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    Boris Becker says Nadal RG record is the greatest in all of sport

    Biles and Phelps 23 Olympics gold medals Bolt 9.58 Shiffrin's WC wins (she is only 28 and already destroyed every ski records) My sports knowledges are very limited but there are unbreakable records in every sports. It's hard to compare sports, especially teams and individuals. I smh every time...
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    Why was the live thread (with the poll) deleted?
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    How much will tickets be for Nadal vs. Zverev? Assume it will be the night match?

    This is true for both players though. Nadal prefers day but Djokovic doesn't like night sessions in RG. Last year he literally requested to avoid night sessions (he only had 1 against Fucsovic). Unlike in Australia and USO. He clearly prefers faster conditions on clay. And the history of...
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    Nadal vs Zverev roland Garros

    People forget that Zverev was BAGELLED by Ruud on the Chatrier last year. It wasn't pretty. Even if he won Rome, he also lost in straight sets to Christian Garin and Francisco Cerundolo a few weeks ago. He is still miles away from his level and consistency from 2022 in my opinion. Don't overhype...
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    2024 French Open - General Discussion for Men's Singles

    With the level he showed today, he ain't getting past Virtanen and Zeppieri, unfortunately.
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    Emma Raducanu Withdraws From French Open Qualifying

    She should have retired after US Open 2021. What a beautiful story it'd be. A 18 years old qualified player wins her 10 matches without dropping more than 4 games per set. Then retires with her trophy and her $2.5M. With the sponsors, she'd have enough money and fame to live HEA.
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    Sinner hints at playing RG?

    Yeah, it's annoying. CYGS should only be brought up when a player wins the first 3 GS of the year. Only Laver and Djokovic did in the Open Era. It's pointless to even consider it after the AO or even the FO.
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    Djokovic will play in Geneva 1 week before RG

    It worked for Wawrinka (2015 and 2017) and Ruud (2022 and 2023). They won Geneva and then made it to the final in Paris. Murray plays Hanfman first. I agree Hanfman is favorite, but one can dream. I really want to see 1 last Djokovic/Murray.
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    Djokovic will play in Geneva 1 week before RG

    Potential Djokovic/Murray in 2nd round!
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    Medvedev's best match

    US 21 final obviously. He said it himself, he played the match of his life. I think he knows better. But there are other matches that come to my mind. 4th round against Garin in 2021 on the Lenglen was probably his best clay match ever. All his AO 21 matches except the 3rd round and the final...
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    Hubert Hurkacz is brave against semi-retired players

    Hurkacz is hard to figure out. He can be an ace machine in some matches and an absolute disaster on serve like against Monfils in IW or today against Paul (lost his serve 7 times).
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    Djokovic - your thoughts as he heads into RG 2024

    I think he lacks motivation for Masters1000 today. He has the record with 40 so why bother. He is 37, his goal is to be fully rested and fit for Grand Slams. AO wasn't a disaster at all, he simply lost against the best player of the year (who may not even participate in Paris). Last year his...
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    I could actually see Medvedev winning RG at this point

    Rome 2023 was a fluke. Easy cakewalk draw. Recovering Zverev. A qualified player in quarter. Injured (elbow) Tsitsipas in semi. Exhausted (played 2 long and late matches vs Djokovic and Ruud) Rune in the final. Propitious weather situation for his game (probably the rainiest Masters ever). I...
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    I could actually see Medvedev winning RG at this point

    Also lost to Fucsovics and Seyboth-Wild on the Chatrier. I don't think the level is the problem, it's more the steadiness of the players (during matches and between tournaments). Tsitsipas and Ruud played a very high level in Monte-Carlo and Barcelona but then we saw what happened in Madrid and...
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    Camila Giorgi flees Italy and is wanted by Italian tax authorities. Sudden retirement explained?

    I remember her father getting caught "smoking" during a match. Not sure when it was but it wasn't so long ago (2022 maybe). Smoking is forbidden in tennis stadiums. When the camera showed him, he tried to hide it but it was too late. Everyone saw it. Very embarrassing. Camilla was questionned...
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    Camila Giorgi flees Italy and is wanted by Italian tax authorities. Sudden retirement explained?

