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  1. Luka888

    In between Federer and Djokovic?

    I'm not sure why but Tommy Haas comes to my mind. I know it's a strange choice but still.
  2. Luka888

    Djokovic training with Pepe Imaz to challenge again Federer and Nadal at US Open

    Pepe was there but he was not his coach. As far as I know, in the absence of Vajda, his Assistant coach is his brother Marko Djokovic. Not so sure what Marko knows about coaching either.
  3. Luka888


    I would not put Fed and Stefanos in the same sentence with all respect to Stefanos. Sorry guys.
  4. Luka888

    Djokovic training with Pepe Imaz to challenge again Federer and Nadal at US Open

    Good news for Fed and Rafa fans. Djokovic is not winning this USO with Pepe The Devil. I guess he is losing in R4 or earlier. By the way, since when Pepe Imaz is a tennis coach? :unsure: I can't believe how one can be so naive and stupid to think that some charlatan will 'help him out'. You...
  5. Luka888

    2009 US Open champ Svetlana Kuznetsova unable to defend her Washington title due to being denied an American visa

    This is plain stupid. I've never seen anything like this happening before.
  6. Luka888

    Peak Djokovic Hair?

    There is not much he can work out with. It's too thick.
  7. Luka888

    What are chances Novak to get 3 more Wimbledons and equal Federer?

    Long shot. However, we should ask ourselves who is going to stop him ... Fed is getting old, Rafa has issues playing Djokovic ... the rest of the field is, oh well :whistle:. On the other hand, many things can happen in the next 4 years. Djokovic will slow down. So, I just said nothing :cool:
  8. Luka888

    What should ranking of Federer-Djokovic-Nadal be if all 3 are at 20, 21, or 22 slams

    In this scenario, I'd look at weeks at #1, end year #1, slam distribution, WTF, and h2h.
  9. Luka888

    Prediction: Djokovic will NOT win another Major this season.

    Another Nostradamus. Oh well. It didn't work out.
  10. Luka888

    Djokovic's decline will surprise people...

    I'm surprised :eek:. This is exactly why I hate these prediction threads. It comes back to bite you.
  11. Luka888

    Top 5 matchs of the season so far

    You got it right. In terms of quality a and drama, for sure (y) I disagree with the second part though.
  12. Luka888

    Who do you rank higher between Pancho Gonzalez? Ken Rosewall? Novak Djokovic

    I refuse to compare players from different eras and I find it beyond silly. Everything was so different, court, racquets. Pro and amateur tour. Complete mess. If I have to decide who ... Well, it's Djokovic and it's not even close.
  13. Luka888

    Why does someone like Roddick fade and retire, the Big 3 not?

    Because of his funny press conferences ;)
  14. Luka888

    Some questionable tactics of Big 3 this past WB, and should we have strategic time out in bo5 or not ?

    They were all fine. I didn't see any problems. I don't eve remember any time violations but my short term memory is bad. I, personally, am against Super TB, or TB at any major but that's just my opinion. Also, when I hear some people want BO3 at majors, I want to scream and puke. (n) We've...
  15. Luka888

    2019 US Open Prize Money Tops $57M, Richest Purse in Tennis History

    Did Dkovic get 1M for winning Cinci and the USO this year? Are they still doing that? Anyway, this is good news.
  16. Luka888

    Federer had cortisone injection after Nadal SF at RG (wrist)

    Yo don't make sense and your argument is silly. What I've said regarding doctors patient privilege THE FAC. Everything else you wrote was rubbish. Sorry, bud.
  17. Luka888

    Novak to play Tokyo instead of Beijing

    Regarding the money, yeah I'm sure he is getting some huge appearance fee too but it's irrelevant. As if Djoko needs more money :whistle:. He plays for glory, not the money. Same with Fed and Rafa. They make more money from their sponsors than winning the tournaments.
  18. Luka888

    Wimbledon final 2019 full match - anyone found it ?

    I don't know why you guys simply don't record any big match on your PVR ... I do it all the time. However, I do believe that we should be able to purchase any tennis match on the net after is played too. I just dislike paying a monthly fee and stuff like that.
  19. Luka888

    Djokovic is finally getting the credit he deserves

    Well, didn't their kids celebrated some birthdays together? I'm sure they did. So, that must be something. Two families together with their kids :).
  20. Luka888

    Novak to play Tokyo instead of Beijing

    Olympics. That's all. I like the fact that he changed his routine btw.
  21. Luka888

    Here's what the top guys will look like in 25-30 years

    Sorry, but are you blind? They all have gray hair in that last funny pic. lol. The original one is just a photo of players that the OP was goofing around with probably photoshop plus some other software.
  22. Luka888

    A Choker can still have a great career...

    OK, I will talk about myself chocking. Kissing my first girlfriend, I chocked. Having a first job interview, I chocked. Getting a mortgage and buying that first house with my wife, I chocked. Getting promoted and making some great salary, I chocked. Hey, I'm still alive doing fine ;) So, that's...
  23. Luka888

    Fed fans jinxed it for him!!!

    lol. Not just that ... Is it DjokoviK, or Djokitch or whatever? What, this guy was reconding the point on his TV. :-DWhat the heck? It's all on YouTube. I'm not going to even comment on the point. The video itself is hilarious.
  24. Luka888

    Where does Djokovic rank all time on grass?

    1. Fed 2. Sampras 3. Djokovic, tougher competition than Borg 4. Borg, who is btw my favorite player ever but I have to be objective.
  25. Luka888

    Here's what the top guys will look like in 25-30 years

    funny. And they still will be winning majors, lol.
  26. Luka888

    Novak's race to Federer's amazing 310 weeks started with Wimbledon 2019... Will he get this one at this time next year?

    Are you kidding me? The race to London ... Djokovic 6725, qualified Nadal 6225, qualified Federer 5060 and he'll get there too . . . Thiem 3315 Tsitsipas 2995 Zverev 1590 :eek: Yeah, they are breathing. Sorry stupid joke but whatever :-D
  27. Luka888

    The more Djokovic wins the more he is hated

    The problem is with extreme fans. Why can't we just appreciate both Fed and Novak? I mean they both have done some amazing things. Their game styles are different but that's what I love about tennis. If I have to use that word 'hate', I'd hate to see everyone playing the same. Nowadays, young...
  28. Luka888

    What Is The Best Match Federer Has Played and Lost?

    I was gonna say something similar but you got me. I don't want to think about it. I feel cranky :)
  29. Luka888

    Federer had cortisone injection after Nadal SF at RG (wrist)

    Stop it. Unless you don't have some reliable source I don't believe it. Oh, a friend of yours told you something, blah. Have you heard about doctors patient privilege? Fed said nothing and no, under NO circumstances doctors would talk to your friend or your friends because they could and would...