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    naproxen:anyone takes?

    Has anyone tried curcumin? (brand Meriva) I just bought some, haven't tried it yet. Wobenzym N has been a huge help for me, just for the daily aches and pains (sore fingers, etc). That works fine with ibuprofen. Not sure about the Meriva, what mixes, so I haven't taken any yet. But I've...
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    naproxen:anyone takes?

    I hate swimming. T'ai chi? really? I play less now, so I use less pain meds. I don't do tournaments anymoer. My doctor ok'd what I take, which is 800mg ibu before I play, none after or any other time.
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    naproxen:anyone takes?

    There you go. It's the old saw about preferring to wear out than to rust out...
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    naproxen:anyone takes?

    You must be young. I try not to play in a lot of pain anymore, but even getting out of bed hurts on many days. It's a choice between playing with some pain or not playing at all, and I'm not ready to sit on my *** all day.
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    USTA: Do "double bumps" exist?

    Yes ... a teammate was a solid 4.5, but had some injury issues. Sat out 5 years or more, came back at a 4.0 self rate. Played just a couple of matches at the end of the rating season, was of course rusty, and got bumped down to 3.5 when ratings came out. We were worried about her being bumped...
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    Funny tennis moments you'll never forget.

    Ladies doubles, a friendly match. One of our opponents was a somewhat large woman, with thighs to match. At one point I had a sitter of a volley, and smashed it down toward her feet. The ball bounced in front of her, and the angle of flight carried it up her skirt -- and it never came out. She...
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    How Do I Find A Hip Doctor?

    Look for the OSs for your local professional sports teams, use them or get a recommendation from them.
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    naproxen:anyone takes?

    This isn't a common side effect, but naproxen makes me really sleepy. My son, too, so it must be a family thing. But I took it before a match once, and it was terrible b/c I was sooooo tired. So I would advise trying it first when you don't have to play.
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    Does anyone else have big toe pain?

    Look up hallux rigidus. Then google Lleyton Hewitt toe surgery.
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    LOL: ridiculous/absurd post-match comments from your opponent(s)

    Doubles match, was up 6-2 5-2 and proceeded to lose. Fairly devastating, but it was my first match back after knee surgery, so ... whatever. Anyway, opponent is glowing and smiling and hugging (me! hugging me!) after match and said, "Oh, I just felt the Holy Spirit come over me in that final...
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    How much $$ would you have made ...

    .. if you had placed a $100 bet that Nadal, Federer, Tsonga, Sharapova, and Azarenka would all be out before the third round?
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    Mid-Atlantic players...Verbal hinderance rule will cost you the point

    I had it happen last year, when the opposing returner on the ad side consistently would "warn" her partner when she hit a weak-ish return. (Not a lob, which wouldn't have bothered me: imo, yelling "short" after a bad lob is so common that it is virtually accepted now.) But the rhythm of this...
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    To 4.5 Guys: "Get Out And Stay Out!!"

    Way back when there was no rule at all about rating discrepancy, I played a 9.0 match in which our opponents were a 5.5 man and a 3.5 woman. IIRC, he was also the top-ranked player in his nat'l age group at the time. It was pretty hilarious. We managed to win a set by breaking his serve the...
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    Hallux Rigidus - Big toe joint pain

    Yeah, I think it is. That's what Cigna said, too, when they refused to pay for it. I did not go into surgery expecting that outcome, but I think I signed that thing that says "Yes, Doctor, do whatever you think necessary." We hadn't really discussed it before. I was not even 40 when this...
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    Hallux Rigidus - Big toe joint pain

    I just thought it was interesting, about Hewitt. I hadn't heard too many other stories about pros with this, although you'd think they would have it. Maybe not until older. I have it, and had a joint replacement. Right toe, right-handed (so it does bug me serving). I didn't choose arthroplasty...
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    Hallux Rigidus - Big toe joint pain WHEN Lleyton Hewitt walks on to a Roland Garros court for his opening match at the French Open next week, it will be with steps rarely taken by a professional...
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    Why Do People Say Sampras is Greater Grass Courter Than Federer

    Sampras loafed his way through most return games. He was so confident in his serve, he only broke when it was necessary or convenient. So comparing games lost or even sets lost doesn't really mean anything. He was trying to win matches, not the highest number of games.
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    2011 USO Women's Final - Serena WILLIAMS vs Sam STOSUR

    CBS just showed it ... Serena did that during the changeover, IMO, to bait the ump into giving her a warning. Because then all hell would have broken loose. I think Serena knows she doesn't have it today; when she saw what happened with the crowd and the last call, she tried to create a little...
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    I hope

    none of you *******s are still calling Serena nothing but a ball basher.
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    NTRP difference at your best/worst?

    But there is no 0.25 ... however, if you want to get particular, then I'll say 0.38. :-)
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    NTRP difference at your best/worst?

    If you are rated correctly, I think only 0.5 up and down. So a 4.5 sometimes plays like a 5.0, but others like a 4.0. No more than that.
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    I seem to have broken my behind

    If you have to self-pay at a pt, they will negotiate a rate (I think my last was $65 a visit) instead of dealing with insurance. Sorry, I thought you said your copay was only $25 ... Anyway, you asked for advice. Our advice is, Something is wrong, and we know who can fix it. Kind of like...
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    I seem to have broken my behind

    And if you don't go .... 8 months??? Assuming you have one trip to the doctor, and three visits to the Pt, that's only $100. How much do you spend on shoes? clothes? tennis balls? court time? league fees? I let my SI joint go for a few months, before I knew what it was, and eventually...
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    I seem to have broken my behind

    I find it somewhat funny that a grown-up athlete would take this long to go to PT. Seriously? Does your insurance require a prescription for PT? Check into it; if not, go straight there. Doctors won't be able to help this, most likely. Don't worry, you shouldn't need MRIs or anything like...
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    Petkovic's gastro-intestinal problems

    Petkovic was able to take advantage of Radwanska's diminished physical condition, which has particularly affected her serving, by breaking the native of Poland three times in the first set. But Petkovic said something she ate before the match didn't agree with her and gastro-intestinal issues...
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    God I miss Hingis

    Hingis never had a big lead on Serena ... 3-1 over their first four matches, but by the end of 1999 they were even. They tended to go back and forth a bit, as you can see, winning in bunches. Venus and Hingis were a bit more even, with Hingis winning a few early and Venus winning a few late. The...
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    Barefoot tennis

    I did it once for about 15 min, didn't think much of it until a few hours later when the bottoms of my feet were severely blistered. Don't try it! On grass, probably a different story, though I'd worry about ankles. On a hard court, I don't think you can go hard enough to hurt your ankle...
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    Getting my back lose before a club match

    Seat heater in car.
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    Index finger keeps cracking

    Does it snap over the knuckle? Mine does this ... a pt told me it's that tendon, gets tight. The tendon stretches up toward the elbow, so when it happens to me, I massage my forearm up about 2 inches below the elbow. Seems to help. It never hurts or anything, but I guess it's very tight.