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    HEAD Boom Official Thread

    wonder whats the physical explanation behind those comments about inconsistent string bed response in the 2022 model and the same being fixed in the 2024. Few reviewers mentioned this difference, but other few said, that the two versions basically play the same, including the 5.0 or so dude in...
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    Tennis Nerd, Nik Intuitive Tennis drill down on heavy racket talk/context....

    not really an insight, just his opinion and a pretty poor take. He is soooo close to getting it, but he just doesnt. He says it right there, the most popular tennis-related content creator on youtube is the tennis tv, who promotes this kind of content. But he does not realize that the popularity...
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    Blade 98 (16*19) vs Boom Pro 98

    it is easy to shave some weight off the boom pro. You can remove 3-4 grams from the handle by removing the weight from the door trap and another 3-4 grams by switching to a lighter and thinner base grip -> more bevel feel included. Of course it will change the balance
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    Head Auxetic Prestige MP-L - bring it to the US of A pls!

    what are the up- and downsides of the prolonged hoop shape compared to an isometric or tear-drop-shaped like boom? Longer mains and shorter crosses mean more power but smaller spin window? Also, the sweet spot is closer to the handle, but what does it mean for the ball the racquet hits - is the...
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    Return to tennis after patellofemoral pain

    so it is like chondromalacia patellae, but on the opposite side? Is there a more wide-spread name for that? Cant seem to find much information about it. In the extended MRI report it is described as a "substantial fissure of cartilage down to the osseous boundary layer". On the imaging it looks...
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    Return to tennis after patellofemoral pain

    so I went again to an ortho and they ordered an MRI, which came back with lots of stuff obviously. Most severe stuff in a report to me is a "not recent partial tear to ACL" and a "clear chondropathy of trochlea femoris". Anybody knows whats the last part is? Is it something that everybody has...
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    Knee crackling walking up stairs/bending down/straightening.

    my knees always clicked painlessly when bending over 90 degrees. 3 months ago I got the runners knee in the right knee so it became really painful to play tennis, go downstairs and so on, but the clicking disappeared completely. Now after several weeks of exercises and stretches the pain level...
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    Return to tennis after patellofemoral pain

    I think my imbalance is due to weak glutes and over-active quads. My quads are tight and hurt like hell when I foam roll them. TFL also hurted badly while foam rolling initially, but it got better after two days. I hope quads will get less painful as well. Anyway, I am currently pretty happy...
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    Return to tennis after patellofemoral pain

    I dont even know where to find a sports physiotherapist. 99% of PTs and orthopedists covered by insurance here are only doing post-surgery rehab for elderly people. Also I must add, I was very skeptical about foam rolling ("IT band is a fascia that cannot be stretched yada yada"), but it really...
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    Return to tennis after patellofemoral pain

    Yeah, I do different modifications If this one every other day: one-legged; the one where you put your feet one foot further than normally and also the hold, but I do the clam shells while I hold. It's good to feel the glutes firing.
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    Return to tennis after patellofemoral pain

    Went skiing for the first time in my life and overdid it a bit, which led to some sharp pain on the outside of the right knee when playing tennis (or running). I had some foot injuries in the past and back then an orthopedist diagnosed me with a muscle imbalance (desk sitting job) - overactive...
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    A new Head Boom Pro release?

    Average stock Boom Pro is 325-328 pts SW depending on the strings (mine as well). It really does not need any more lead. Still cant decide whether I like it over Prestige MP-L or not
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    Comfortable, forgiving, playerish racquet?

    Head Prestige MP-L If you don't mind adding lead tape
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    Looking for thinner constant beamed Ezone 98 replacement (OHBH)

    Head Prestige MPL has a bit higher launch angle than the Ezone 98 given same strings and tension, but the directional control is just as good in my opinion. I am currently in a honeymoon with it, not gonna lie. I switched away from the Ezone because of the feel though, and MPL has lots of it.
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    Tie cross to cross string. Acceptable when no choice?

    What speaks against tieing cross to cross?
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    A new Head Boom Pro release?

    Anyone is able to spill the beans on the 2024 pro? Is it the same rubbery finish as the speed pro? The frame is supposed to be softer, but does it also have less power than 2022?
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    How do you go about matching racquets without a SW machine

    SwingTool app on the iphone is the answer. It's very consistent for me. I dont trust it to give fully correct absolute numbers, but it is consistent enough to match the racquets to each other. In 2-3 months I am planning to create an app for android that would do the same, drop me a pm if...
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    Switching from an Ezone 98 by sponsorship

    disagreeing with the last statement. Power level is at least the same or even higher with the Boom Pro. And good depth is way easier with the BP due to the higher launch angle. The BP has higher stiffness and more open string pattern after all. Btw here is a match-up between Boom Pro and Ezone 98 DR
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    A new Head Boom Pro release?

    hoping for some glossy elements in the new paintjob, but wont hold my breath :D
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    Thin and And Dense Synthetic Grip

    Sounds like you are looking for Tourna Pro Thin. It is thin and firm.
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    Wilson Blade 100 V8 300g needs it's own review, so here goes . . .

    The stiffness of the blade is 64-65 according to multiple youtube videos where it was actually measured. Head size, weight and balance differ by less than 2% which is less than usual QC margins. SW is the same.
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    Wilson Blade 100 V8 300g needs it's own review, so here goes . . .

    well the specs are almost identical, so they are not completely different.
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    Wilson Blade 100 V8 300g needs it's own review, so here goes . . .

    Anyone who played both can compare it to Ezone 98 in terms of power/control/feel and launch angle?
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    Favorite Speed MP competitors

    Any actual comparisons with Percept 100 and Vcore 100? Specs look close enough, but which one has the lowest launch angle and most connected feel?
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    Can you reach the 4.0+ level without poly?

    Dominic Thiem has reached pro level with multi, he used isospeed professional at least until 2012
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    Smart watch 2022?

    Using Garmin Fenix 6. It does nothing tennis-specific, but the effort estimation and recovery time projections are quite helpful. Also checking the HR live during playing helps me to understand when I need to up my intensity or make a break and calm down. Just fyi, a chest strap makes huge...
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    Will there be a 2024 Yonex Ezone?

    Checking the previous threads about upcoming ezones the leaks have started coming through during October and November, i.e. 2-3 months before official launch, so we are probably still few weeks away.
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    Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2021

    People who were fully happy with the Vapor Pros - what have you moved on to in 2023? What is the closest fit available currently?
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    What is the most powerful polyester string?

    for objective lab data you can check TWU string performance database, just show and sort by Energy Return (percent)
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    Solinco Whiteout Users Club

    Can anybody comment on the length of the grip handle (standard length version)? I liked the Tecnifibre TF40, but the short handle was annoying, definetely preferring longer handles like Yonex produces. Also, any word on other cosmetics coming?