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  1. RudyHuxtable

    A Player that you flipped on?

    What is a pro that you started out disliking and then grew to appreciate? Conversely, what is a player that you started out liking but soured on? Get in there, my boys...
  2. RudyHuxtable

    When were the Talk Tennis Golden Years, and how can we bring them back?

    As the title states: What was peak TT in your opinion, and why was it so? Also, what can we do to return to GOAThood?
  3. RudyHuxtable

    Iga Swiatek poop

    The Gabagool?
  4. RudyHuxtable

    GOAT drink

    Honestly, Arizona Tea Green Tea Arnold Palmer. Can’t find it anywhere these days
  5. RudyHuxtable

    Who do you want to win the final?

    I had no idea this many people were bothered by Alcaraz’s on court behavior. It seems really reasonable to me, and he seems like the most focused and no-nonsense of any young player in a decade. Are the same folks who are bothered by occasional fist pumping from a 19-year-old also fans of...
  6. RudyHuxtable

    Cressy is Sessy

    Scorecard said USA so I’ll take it. And also, that was a joke. Mostly.
  7. RudyHuxtable

    Cressy is Sessy

    Well he is 6’6”, but still…. How tall is she? 5’1”?
  8. RudyHuxtable

    Cressy is Sessy

    Just watched the dude in Winston Salem (from the production tent because I’m well connected and professionally recognized) I’m a big fan. Young American who serves and volleys. Anyone have thoughts or pictures of him in Levi 501s?
  9. RudyHuxtable

    How Did Hewitt Not Hit Hard?

    Yep. Bigger clean strike window with less free inertia from big racquet lag and wrist.
  10. RudyHuxtable

    PTP vs solinco hyper g

    I'm in the minority it seems as someone who never jived with Hyper G. It feels like plastic and harsh to me. PTP on the other hand is nice.
  11. RudyHuxtable

    Agassi in his prime on hard vs. Big 3?

    Peak for Peak all of these matchups would be interesting. Nadal, and to some degree Novak, struggle when they have time taken away from them off the ground. Would depend a lot on the speed of the court, I think.
  12. RudyHuxtable

    Are we at rock bottom?

    Here's the golden scenario: Rafa, despite all of his grit and determination, cannot compete in the final for risk of permanent injury. He promises the crowd that he's brought a suitable replacement. Depeche Mode comes over the sound system. Federer walks out on to the court, smoke gently...
  13. RudyHuxtable

    Kyrgios is really delusional. He said he and Rafas match will be the biggest and most watched match of all time.

    I'm with you. I don't get it. He's pretty talented and entertaining sometimes, but also can be an *** and hasn't really won much of note.
  14. RudyHuxtable

    Best case scenarios for the rest of Wimbledon

    Really want to see Alcaraz face Nadal in a slam while Rafa is still relatively healthy and overcome him like Rogi did with Sampras.
  15. RudyHuxtable

    Peak Nadal vs Peak Roddick 20 matches series at the USO?

    So what are we saying?: 2004 Roddick vs 2010 Nadal at USO?
  16. RudyHuxtable

    Djokovic v Alcaraz quarter final?!

    If he can carry the form over from the match today, stands more than a decent chance against Novak. Anyone who can hit through Novak and throw him off a rhythm can make a run.
  17. RudyHuxtable

    Andy Murray - "I potentially could've won more slams"

    I do think, removing injuries as a factor (and if Murray continued to play more aggressively), Andy and Delpo were two guys who could have taken some slams in that late 2014-2016 period where Novak was winning tourneys essentially by showing up. However, Murray was always going to be largely at...
  18. RudyHuxtable

    Greatest Troll Thread in TT History?

    I loved the Just Imagine thread. I also recall there was a post about Jason Huang setting up a scholarship or something at a community college which was removed. Jason seems like a good dude, but the post was brilliant and I'd really like to read it again.
  19. RudyHuxtable

    Seriously FAA?

    Part of it. I was more speaking about Shapo with that critique. FAA has a lot more upside in my opinion if his game keeps rounding out.
  20. RudyHuxtable

    Greatest Troll Thread in TT History?

    What, in y'all's opinion, is the greatest troll thread, post, or running gag in the history of the forum?
  21. RudyHuxtable

    Fellow, TTW users, what other hobbies or passions do you have?

    Disc golf Flyfishing Woodworking Whiskey Trying to understand The Youths
  22. RudyHuxtable

    Seriously FAA?

    Pretty solid analysis here. I think the same rings true for players like Shapo. Can beat anyone if they're on and able to call shots, but once the train is derailed there's not much in the way of improvisation and alternatives.
  23. RudyHuxtable

    You've been hired as an umpire...

    I'll tell you one thing: I would find the biggest guy in the locker room and put the boots to him to establish dominance on tour.
  24. RudyHuxtable

    Current grommets and headguard for Yonex 95D

    Hey everyone, Was wondering if anyone has tried putting current Yonex 95 grommet and head guard sets in the 95D, and if they are compatible. Thanks!