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  1. Rodzilla

    How do you overcome a bad serving day?

    Timing issues surfacing After not spending some time strictly on my serve for a while and not getting repetition, my timing is not flowing, not in sync. I'm feeling tight, not as comfortable. Any tips? I tried to incorporate some of the tips given in this thread, which did help a little.
  2. Rodzilla

    Brad Gilbert and Andy Roddick: should the tandem regroup?

    I'm still befuddled why Roddick dropped Gilbert in the first place. Gilbert brought Roddick to the brink of greatness. He needs to play by Gilbert's principles and I feel Gilbert can aid Roddick as he tries to climb back to no.1. Roddick still has the stuff to make it to the top and stay there...
  3. Rodzilla

    Roddick/Blake Doubles Team

    Pity Andy had to withdraw, because he had a nice, hard-fought victory the first round; and I buy the 'flu' reason. This is basically the flu season, and this traveling has to be taking a toll. It's a smart decision to keep his energy conserved for future singles events.
  4. Rodzilla

    Andy does NOT stink!!!

    This year hasn't really been going his way, and I firmly stand on the belief that the problems are mostly mental. This new coach doesn't seem compatible with him, and he has forgotten about BG's teachings. Tomorrow is a new day, and all is not lost. Andy still has the game to bounce back, and I...
  5. Rodzilla

    The evolution of the tennis ball

    Hmm... that's just the response I was looking for, none of this *****ing about *never* changing the game. Do you think color affects the play of the ball in anyway like I hear it does with strings?
  6. Rodzilla

    lacoste clothing

    Interesting, I thought Lacoste would be more respectable than that. I appreciate your trying TW. Lacoste does have top of the line clothing and it is steadily becoming a hit, so I bet it would make good business for TW. I hope when you guys do get the clothing, they don't provide you with the...
  7. Rodzilla

    Roland Garros Sets Sunday Start

    I don't believe this has been posted/discussed yet here. Roland Garros Sets Sunday Start; Will Pay Equal Prize Money By Tennis Week 09/19/2005 Roland Garros is growing and so is its prize...
  8. Rodzilla

    Pro's List of Overgrips

    Matthew, I've seen that list of players on the back of the tourna packaging, must have took you some time to type those names, or does tourna have their own site (copy and paste)?
  9. Rodzilla

    How do you overcome a bad serving day?

    What do you recommend one to do to get over a bad day of serving, especially if the serve is a weapon? I was thinking just to remember the basics and keep them flowing in your mind, like remember that the serve requires your whole body in motion. I was also thinking to loosen up, as in don't be...
  10. Rodzilla

    New updated board needs some tweaking

    Is this what you're looking for?
  11. Rodzilla

    Do you live within the U.S.?

    Yep, chillin' in the Sunshine state.
  12. Rodzilla

    Madrid Masters cancels doubles

    Why am I sensing this will lead to the complete demise of doubles? I was thinking either make singles stars play doubles, or makes stars out of doubles specialists. I guess the ATP is trying the latter. I don't advocate doubles much, but I think they should keep it at least a little bit because...
  13. Rodzilla

    POG Users: Is this one

    :) No biggie. You should try at times to put more 'effort' into posts because when you do you really have something worth saying. I'll always be friends with a fellow Roddick fan. Hope you enjoy the POG! Tell me how you like it...
  14. Rodzilla

    Best sub $80 racquets available from TW?

    Prince TT Bandit is the only one of the poll options I've used, and I liked it. It had a solid, clean feel when you hit, but I think it needs a wider body.
  15. Rodzilla

    POG Users: Is this one

    And, you couldn't edit your original post because? I have to acknowledge how many short responses you post that contain little substance.
  16. Rodzilla

    New Andy Roddick Signiture Babolat

    I was thinking the same thing, but I remembered Babolat already has junior racquets out that are signature Roddick. That brought me to the conclusion that this will be a big boy's racquet. This signature racquet could possibly be heavier and have a head-heavy balance. If so, I would demo it over...
  17. Rodzilla

    The evolution of the tennis ball

    I didn't mean for my opinion to come off like that. I'm just trying to propose a change that wouldn't be so drastic that could possibly make the sport more attractive. I think Wilson does make pink balls in order to raise money to support research in a cure for breast cancer, don't think they...
  18. Rodzilla

    yet another federer thread. (on his tactics, which wasnt really discussed)

    I agree with this, and how he can change his game plan to suit his opponent, and how Federer doesn't give his opponents openings.
  19. Rodzilla

    Your favourite signature shots of all time

    While we're adding, why not Clijster's split squash shot and Roddick's hands-up-together approach serve?
  20. Rodzilla

    PSGD premature breakage: bad stringer or too high tension?

    Maybe one of the Klip prepackaged hybrids...
  21. Rodzilla

    What's your exercise regimen?

    Any comments on my routine? If my focus is on my shoulders, the core, and upper leg, am I working them out properly? I'm also trying to make stretching a habit, especially before playing. If you have time, would you please visit this thread also...
  22. Rodzilla

    Where is your sweet spot?

    That's actually the area I was refering to where my sweetspot is. Too late to change poll options, so I guess make that option a write-in. If posters would like, I wouldn't mind knowing what your balances are as well.
  23. Rodzilla

    PSGD premature breakage: bad stringer or too high tension?

    Pro Hurricane Mains and VS Gut Crosses. I'm sure others could back me up on this combo as it seems to be popular.
  24. Rodzilla

    PSGD premature breakage: bad stringer or too high tension?

    Yeah, PSGD isn't going to give you a lot of life. The change in tension is pretty significant, so that could have caused the breakage IMO. I third the too high of a tension thought. Have you ever considered getting your racquet strung up with a combo?
  25. Rodzilla

    anyone know what racket andy roddick used before his babolat?

    Yeah, found out it's just me. My computer's going out of wack again.
  26. Rodzilla

    anyone know what racket andy roddick used before his babolat?

    Don't shoot the messenger LOL. Noelle, your links are broken for me. Taken from Andy's interview with SMASH mag: Let's go back to when you first started. What was your first tennis racquet? "When I was 7 I had something called the Big Red." Your Babolat Pure Drive Team has become...
  27. Rodzilla

    anyone know what racket andy roddick used before his babolat?

    When Andy was around 7, his first racquet was something called the Big Red. I remember that question that Andy answered, Noelle. He did use a Yamaha at some point, and he continued on by saying that his PD+ reminds him of the feel of the Yamaha. I assume the racquet right before he switched to...
  28. Rodzilla

    Where is your sweet spot?

    It makes sense since my bread and butter is mostly from the baseline that my sweet spot is at the center or toward the tip of the racquet. I also play with a head-heavy racquet.
  29. Rodzilla

    Is Roddick due for success at the French Open?

    His whole entire game doesn't look 'orthodox', but it is the result that matters. If he is moving well, the result is good more times than not.
  30. Rodzilla

    Is Roddick due for success at the French Open?

    Yes, I recall that. He'd already been touted to carry the American hopes on clay, and people said he could be greater than Sampras because he had clay game. Tarik Benhabiles was his coach. Maybe the patience is lacking from Roddick nowadays? His serve and forehand can still be used as weapons on...