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    Stringjob for Microgel Radical OS

    To those who have this racquet... which strings are you using?
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    The Oversize Racquet Club

    Keep us posted on how they compare.
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    The Oversize Racquet Club

    I use a Microgel Radical OS. It's as powerful as a mid plus due to its low flex and low swingweight, but you get the added forgiveness of a 107 sq in head.
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    "Plow through" and "heavy balls"

    plow-through or no plow-through... the way i see it, just choose the lightest racquet with the lowest swingweight that allows you to hit a very heavy ball (with enough control), and that you find stable when returning a huge serve. if that "lightest" racquet for you is a 13oz POG then use it...
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    Replacement Bumper & Grommet for Head Prestige Classic 600

    Don't know anyone personally who used LM grommets on a 600 but there are loads of people who did so on these boards - which is why I had bought them. Yeah I'm selling my old sticks, got some offers. The 600 is a racquet there always will be a market for. I'm fine man, been very busy...
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    Replacement Bumper & Grommet for Head Prestige Classic 600

    hey slap, what's up? I've got a bunch of Liquidmetal prestige mid grommets which I bought back when I used the 600, but I never had to change them. I suggest getting them only if they're worn out.
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    Sampras working with Wilson on new players racquet...

    I guess it will be a limited edition racquet with a small head that weighs a ton: Sampras' real racquet.
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    No love for lighter racquets?

    I wouldn't go as far as to say 11oz racquets get "pushed around" but they feel less stable than a 12.5oz when returning a monster serve.
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    heavy weights! 12+ oz racquets

    Still hitting.
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    Check out these old greats on vid

    Thank you, Krosero, for these great contributions to this thread.
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    Head Prestige Midplus / Classic Tour

    nice racquet. good vid thanks for posting.
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    Head Prestige Midplus / Classic Tour

    still around, reading stuff, not posting much at all. link me to your video.
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    why no metric measurements or unstrung specs?

    i agree with you on the strung specs. 18g mutli is lighter than 16g kevlar. 5g make a difference to some people.
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    Hewitt "tipped to win AO" By Coach

    "You're ain't got a chance, son. But the important thing is to compete."
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    <--***********head Prestige Club***********-->

    That's interesting. The USRSA specs say otherwise.
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    <--***********head Prestige Club***********-->

    Yes, static weights should be almost identical. It's swingweight I'm talking about.
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    <--***********head Prestige Club***********-->

    Actually, they are very different. The Classic has a swingweight of about 323 and is 7 pts headlight, whereas the Tour is 11 pts headlight and has a swingweight of 311. That makes the Prestige Tour 600 the easiest swinging prestige, and lowest powered.
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    Is there any heavy rackets with power?

    Roger Federer. He, like everyone, can play with a woodie as well as with an 8oz granny racquet, but he'd have to alter his style somewhat.
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    Is there any heavy rackets with power?

    With the K90 Roger has all the power he needs, but he can always generate more swing speed with a 10oz racquet than with his K90. Just like everybody else, he can swing a lighter racquet faster. The question is, does he want all that power? Obviously not. He already hits deep penetrating...
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    Is there any heavy rackets with power?

    Heavy and Powerful... A 12oz (strung) oversize racquet: POG OS, Head Agassi LE, Avery M5... Choose the stiffest one of the lot.
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    Is there any heavy rackets with power?

    I'll play your game then: with a racquet strung with natural gut the ball will travel further than with a racquet strung with kevlar [all other things equal]
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    Is there any heavy rackets with power?

    A K90 strung with 18g multifilament packs more punch than a Pure Drive Roddick strung with 16g poly.
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    Paintjobs for consumers

    Reacquired by whom?
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    Woohoo Just bought a Head PT 280/630

    They feel great. That's what they're hyped for. They're not gonna bump up your NTRP rating.
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    Anything similar to the nblade?

    Microgel Radical
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    Paintjobs for consumers

    Hence, if Becker and Cleven would drop the Volkl name yet keep the Volkl clientele, they'd have everything to win.
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    4.0 + Racquets.

    I'm not going to go into the advantages of heavy racquets. Heavy racquets (even a Radical LE OS or a POG OS): +require good technique to generate good pace +takes a little longer to swing them, so you cannot have late preparation and still manage a great shot i.e. a little more...
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    Tension at which you string your 90sq in rackets

    58lbs. I restring when it drops to 45lbs.
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    Paintjobs for consumers

    Your experience in the marketing field started in Feb 2004.
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    Paintjobs for consumers

    Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel?