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    Becker could have won a few more Majors had he sorted out his game plan earlier

    Paradoxically, I think, he would have won some more, if he had lost the first Wimbledon. It came to soon for his own sake.
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    Brad Gilbert - Was he a baller?

    Made Zendaya better.
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    Biggest Overachievers ?

    For me, there never has been an overachiever in tennis. If someone wins something, he has earned it and fully deserves it. Maybe some had more talent in the technical or physiccal department than others. But the ability to work hard, is also a very valuable talent, as Jim Courier once said...
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    70 ladies top ten: 1/Evert

    Yesterday i saw on Sky a WTA program, about the top WTA women of all time, and interviews with many leading women. They had 1. Serena, 2. Nav. 3. Graf. 4. BJK. 5. Evert. I don't know, where Court is here, and also don't know the criteria used..
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    Injuries and pull outs in the 80s

    Of course, Zverev was injured and hampered on his career multiple time by muscle injuries in his legs, not only once due to his fall in semi at RG 2022. For instance, he was already injured against Thiem at RG 2018, also at RG 2023, and at USO 2023, at Cologne ATP, He pulled out multiple times...
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    Injuries and pull outs in the 80s

    I doubt that very much. If athleticism is really so high, why can so many players on their end thirties can compete or even dominate so much on the tour. Stone old journeymen like Mannarino or Struff beat much younger guys like a pulp. In Sinners case: he plays a giants game without a giants...
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    Injuries and pull outs in the 80s

    From the top of my head: Connors quit in a match with McEnroe at the Years End Masters New York, i think begin 1979. He also retired against Chang at RG after winning the 4th set. Borg quit in a German Open match with a US player, maybe Teltscher, and it was Stockton, to him he retired at USO...
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    Injuries and pull outs in the 80s

    Nobody pulled out of so many tournaments like Jimmy Connors. Borg had often problems with muscle injuries, and in his later years, reduced his ATP schedule. Becker sat out many events due to muscle problems. Pat Cashs career was cut short by many injuries. Brad Glibert oft looked like Lazarus...
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    Many moons ago, players used heavy wooden rackets and played one-handed backhands but today ... and they are getting hurt on their arms now.

    With the old wooden sticks, many top players had problems with the so called tennis arm, a chronical injury to underarm and elbow. For instance, the career of Tony Roche, the most talented young guy of the early 1970s, was cut short by a nagging elbow damage. After years of pain, he was healed...
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    How many years was Connors REALLY #1

    One has to recall the value of thes early 1970s computer rankings. The specific structure (average or point summary system) is best understood by experts like Elegos or Slasher. It was originally conceived in Ponte Vedra on a rolling basis, for the seedings in the draws of the smaller ATP...
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    How many years was Connors REALLY #1

    Yep the outcome of the computer ranking always depended heavily on the ranking system, which was often quite dubious (see the case of Vilas for instance). In the era of percentage parameter it was better to play less than more, because it weighed losses more than wins. Connors was a master of...
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    Who is the GOAT at parenting a tennis player ? Is it Srdjan Djokovic or Richard Williams or someone else?

    Ther were several strong families in British tennis, like the Lloyds, the Mottrams or the Dohertys and Renshaws, in Australian tennis, Dent and Stolle had sons as top class players, in Germany there were the Budings...
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    How many years was Connors REALLY #1

    KG is correct about the WCT finals, which was not counted in the ATP computer. The ATP was a players union, and in the early computer time 1973 and afterwards, they only recognized for the computer full field tournaments, where all members could play, not play offs like Dallas or the Year end...
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    Best red clay player to never win the French Open

    Miro Mecir also was a decent clay courter. I have seen him annihilate frequently Swedish clay artists, in particular Mats Wilander, who was not the worst clay courter himself.
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    Best red clay player to never win the French Open

    Tom Okker is often underrated. He was a victim of the promotional struggles and boycotts of the early 1970s. Due to his commitment with the tough WCT tour, he missed RG 1970-1972, in his prime years, when for instance in 1971, he ranked 2nd only to Laver in the WCT points race at years end.. Imo...
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    Best red clay player to never win the French Open

    Tom Okker, Martin Mulligan, Eric Sturgess.
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    Times the wrong person ended the year ranked #1 in your opinion

    Rafters numerical case in 1998 would be better, if the ATP computer had counted Davis Cup results, what they did in several other years. In Rios case the Grand Slam Cup wasn't counted for political reasons. I recall that Rafter - imo correctly- was named Player of the Year by Tennis Magazine...
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    Times the wrong person ended the year ranked #1 in your opinion

    If i recall it right, then Rios also could have well ended Nr. 1 in 1998, if the ATP had counted the important ITF Grand Slam Cup at Munich, which he won over Agassi.
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    The complete list of all the owners of the grand slam record when not shared with anyone else

    Those numbers are obsolete, if they are not put into context. Tilden himself could play only two slams in his prime, because until 1926 French and Australian were not open to international competition, and Tilden did not travel via the ocean to Wimbledon after 1922 and until 1927 again. After...
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    A question all Connors fans have wondered but never asked....

    I think, i saw it on German TV, ARD or ZdF, there were not so many TV channels in Germany at that time. The final was played for best of 5 in the Festhalle Frankfurt in late 1979, it think it was an 8 men invitational for big prize money, and the forerunner of the later events there as Year end...
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    Who has the greatest forehand in tennis history?

    Johnston, Vines, Segura, Lendl, Federer, Nadal on slow courts.
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    Best One Hit Wonder?

    Juan Aguilera.
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    Winning Percentages

    Sampras took advantage of the computer ranking system of this era. If i remember it well, only 14 best events counted for the computer (maybe outside the slams), and all other results fell into oblivion. I think, in Musters best year 1995, at least 2 or 3 of his tournament wins fell under the...
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    Winning Percentages

    Of course winninmg percentages is an important stat over a career or over some years. as i said before. But it is also correct, that the numbers have to be put into context. The old pro tour had a small group of elite players, and the percentages were lower than in open era, when top players...
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    Greatest Serves of All Time

    Dan Maskell, gives an eye-witness report on this semifinal match in his book From where i sit, p.91. He writes, that the court was awful, and both players wore spikes. John Doeg from San Diego, had an egg-ball lefty serve, he was the son of Violet Sutton, the sister of May Sutton, who had won...
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    Winning Percentages

    Winnig percentage is an important stat, no question, especially over some years or over career.. For the year stats, it depends a lot on the number of matches played, and focusses on losses more than wins (a 10-1 is better than a 29-3).. Fed and Nole had excellent percentages late in their...
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    Garin and horrible officiating steal point from Borges

    What is the tennis rule, when someone of the crowd does interfere, by shouting loudly out. In football i have seen an incident in a Bundeliga-game, when a player was distracted by a pipe signal of the crowd, he thought, it was given by the ref to stop the game, and took the ball into his hands...
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    Will Vilas' 681 total match wins on clay ever be broken?

    It helped, that clay or a clay- like surface was the dominant surface in the tennis boom years of the mid 1970s, worldwide, not only in Central Europe and South America. In the pre- open era, grass was dominant in Britain, US, and Australia, although, as Tildens numbers show, there were more...