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    What Racket is this? 1996 all black pro staff 6.1 Stretch

    Hello everybody , long time I didn t post …recently I got the hands on a wilson pro staff 6.1 95 all black stretch(XL) very weirdo frame teying to understand if it was a limited edition or Wilson made some demos or pro stock …it has an 18/20 s-pattern , it has a fairway grip . If someone...
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    What is the ONE racket you would love to own?

    I got a pair :)
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    Babolat Pure Drive 125th anniversary(NOT FOR SALE)

    hey thank u for the answer , it s called the spiderweb paintjob as far as I Know
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    nCode 90 Grommets?

    inbox me please
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    Babolat Pure Drive 125th anniversary(NOT FOR SALE)

    Hi , yes definitely with the Silver double line and goldish lines they start up to the grip producing gold bubbles, in which the names of players are written in them with their relative sgntrs. Saw a thread they call it Spiderweb PJ . Cool ,many thanks
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    Babolat Pure Drive 125th anniversary(NOT FOR SALE)

    Good day everybody i just could get a pair of Babolat Pure drive 125th anniversary , it says not for sale does anyone please could give more infos about this? Why was never put on sale and to whom was given this raquet back in the days? Many thanks for sharing ur knowledge
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    Babolat first generation

    HI ...looking for a couple of PD first gen 280g...if anyone..
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    Tried a 1st generation Pure Drive, big shock

    Need , really need two Pure drive 280g cheers