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    Facing fast and low balls

    This post has the best technical advice IMO. My tactical advice: get him to play on your higher (ball-height-wise) level. Moonball him a bit until his shots start coming up a bit higher. Then press your advantage from there.
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    3.5 to 4.0 - 98 sq in racquet?

    Sometimes more "free power" can even take power away from your game. I experimented a bit with a racquet with a lot more free power this summer, and I actually found it harder for me to close out points with winners and force errors via power. My rally shots were definitely faster, but when it...
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    Your impressions on Head Auxetic Prestige Tour

    Just started playing with this racquet, and I'm loving it. I've used the Pro Tour 2.0 for a few years and loved it but needed a little more power and spin potential. Prestige Tour 2021 absolutely delivers on that with more power, more spin, same control, even more stability (how is that even...
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    Head Prestige Pro 2021 vs 2023

    That's exactly what I'm asking: if the the 2023 is really any different than the 2021. It won't be available to demo around me because (I've been informed by the clubs themselves) no one carries the Prestige line any more "because it doesn't sell" (and I've always had timing issues with trying...
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    Head Prestige Pro 2021 vs 2023

    I'm interested in the same question but for the Tour. I've used the Pro Tour 2.0 as my main stick for the past few years but am looking for something slightly more forgiving with a little more power, so I bought a 2021 Prestige Tour on clearance to try. I used it for the first time yesterday...
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    Is a good slice serve a viable 2nd serve option for a left handed player?

    Works for me and I'm a righty and get little pace on it. Should work even better for a lefty.
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    What's up with Shapovalov?

    Needs Magnus Norman after Stan retires.
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    Returning overheads

    Overhead it right back.
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    Henin. No one could build points like her. Players like Gonzo were fun for the wow factor of where did that winner come from???
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    Let's face it, Roger and Stan were the last great 1-handers

    High balls are only an issue for players who avoid the weight room. Chest height is the best height.. Maybe as players keep getting fitter the one hander will come back in style?
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    Head Prestige 2023

    Ugh, my club no longer carries the Prestige line at all because "it doesn't sell". With how hard it is to line things up just right for online ordered demos (unpredictable shipping dates have made it hard to line up enough play for a proper demo in the short demo time, plus worn out strings), I...
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    Thinnest overgrip on the market that's also tacky?

    Is it too late to go 4 3/8 and multiple overgrips?
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    Head Prestige 2023

    The PT2.0 feeling more powerful seems odd to me given the equal stiffness but thicker beam and more open string bed on the Prestige Tour. Specs don't always tell the full story though, so I'll just have to see for myself. My PT2.0s have always had RPM Blast 16 at 54, 52, 50, and now 48 lbs. I...
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    Head Prestige 2023

    Thanks. I'm hoping I can demo both this week somehow. My club has a pretty crappy demo program in general, but they usually get the new Heads in insanely quick (and then put the demos of the previous iteration on sale immediately). They likely have the new ones already, and I doubt the old demo...
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    Head Prestige 2023

    Sorry if already discussed (this thread has grown too fast and I can't keep up!), but: Has anyone hit with both the 2021 Tour and the new Tour? If so, how much of a difference is there? I'm looking to upgrade just a bit in power from my PT2.0 and am thinking of blind ordering a 2021 Prestige...
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 more forgiving alternatives?

    Also, does anyone happen to know what the "CPI" of the Pro Tour 2.0 is (or was that not ever figured out since it was a one-off)?
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 more forgiving alternatives?

    Bringing back an old thread. I love my Head Pro Tour 2.0, but I need something slightly more forgiving with a little more pop. The weight and head size of the 2.0 don't bother me a bit, so I am looking for something as similar as possible with a little more juice. Would the current Prestige...
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    Dealing with a cheater in a ranked match

    Play with more margin. I played the biggest hooker I've ever played on Saturday and he cheated his way back into a match I was dominating. It got in my head and I lost the second set. Then I won the match breaker rather easily once I decided to not hit anywhere near the lines. If they're...
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    Laver Cup Full Teams Are Set

    I always thought the whole point of Laver Cup was to showcase the Big 3. Doesn't seem right to have it still without any of them.
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    How many- if any- Majors will Calros win in 2024?

    Carlos (or Djokovic) won't even win a set off Rafa at RG next year.
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    How many- if any- Majors will Calros win in 2024?

    I think he'll average about 1 a year for his career, so 0 to 2 next year.
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    Change the rule!!

    Sometimes you have to poop.
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    Should on court coaching be stopped? Watched jCF give Alcaraz instructions on every single point is just beyond ridiculous

    The coaching hampered Carlitos yesterday; the tactics were wrong and too numerous. Carlos should have told his box to shut up and tried to figure things out himself like Coco has done to her box several times this tournament (and often doing the opposite of what they tell her!).
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    What % chance do you give Shelton to score the upset over Djokovic?

    Either he will win or he will lose, so it's 50-50.
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    Whatsup with TFO.

    He can't handle being a favorite. He was at his worst immediately after the US Open last year, pressing at Laver Cup of all places where he had to be told by coaches and teammates to loosen up. He's at his absolute best when he's loose and freewheeling, but he doesn't bring that same energy...
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    The most disastrous coaching stint of all time

    Patrick M. doing whatever he did to Tsitsipas and Rune is the worst. Tsitsipas is unsalvagable at this point. Rune may have gotten away in time (if he actually follows through with the firing this time). Edit: and maybe most of all, what he possibly did to Halep.