Djokovic wins, people will think yesterday was the final.
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    Ruud has any chance?

    Thanks. I’m getting +370 and letting my Novak $ from yesterday (Novak will never get odds again) ride on the Swede. My thoughts are he’s been there before, he’s in as good of shape, he’s playing aggressive but can still rally forever like Medvedev, and he beat Roon who beat the Serb. If...
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    Can anyone even remotely challenge Djokovic at Wimbledon?

    Sinner took him the five at Wimbledon last year, the last player to do that. I like his chances.
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    Ruud has any chance?

    Ruud was a different player against the twerp Roon. Body serves, winners, etc. he’s been there before and he will win in 5.
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    Has anyone else. . .

    Beat Federer, Nadal, and Alcaraz in a slam?
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    Bring on Delray!

    I don't know the last time I've ever looked so forward to a regional 250 tennis tournament. I don't know if it's the natural optimism of the new year, or the dearth of professional tennis in 2020, but I cannot wait to see good old best of 3 matches with no gimmicks. No Cincinnati in New York...