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  1. hyperwarrior

    Roger Federer's Australian Open 2017 or 2018?

    Which edition of the tournament do you guys think Roger has played his highest level of tennis? Please debate! Why?
  2. hyperwarrior

    What is this Dimitrov's "new" Wilson racquets?

    That's great! I didn't know Wilson has that new "customize" thing! Wow!
  3. hyperwarrior

    What is this Dimitrov's "new" Wilson racquets?

    This is not his usual Wilson Pro Staff 97S black/red. Apparently, I'm curious about this new paintjob...
  4. hyperwarrior

    Wilson releasing Pro Staff 97S for Dimitrov (specs. included)

    Here's Grigor playing with the new racquet
  5. hyperwarrior

    Will Julien Benneteau win a single title before retirement?

    Julien Benneteau's profile Yes or no? Why?
  6. hyperwarrior

    Federer is by some distance the best volleyer in the world

    SoBad is such a troll putting Nadal as first LOL!
  7. hyperwarrior

    Which men's Wimbledon final do you want to see this year?

    Idem and holy ****, you're one of the few guys that has an account before me. We're grandpas here!!
  8. hyperwarrior

    Which men's Wimbledon final do you want to see this year?

    Now that we're closer to the final, let's see what you guys wanted...Thanks for voting!!! Djokovic vs Raonic Raonic vs Dimitrov Federer vs Djokovic Dimitrov vs Federer
  9. hyperwarrior

    Who do you miss more?

    Who do you miss the most since their retirement?
  10. hyperwarrior

    Federer-Nishikori 2014 Miami Masters QF

    Now Dimitrov has to watch and learn how things has to be done against Nishikori.
  11. hyperwarrior

    Best Groundstrokes Ever

    Well, he has the best looking groundstrokes for sure!
  12. hyperwarrior

    IW 2014 SF: RFederer vs ADolgopolov

    Let me join you and laugh with you on that one! :lol:
  13. hyperwarrior

    2014 Dubai Final: [3] Tomas BERDYCH vs. [4] Roger FEDERER

    Hell yeah Jones!!! I love you and you know how to use a forum!
  14. hyperwarrior


    She wasn't serious
  15. hyperwarrior

    Federer-Tsonga 4th round AO 2014

    Wow!! Just wow!! Federer reminiscent of his heyday!!
  16. hyperwarrior

    Federer and Dimitrov could meet in Basel 3rd Round

    The 2 Most Beautiful Tennis Style Has Begun Now!!!
  17. hyperwarrior

    Federer and Dimitrov could meet in Basel 3rd Round

    OMG, one match away from meeting papa Fed!!! I'm praying!!!
  18. hyperwarrior

    Do you want to see Nadal breaking Federer's Grand Slam record?

    Fans of TW, let's vote and see!
  19. hyperwarrior

    lol, that one dude in white ...

    he's funny as hell and he's louder than the entire crowd...good to have some special people out there!! LOLOL
  20. hyperwarrior

    The reason a Sampras fan turns into Nadal fan why

    Not all Sampras fan are turning into a Nadal fan. I'm the proof of that.
  21. hyperwarrior

    Federer fans, who are you going to root for in this Wimbledon final?

    I don't want Djokovic to break Federer's record of 17 so I'm rooting for Murray. Surprise to see some fed fans rooting for Novak...
  22. hyperwarrior

    Cahill: Federer is a better player now than he was 6-7 years ago

    Good analysis. This is a great observation that I shared with you. His forehand backswing is a little more compact than it used to be. Althought he has lost a bit in the physical department, I think he gained a lot for anticipation and his serve is better than ever.
  23. hyperwarrior

    So why doesn't Federer always hit his forehand that hard?

    Like me, Breakpoint, I've always have a lot of respect for you when it comes to kissing Fed's ***. Federer has too much respect for the game and playing like that, will kill the depth of today's competition. Nowadays, it's all about sharing and having fun on tours. We all know that he's the...
  24. hyperwarrior

    When is it too cold to play outside?

    I'm not feeling that weird at all...
  25. hyperwarrior

    Papa Fed and Baby Fed on collision course

    **** it didn't happens...Oh well, next time then!!!
  26. hyperwarrior

    Papa Fed and Baby Fed on collision course

    You really don't get it, do you? Maybe we're saying he's a Baby Fed because his groundstroke is quite similar to Fed...didn't you thought about it? Obviously not!
  27. hyperwarrior

    Papa Fed and Baby Fed on collision course

    I've been following that closely and I'm praying so hard to see that happening... Let's pray all togethe guys!!!
  28. hyperwarrior

    Who's the better Batman?

    All right tennis fans!! It's time for me to know who's your favorite batman! Telling us the 'why' is always appreciated... P.S: For obvious reasons, I didn't put Clooney, Kilmer or West by choices...Thank you!