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    Automatic vs stick

    If you drive a manual correctly and well, it will probably be more fuel efficient.
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    Automatic vs stick

    If you accelerate and reach the top RPM for a gear, and you can hear the engine whine, you can shift into the next gear without using the clutch. Cars with a manual transmission are cheaper and, in general, more fuel efficient.
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    stuck at 4.0 - 4.5

    You'll never improve if you spend the warm seasons merely relearning the strokes. If you enjoy the game, pay the money to get court time twice a week during the colder months; you might not improve but you'll maintain your skill, and then you'll have time to improve in the warmer months.
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    does anybody still steps in when hitting their.......

    This is a common misconception among amateur tennis players; most professionals do step into shots or hit with a "closed stance" when they can (as snoflewis said, when they are moving forward). An open stance is preferred during fast baseline play because closing the stance takes time, but pros...
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    What? Hottest day in england yesterday!

    You're exactly right. The world has gone through a pattern of global warming and global cooling throughout its existence. The point remains that the carbon dioxide levels have increased exponentially and are now completely out of the normal fluctuation; this will cause the temperature to...
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    What book are you reading?

    Starting The Scarlet Letter and The World That Trade Created for school.
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    controlling forehands (help)

    To make the ball move crosscourt, you must strike the ball slightly earlier than if you were to hit it down the middle; to hit the ball down the line, you must strike it slightly late. The most important thing in controlling shots is timing, which takes a lot of practice to improve.
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    Best movie with a high school theme and plot?

    I forgot Elephant; Gus Van Sant is an excellent director, which also reminds me of another of his high school themed movies: Finding Forrester.
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    Socks to stop blisters

    Agreed: pretty much the same idea as layering two pairs of socks, except without the added thickness.
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    Best movie with a high school theme and plot?

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Remember the Titans are excellent; American Graffiti is a classic that deals with just out of high school kids.
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    Kick Serve in Deuce side.

    On the deuce side you should not be hitting "to the left." A kick serve on the deuce side goes down the "T" in order to force the returner to hit a high backhand (assuming righthandedness).
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    Don't get involved with it; Limewire has been known to mess up peoples' computers due to spyware and viruses. My suggestion: use iTunes or buy the CD.
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    Question on AIM/ICQ/MySpace IM

    I'm not sure if the browser has anything to do with it, but I'd suggest visiting a website from which you can use AIM, ICQ, and nearly every instant messaging program, all from the same page.
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    Tall Player Advice

    Marat Safin is 6' 4" and is considered a tall player.
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    Curious about those who carry different rackets in their bag.

    I use both the Prestige Classic 600 and the i.prestige mid. Both racquets have similar power levels and weigh the same, so I don't have to make adjustments when I switch between them. The main difference in the racquets is feel, and I like being able to switch between the racquets depending on...
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    Tall Player Advice

    The best way to utilize height is rushing the net. A tall player with a wide armspan is an intimidating force at net. The opponent will feel pressured to hit better passing shots resulting in more unforced errors. A big serve and solid net game are essential for a tall player to maximize...
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    renting a tennis court for a friendly: for how many hours?

    The tennis club at which I play charges an hourly rate. The rate depends largely on when in the year you're booking courts and at what time; indoor courts cost more in the winter than in the summer and more at 6:00 PM than at 6:00 AM. For a good warmup and a three set match, I usually book two...
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    Sure it exists; Catholics are often the targets of prejudice by such organizations as the Ku Klux Klan and other Protestant groups. Personally I am not anti-Catholic, but being raised as one, I definitely disagree with the religion.
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    Rope of Oil

    Exactly. I read that there is more that 3 trillion USD of oil still beneath the the ground. We have the technology now to be completely independent of oil, but because our government is driven by oil companies, this new technology is supressed untill the oil executives have had their fill.
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    How about this form?

    Unless you're doing something odd with your feet, you should move closer to the baseline. I have no idea what you are doing with your right arm- a video would help diagnose any problems.
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    Try recreating this thread in the Health and Fitness section of the forum; do a search there too.
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    What music are you listening to? v1.0

    Second coming wasn't as good as their debut, but contains "Love Spreads" and "Begging You," which are both favorites of mine. Guero is an excellent album; if you really like it, I'd suggest you purchase the remix album Guerolito, which is superb. If you don't feel like buying the whole...
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    Explain this...

    Two midgets perhaps?
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    Explain this... I can't figure this illusion/trick out: pretty cool.
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    Poison Ivy Relief

    I just got over a poison ivy rash. I think using any calamine-based lotion plus not scratching will help it to go away quickly. I found that if the rash got unbearably itchy, taking cold shower helped to dull the itch.
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    mains or crosses tighter (poll and question)

    It depends on the hybrid you are using. I usually string synthetic gut in my crosses, so I drop the tension in the poly mains. However, if you string poly in the crosses and synthetic gut in the mains, then you would probably drop the tension in the crosses.
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    They have good durability and good spin potential, but lose tension fairly quickly. There have been a lot of threads on Kirschbaum strings, so I suggest doing a search.
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    Here are my strokes. Tell me how to improve them.

    The placement on your kick serves should be more towards the center of the court- "down the T." A kick serve towards the center of the box sets the returner up to rip a high forehand back.
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    anyone played with the fischer pro tour ft

    I haven't hit with it extensively, but the 5.5/6.0 owner of the indoor club at which I play uses this racquet, and he is a tenacious all-court player. To me it seemed to be a solid all court frame.
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    Who will be buying a Metallix Prestige ?

    From reading the blurb on the Tennis Warehouse page for the Head Metallix 10, it seems that the new technology is meant to compete with Wilson's nCode racquets: "The alloy construction utilizes a grain size 1000 times smaller than typical metal making for dramatically increased structural...