    It's not the first time Giorgi or her dad are involved in this kind of drama. Wasn't she accused of travelling with a fake covid certificate?
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    Some Nadal perspective

    I tend to agree with most of this, his return has been rather encouraging so far, but yet we have to remember his only goal now is RG. RG and only RG. His career is basically over after RG (unless he does a complete 180 and decides to keep playing in 2025). Olympics Games are pretty meaningless...
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    Who was Better? 2010 Novak Djokovic or 2024 Jannik Sinner

    OP didn't specify "slam". If I compare the levels of play, he was better in 2009. His only good match in 2010 was the US Open final and he still lost. And the meaningless Davis Cup. The rest was quite catastrophic. Even in Dubaï (his biggest title in 2010) his level was dismal. Sunshine Double...
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    I could actually see Medvedev winning RG at this point

    Nope. If he plays all 7 matches on the Lenglen maybe. He loves this court and that's why he always requests it. But Medvedev is utter rubbish on the Chatrier. His only win on this centre court was his 2nd round against Djere in 2022. We all know the quarters, semis and finals are on the...
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    Who was Better? 2010 Novak Djokovic or 2024 Jannik Sinner

    Senseless comparison. Not counting 2004-2006 (for obvious reasons), 2010 is easily his 2nd worst season after 2017.
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    Djokovic treated at medical center, possible concussion after bottle incident

    It will surely give him extra motivation for this tournament
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    2024 Rome Open ATP Master's 1000 R64 - (PR) Rafael Nadal [ESP] v/s (7) Hubert Hurkacz [POL]

    Especially on slow clay. If it was Madrid or a small court, I would favor Hurkacz. But the center court of Rome is very slow, maybe Hurkacz's worst conditions. His serve won't help him here, he is toast if if Nadal can return.
  23. Tennisfan339

    Rafael Nadal says his trajectory is looking positive, ahead of Rome:

    I thought he looked good today, honestly. Cobolli, Blanch and Cachin played awful matches so it was hard to judge his true level. But it wasn't the case with Bergs. He played at a very high level (way higher than his current ranking) and Nadal was able to turn the match around and win the...
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    ATP M1000 Rome Open 2024

    How motivated is Djokovic for this, that's the question. If he's only 5-10% better than in Monte-Carlo, Rome should be easy for him. Most players are out of form. But at this stage of his career I always wonder about his motivation for this kind of tournaments. He has never won RG after winning...
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    Sinner fans , is it time to get worried?

    This isn't bad luck. There is a reason why he only has 1 clay title (in a 250). In Monte-Carlo there was still a set + a final to win the title. If he was really meant to beat Tsitsipas, this wrong call wouldn't have changed anything. He still had plenty of room to win this match. He lost fair...
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    ATP M1000 Madrid Open 2024 - R4: Alcaraz[2] v Struff[23]

    Well, what a match that was!!! Congratulations to both players, the level was incredible. Still amazed how good Alcaraz can be in Madrid and how he struggles (until now) in every other clay big tournaments.
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    Zhang Shuai beats a painful record

    Just edited the thread and I'll edit it as long as she keeps losing. Just extended her losing streak to 21 in Madrid. If Ollinger's stat about Vince Spadea is correct, I guess Zhang only needs one more loss and she'll break the all-time record.
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    What will the top 10 look like at the end of 2024?

    ITA with your top-5. Sinner 1, Alcaraz 2, Mededev 3, Zverev 4, Djokovic 5. Still think Djokovic wins a Slam but ends up behind Zverev/Medvedev. 6-10 seems very open, I won't risk any predictions. Lots of players can do it.
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    The Swiatek era: Reflecting on 100 weeks atop the WTA rankings

    Not so sure about AO. Gonna be difficult to beat AO specialists Rybakina or Sabalenka if she can't even overcome Collins or Noskova. I have watched all her matches there and it's clear she doesn't like the conditions. It's either winning ugly or the door. This year she arrived in the best...