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    Power Pads

    Make them yourself I guess, and try not to post in threads this old! :)
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    Would you throw your racquet into the crowd?

    I'd keep the winning match racquet, ball, clothes, etc. It's the highest point of your career and life, what better thing to remember it by?
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    Recommended bodyweight workout routine? (with no equipment)

    Do dips for your triceps!
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    Calories burnt playing tennis?

    200 calories per hour does seem very low, a gentle walk burns close to that. Don't forget how many muscles are constantly moving hitting the ball and the non-stop footwork too.
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    Messages to yourself, On Serve:

    The less I think, the better I play. :) Just try and stay nice and loose and always prepare early on the footwork.
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    Serving shoulder - low power

    I think Murray's serve is a great demonstration of the full-body rotation/movement that is required to generate a big serve! If it was all about arm strength then body-builders would have the biggest serves, and they don't! Take Roddick for example: There's millions and millions of guys...
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    CLay courts in uk

    You may be in luck! The NTC (there is a few of them, one by you I think) has clay/artificial clay surfaces and I THINK you can rent them. :) Check it out on Google.
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    Calories burnt playing tennis?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. :) Very interesting, I'd estimated it to be around that mark (600 cals). By drug-free, does that mean you didn't take protein supplements? Or did you just stay away from anabolic steroids? This backs-up what sixftlion says too. I've felt that zero-calorie...
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    best off court training you ever did for your game?

    Running and weight-training.
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    Are you very fit? Check your BMI - if it's outside the healthy range, lose body fat and you'll see immediate results! Are you eating enough before you play? Complex carbohydrates such as whole grain bread, cereal and pasta release energy at a steady rate. How strong are your legs? Do lots of...
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    Calories burnt playing tennis?

    How many calories do you think the average player (in the 3.5 - 4.5) burns an hour playing a singles match? I know it will vary on age/body mass/gender/etc, but roughly how do you think it compares to other intense cardiovascular exercise, such as running? Personally I think tennis seems like...
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    Tips - groundstrokes 9yo?

    His shots are looking pretty good, so well done to you both for that! Only things that stick out to me is that maybe he could: 1) Rotate his body a bit more on his forehand 2) Improve the mechanics of his backhand - it seems a bit stiff, so if he loosened his arms a bit more and hit more...
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    Is Andy Roddick going bald???

    Balding or not, he's still got it with a shot like that!
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    Fake AK90?

    It looks very legitimate to me.
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    GSOAT? Vote now: Ballistec vs Barricade vs Propulse vs ...

    Nike Court Ballistec 2.3 are perfect for me. Lightweight, durable, comfortable, no-break in time, etc. Everything about them just works!
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    offensive player behaviours

    If someone threatened me, I'd batter them there an then.
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    Hitting, part 3

    I probably haven't seen you then, unless you've played any tournaments in the Wirral/Liverpool/Cheshire area?
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    I need major help!

    Yep! :) Every time I pick up a new racquet I think it's the answer to my problems... three new racquets down the line and I always go back to the APD I bought three years ago! In the end you realise it's not better, just unfamiliar, and that your racquet isn't bad, it's just negativity...
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    Dunlop Design Your Racket

    Anybody seen this on their Facebook page?
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    I need major help!

    I doubt one racquet would make that much difference. Maybe it's to do with the strings or something? Why not mess round with different string and lead combinations until you match the Head up to what you like?
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    Junior tennis regiment.

    Well no, nothing as bad as that, but there is a reason successful weight lifting in under 16s is rare and time consuming. Playing a lot tennis is probably the best solution.
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    Vibration Dampener

    It's all about 'feel'. Every type of dampener has a different effect so you just need to try as many as you can to see what you like. The main difference is usually a change in the sound - less of a 'ping' more of 'thud' or 'clunk'. Just try it out man... :)
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    I buy cheap Dunlop ones, you get three for £2 and they're quite good. I used to use more expensive stuff like Wilson Pro Overgrip but it's just not worth the cost in my opinion - I'd rather get 9 grips that are decent than just 3 that are a bit better. Tournagrip is good though, but probably...
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    babolat black rubber strip

    They're not just on Babolat racquets, most brands but them on the higher quality racquets. You can get them online but to be honest, I've never seen them in actual shops. Trying looking on old racquets or asking friends if they have any spare. I've also noticed a lot of high quality...
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    Why don't pros wear sunglasses?

    Personally I'd imagine that it's because they might limit visibility, something you really wouldn't want at a professional level.
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    Grip Or Overgrip

    Most people (nearly all) use at least one overgrip on top of the base grip. You can do anything you want to really, but that is probably the best way of going about it (feel, options, price, etc).
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    Junior tennis regiment.

    Indeed, I started when I was 15 but only did it properly and managed to get gains after the age of 16. 16 is the general consensus for the minimum age, hence why that is the legal minimum for nearly every gym.
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    POLL: What Tennis Racket Grip Size Are You?

    I think it's L3 but I can't tell for sure cause the sizing is slightly different in the UK! BangTidy is a good username btw.
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    Tennis menu

    Doing weights will increase arm strength. Work on these muscles: - Bicep - Tricep - Shoulder - Forearm That will fill your arms out a lot. Sports drinks can help but aren't really needed, just eat well.
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    I used to lose more matches than I should have done and it was very disheartening. Since I lost some weight and gained some muscle I'm now much, much better and I'm winning everything I should do now. :) Listen to your coach!