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  1. Ace of Aces

    Will Andy Murray or Medvedev ever win a slam again?

    One of these is not like the other
  2. Ace of Aces

    Thiem is retiring this year

    The rest of his game has looked good enough since his comeback to me. The forehand is what was special and it looks like a shell of what it once was. Watching him this year it seems to have gotten even worse.
  3. Ace of Aces

    2024 Miami Open ATP Master's 1000 QF - [1] Carlos Alcaraz Garfia (SPN) v/s [11] Grigor Dimitrov (BUL)

    Best I've seen Dimitrov hit his backhand since his 2017 Aussie run
  4. Ace of Aces

    The Downward Slide of Stefanos Tsitsipas’s Backhand Return by Jeff Sackmann

    The line between manageable weakness and fatal flaw can be narrow and Tsits backhand has been on the wrong side for some time.
  5. Ace of Aces

    M1000 Indian Wells 2024 - ATP

    Under delay until Lahyani returns from the nearest grocery store with Raid
  6. Ace of Aces

    M1000 Indian Wells 2024 - ATP

    Ruud’s game really is just the modern version of the first gen Spanish clay courters. An elite forehand paired with a lot of time on the treadmill.
  7. Ace of Aces

    Was USO 2021 a fluke?

    A former world No 1 with five slam finals winning one isn’t a fluke. If anything you would expect someone with his resume to have more than one.
  8. Ace of Aces

    2023 US Open Final: Daniil Medvedev vs. Novak Djokovic

    Djokovic has seemed fatigued even when he was winning easily throughout the tournament. He may finally be feeling his age.
  9. Ace of Aces

    2023 US Open - Official Thread for Men's Singles

    Isner delays retirement for a couple of days
  10. Ace of Aces

    2022 US OPEN - Men's Singles

    Sock looking rather large but no longer in charge. Diego appears to be off the hook.
  11. Ace of Aces


    De Minaur’s volleys impressed me. He was clinical moving forward on short balls and even started to work in a few stealth approaches in neutral rallies.
  12. Ace of Aces


    Was at the Atlanta final yesterday. Neither player could really punch through the other from the baseline but De Minaur’s fitness was much better. A couple of long rallies early in the second basically killed any chance Brooksby had of coming back. The one thing I was impressed by is Brooksby’s...
  13. Ace of Aces

    Fake underarm serve should not be allowed

    Extending the rule that missing the ball completely counts as a missed serve to fake serves would probably be pretty simple. Just allowing time for the returner to get back in position like after a bad toss would work as well.
  14. Ace of Aces

    Gill Gross talks about "Should Fritz go thru to Semis as lucky loser" with rule change ?

    Potentially having a champion with a loss makes a mockery of the title. Being the undefeated king is what majors are all about.
  15. Ace of Aces

    2022 Wimbledon QF: Rafael Nadal Parera vs. Taylor Harry Fritz

    Fritz does fit the mold of guys who have upset Rafa on grass. Big hitter on both sides who isn’t interested in rallies.
  16. Ace of Aces

    2022 Wimbledon QF: Rafael Nadal Parera vs. Taylor Harry Fritz

    Looks like the WTA has broken out. No holds allowed.
  17. Ace of Aces

    2022 Wimbledon Quarter Final :- Nicholas Kyrgios [AUS] v/s Cristin Garin [CHI]

    Kyrgios must use challenges just to break his opponents rhythm. There is no way he can’t tell some of these aren’t going to go his way.
  18. Ace of Aces

    Would Roddick have touched 275 kmph if he were as tall as Isner/Karlovic ?

    Height helps with margin over net more than pure power. The hardest throwers in the world tend to be in the slightly over 6 foot range.
  19. Ace of Aces

    Wimbledon 2022 Gentlemen’s Singles

    Sinner is just a bigger hitter. Filling a Berdych role of being a real threat to beat top players without being much of a threat to win the title himself.
  20. Ace of Aces

    What do you want to hear more of?!

    Favorite drills to run and any good tips/tricks to improve certain shots (bonus points if any TW pros could chime in)
  21. Ace of Aces

    After Kyrigos-Juub and Serena's loss, can we agree that tennis is ****ty sport?

    Yep, technique clearly doesn’t matter. The fastest player wins. That’s why I knew Monfils would pass Bjorn Phau as the all time slams leader.
  22. Ace of Aces

    Is Agassi closer overall to Djokovic, Murray or Zverev?

    All three options are plus movers who can wait for their moment to strike. Agassi was a better ball striker and worse mover than each. Nadal's recent iteration with lessened wheels countered by turning the baseline aggression up to 11 may be the closest parallel.
  23. Ace of Aces

    Round 1: Williams vs. Tan

    Has Tan been this defensive all match? Not applying a lot of pressure currently.
  24. Ace of Aces

    Wimbledon 2022 Gentlemen’s Singles

    40x Fed being trashed by Giron
  25. Ace of Aces

    Serena destroys Moratoglou lol

    I get bad feelings after a relationship ended but there’s no need to insult your ex in a public setting like that. It’s childish and something a 40 something should have grown out of.
  26. Ace of Aces

    Your Top 5 Two-Handed Backhands of all Time

    Berasategui might be the poster child for a 1.5 bh. It looked like a one hander with the left just along for the ride.
  27. Ace of Aces

    HomeOnTheRange’22: The Men’s Grass Court Season

    Paul with a good win over Sinner. He and Tiafoe are probably the most entertaining Americans to watch and full flight for my money (and most likely to drive you insane if start to get invested).
  28. Ace of Aces

    2022 Roland Garros F: [1] Iga Swiatek vs [18] Coco Gauff

    Maybe the new challenge of topping a clear #1 will give Barty a reason to come back. Not likely but it's a shame a potential rivalry between two greats died in the cradle.
  29. Ace of Aces

    2022 Roland Garros Semi Final Ruud v Cilic

    Cilic hits so big that when he is in the zone all his opponents can do is make first serves and wait for him to start missing
  30. Ace of Aces

    Nuno Borges racquet

    He used a graphene radical in college with obvious orange CAP grommets on it. Don’t know if it was the mp or pro.