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    Best Cushioning for Hard Courts

    Happy to report my KSwiss Hypercourt Express 2 have midsoles that feel like my running shoes. I find them more comfortable than the Ultrashots. Firm, but cushioned.
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    Intuitive tennis Nick playing with 37

    It was a Prince Triple Threat Warrior OS.
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    Intuitive tennis Nick playing with 37

    I remember way back when I was playing a lot I got to a point where I felt like I could rally with two main strings and two crosses. That's when I made the switch from a 107 to a 90.
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    Can overtraining present as a (seemingly) inexplicably bad performance?

    Might have been mental fatigue leading to poor physical performance. Who but your friend really knows?
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    The hard hitting, net rushing slicer, any one ever seen this style?

    Exactly what you said above, the idea is to impose your game on the opponent and pressure them into hitting tougher shots than they normally have to hit to win. Attacking someone's neutral rally ball is a real shock when they're used to having a neutral ball come back.
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    The hard hitting, net rushing slicer, any one ever seen this style?

    I'm actually the type of player OP describes so I know what works against me, not so much about how it's done, exactly. If you can draw me in with short angles on your terms (so I have to hit up on my approach shot) or hit very hard topspin that I have trouble controlling or pin me behind the...
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    The hard hitting, net rushing slicer, any one ever seen this style?

    Yes, so once you get them to hit up on their slice, expect it to sit up instead of skidding through the court. Then you can step up and tee off. But I wouldn't try to attack one of the skidding slices.
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    The hard hitting, net rushing slicer, any one ever seen this style?

    You take away a lot of the low, skidding slice by making them hit up. This might be hard if your default tennis is high loopy topspin.
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    Drill For Speeding To The Net

    It's hard to hit a deep volley from below net height. If you recognize what your opponent's options are based on the shot you just hit, you will be better at anticipation.
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    Correct way to cleanly remove molded foam handle?

    Maybe something like a small Dremel circular saw? Take a bunch of slices out of the handle and then knock what remains off with a small hammer. Finish with sandpaper?
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    How to play when you are tired?

    You might want to try eating a banana or something after the first set to try to keep up your energy
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    Ultrashot 3 break-in question

    Kept the 9s. They broke in for me after about a week. (y)
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    For those who never knew, some Sampras gems

    Watching these clips I'm reminded just how powerful a Pro Staff 6.0 85 can be. I'm also reminded just what an axe Pete's racket was.
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    Ultrashot 3 break-in question

    Hey everyone, it's come time to buy a new pair of shoes. I'm coming from ultrashot 2s in size 9. I bought a pair of ultrashot 3 in size 9 and when I put them on, they are the correct length, but the tip of the toe isn't quite tall enough under the rubber toe guard, leading my toes to feel...
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    Feedback on serve and volley

    Why aren't you playing out the point?
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    Measuring Climate Protection in Bags

    Oh, I'm not asking you to do the experiment, I'm just trying to reiterate my "temperature shock" hypothesis from earlier. We can all agree that high temps inside a car are no good for a racket or strings. But we also agree that we play in a variety of conditions between cool and hot, while we...
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    Measuring Climate Protection in Bags

    Ok, so forget the physics required to make a temperature regulating bag a reality, just assume as a thought experiment that it's possible to make a bag that maintains a set temperature and humidity level. What temp/humidity would you select? Say, 70F, 50%? What happens when you take the raxket...
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    Tips for watching / seeing the ball

    Well, you have almost a second. :-D Seriously, try rallying (cooperatively) with two balls in play at once. See for yourself how much you need to see and how much can be ignored.
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    Tips for watching / seeing the ball

    One thing I saw in a Patrick Mouratoglou video that no one mentioned is eye dominance. If you're right-handed and left-eyed, you'll have to turn your head more to keep your dominant eye on the ball on your forehand side.
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    Anyone still using Six One Tour 90 as their main racket?

    I'm still hacking away with my black and yellow Tour 90s
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    Tips for watching / seeing the ball

    I agree with you, and after reviewing this thread, it appears that I asked Chas the same thing in another thread. I'll just offer that every player can easily experiment with either the Agassi gaze or the Federer/Medvedev head turn and judge for themselves which works best. Clearly you can make...
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    Tips for watching / seeing the ball

    @Chas Tennis If I understand you correctly, you assert that Medvedev is turning his head during his forward swing (at the beginning) while Federer has stopped turning his head so that it is still throughout his forward swing. Is this correct?
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    Forehand swingpath mechanics

    There's a lot of comments, but I'm not sure they're all seeing or addressing your rather extreme ulnar deviation of your wrist at the bottom of your takeback/beginning of your forward swing. A slightly less extreme example of a pro with a similar high elbow, racket facing the left fence thing...
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    Grip size by brand...
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    Tips for watching / seeing the ball

    Juggle. Or learn how. Your mind is capable of extrapolating the flight of the ball from only a bit of info. It's not necessary to watch the ball intently the entire flight. You DO want to watch the bounce intently. Another fun thing to try is playing two on one with two balls in play at once.
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    attacking with forehand in doubles

    Placement over power all day in doubles. Also, if you've identified a specific scenario that happens often and you are weak at, spend an entire practice session with someone working on just that scenario. Try all your options and see if one works better for you, then drill it.
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    How much spin is too much (rpm vs shot speed?)

    I tend to hit pretty flat compared to most of the players I've encountered, but nearly none of them hit with what I would consider to be a ton of spin--except my cousin. I remember playing with her, watching these slow floaters land at the service line and then jump off the court. It was quite a...
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    Abandoning the kick serve?

    I think people get hung up a little bit trying to get nearly a 6 to 12 topspin serve. If you have a good feel for a 9 to 3 slice serve, try working your way around the clock. Try an 8 to 2 serve and a 7 to 1 serve until you figure out where your comfort level drops off.
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    Grip size of hand and grip size of racquet question

    In theory, yes. In some practice, no. For example, my Wilsons actually measure out correctly at 4 5/8 WITH an overgrip. Also, if I were to adhere strictly to the rule, I should be playing with a 4 1/2, but I can play well enough with 4 3/8 up to 4 5/8 and I prefer 4 5/8.