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    Wozniacki completes New York Marathon

    Really is an amazing effort. Tennis training is substantially different than endurance efforts. Very impressive
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    Wozniacki's blackout racquet?

    Revenge in the mains with Gut crosses. Shes been using the same string setup since before the switch to Yonex.
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    Need help deciding among 3 tennis shoes please

    Asics Gel Resolution 4 i think are gonna be your best bet
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    Anyone use or seen the new Alpha Ghost stringing machine?

    I will post some pics from mine at home later today for anyone still looking for pics!
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    Anyone use or seen the new Alpha Ghost stringing machine?

    I also own one of the Ghost ... I am the head stringer at our private tennis club here in AL. I string on a Babolat Sensor at the club, but I bring many frames home to string on my Alpha. I actually prefer stringing on the Ghost. It is a fantastic machine! Clamps and tension head are...
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    Having fun yet

    Agreed! Earlier this year i strung for Olga Govortsova (WTA #75) when she came to train at our tennis facility and she used Rough full bed. Luckily after 5 frames of 1 piece she decided she wanted "4 knots" and 2 piece jobs... I ended up stringing probably 10 frames for her all with Alu Rough.
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    Is it just me?

    Agreed... hard to trust others to make them "feel" right!
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    If you were Santa, what would you give some players?

    I agree.. Andy really deserves a Wimbledon... Murray for sure is ready for a slam.
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    Thinking way ahead--Cincy 2012

    I went last year on Wed/Thur... Its generally 2nd and 3rd round play. They sell mini 2 day packages that guarantee you seats on center court and give you all access to everywhere else on the grounds for both the morning and evening sessions both days. I think they were something like $170...
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    Nike 2K11

    Totally depends on the surface and how the individual plays...
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    Head 2012 Preview

    Very nice... I'm excited to try out the Radical. Will be interesting to see if going to the 98 square inches really changes the shape of the headsize.
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    Wimbledon - Olympics: Enough Time for Grass to Recover?

    yes its the same grass they use for wimbledon... it should also play very similar to the beginning of wimby...
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    Wimbledon - Olympics: Enough Time for Grass to Recover?

    ummmmm no. no way. They talked a lot about the process of transition between wimby and olympics this year... apparently they have been testing this for several years knowing they would be hosting the games. There are several ways to help the seed germinate quickly and grow efficiently...
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    Full specs of IG Prestige/radical

    Can anyone send me pictures please? Thanks!
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    Loss of tension while finishing the knots

    clamp Starting clamp really helps me tighten up knots... you haver to be careful with plyers.
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    Babolat Propulse 2 sizing

    The propulse 2 for sure run slightly smaller... I used to have to get a 1/2 size bigger than normal... then when the propulse 3's came out I assumed they would be the same.. so I ordered the same size and had to end up sending them back and getting a smaller sizer.
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    Just orderd my new stringer

    Congrats on the Star 5! I have owned a star 5 and loved it. The club where i string currently has a Sensor, but just recently we recieved a "demo" Baiardo to try out... I tend to agree with Masamusou.. The Baiardo seems to deffinetly have lots of bells and flash. I guess its more of what...
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    tecnifibre red code

    Red Code is a good string. I use it full bed and it holds tension and last a long time. I even have a friend who prefers Redcode after it has been hit for 6-10 hours... he says after it is "broken in" it plays even better.
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    Clamps "slipping" when pulling tension

    Great sugestions. I will try the shoe lace for sure. It seems like the worst string for me is the RPM.. I will just make sure clamps are cleaned every couple of string jobs - or every day depending on the week.
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    Clamps "slipping" when pulling tension

    Yes I do adjust the clamps to better suit the different gauge of strings... I try to get them as tight as possible without indenting and marking the strings too bad.
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    Clamps "slipping" when pulling tension

    no it seems to work after cleaning and tightening to some extent... it seems a possibility that the clamps themselves might not be right. But I don't know...
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    How much deference will 2lbs make?

    I string frequently for a 5.0 player that uses an oversized frame (Prince - 110) and he claims he definitely can tell the difference... We have experienced with different gauge RPM and tensions and he says he can tell a big difference. I think with a larger size frame tension lost is MUCH...
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    Clamps "slipping" when pulling tension

    I do clean with alcohol... and that definitely helps! I guess maybe I am not cleaning enough? I thought the clamps could do maybe 15 string jobs before cleaning, but that seems to not work. I might just clean them every day with alcohol and wire brush and see if it works...
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    Clamps "slipping" when pulling tension

    I have a Babolat Star 5 stringing machine and lately it has been giving me trouble with the clamps "slipping" while holding string and pulling tension. I pull the first 2 mains, set my starting clamp, and when I pull opposite string to set second clamp the first clamp slips and the string...
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    Best Red Copoly?

    Pro Red Code I agree... not too bad on your wallet either...
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    Bab RPM Blast - Addicting Strings! HELP

    I used RPM and Lux extensively for a long time and have recently this year tried Tecnifibre. Black code was so so... seemed rather "mushy" after few sets... I now use Pro Red Code (17). Absolutely love it. Seems to last MUCH longer than RPM or Lux...
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    Replacing RPM Blast with?

    You might give Tecnifibre Pro RedCode a try (17 gauge.. 1.25)... I have used RPM, Luxilon and many others and just somewhat recently switched to try the Pro redcode. I love it, very impressive... This may sound strange but it actually seems to last a long time - even feeling better with a few...
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    Luxilon savage and adrenaline.

    Savage does seem to have more pop... I normally use Lux Big Banger, but decided to try the savage. It seems to be a nice string with very descent spin and control
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    Watch for Harrison to create an upset

    this is awesome... Looks to be a good match, but Fed will be too tuff
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    Some reality on Roddick

    I have seen Andy play multiple times and it is always treat to get to see him... He is so determined and he never backs down. He hussles and puts his heart into his job day in and day out. Post match, I have never seen a more fan friendly player. I've seen him go through hundreds of waiting...