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    Karatsev is the new G.O.A.T

    Loved watching Karatsev forehand from the low camera angle. Whip
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    Old Head Stencil on tour??

    This stencil is currently on court if anyone cares to marvel at it in action. Going against Medevedevs crooked moustache.
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    Old Head Stencil on tour??

    I appreciate this information which otherwise I would never have learned.
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    Pure Aero Nadal Thread - Rated R

    Poor blade, can hardly squeeze itself into the pictures. Just has to sit there in the bag, lonely and forgotten, waiting for the honeymoon to end.
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    Equipment Heaven on a Tennis Court

    It’s critical to only play sports that require equipment which can be credibly blamed for performance issues. For example tennis, golf, pole vault etc
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    Equipment Heaven on a Tennis Court

    I almost always miss. When I miss, it is usually long by roughly 12-18 feet. :)
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Not sure it counts as soft poly but i have diadem solstice power at 48 in my 16x19 and it is really good for me
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    What is your opinion of Rublev ? Do you like watching him play ?

    I also enjoy that he only brings the grunts out when he needs to generate that extra wham. Seems more genuine that way. My kids started liking him a few years ago when they were watching scooby doo a lot and he remains a favorite around here.
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    How to keep lead tape stuck on racquet?

    The technifibre 2g stickers have worked well for me, even to remove and replace.
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    Testing Feedback for: 360+ Speed MP, Yonex Vcore 98, Yonex Vcore Pro 97 310gr, Blade V7 98 18x20

    Like you OP I am relatively new to tennis and started with the v7, being a newbie I bought both the 16x19 and 18x20 versions. A few months ago I demoed some racquets because that damn v7 wasn’t making the ball go fast enough. I bought the vcore 98 black and it’s all a bit disappointing because...