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  1. Bad_Knee

    How has crowd pressure impacted Fed's career?

    For the better or for the worse? Obviously it must be great to have so much support, but you could make the case Fed really started gain massive support once the Nadal rivalry surfaced and he began to show signs of vulnerability. This guy has to play every match with the same kind of fan...
  2. Bad_Knee

    How has crowd pressure impacted Fed's career?

    delete, sorry double post.
  3. Bad_Knee

    Your favourite TV shows?

    Anybody watched Vinyl? I think it's going to be pretty epic. Limitless on the other hand looks pretty rubbish...
  4. Bad_Knee

    As a Federer fan I have already accepted Djokovic will pass 17 and become GOAT

    I knew Nadal would never do it, the signs were there that he wouldn't have the longevity, plus he had to contend with Djokovic. What is there to stop Nole though? Absolutely nothing, he is the best by a country mile and nothing will stop him winning 7 slams over the next 2 or 3 years. It's sad...
  5. Bad_Knee

    Which AO final was more boring, 2015 or 2016?

    May as well make a poll out of this shambles...
  6. Bad_Knee

    2016 Australian Open Final - [1] Djokovic vs. [2] Murray

    I don't particularly enjoy watching Djokovic, but I have nothing but respect for clutch he has been on all these break points.
  7. Bad_Knee

    Australian Open 2016 SF - [1] Djokovic vs. [3] Federer

    This will be a true test to see if Ljub makes any difference at all...I think we will see less net rushing and more early powerful baseline striking from Fed, this seems to be Ljubs philosophy.
  8. Bad_Knee

    Anna Ivanovic reactions

    awful thread
  9. Bad_Knee

    Australian Open 2016 Official Thread

    oh my bad...I'm all for the inside jokes and what not, but labelling match threads correctly would be nice.
  10. Bad_Knee

    Australian Open 2016 Official Thread

    These forums seem quiter than usual for a slam...Nobody has even made a federer vs dimitrov thread yet. What's going on? Is the Djokovic dominance scaring/boring people away?
  11. Bad_Knee

    Best ever TV drama.

    The Wire
  12. Bad_Knee

    What are you Reading?

    Still In The Mind - Alan Watts
  13. Bad_Knee

    Your favourite TV shows?

    I think Fargo S2 might just do down as my favorite series ever once it's done. So damn good!!!
  14. Bad_Knee

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Spectre - sucked IMO The actions scenes were obviously up to standard of any bond film, but the rest of the plot just seemed to be a randomly hashed together contrived mess. Completely lacked the flow and style that made Casino Royale the best Bond movie ever. However, it did have the best...
  15. Bad_Knee

    Your favourite TV shows?

    Another lover of Fargo here, it seems they're really onto a winner with season 2, everybody loves it. To the creators of True Detective, this is a lesson in how to do a follow up series. Same formula with subtle improvements.
  16. Bad_Knee

    Monfils is convinced he will win a slam title. Deluded or just plain nuts?

    And thus, so the tale goes, ones credibility sailed off into the horizon.
  17. Bad_Knee

    2015 US Open semi-final: Federer vs. Wawrinka

    Indeed, Stan always appears rushed and uncomfortable in faster conditions. If it's medium paced, then flip a coin as to who wins.
  18. Bad_Knee

    Another fixed match???

    Only idiots bet on matches at that level (unless you're in on the fixing)...The amount of matches that are clearly fixed at the lower level is astonishing.
  19. Bad_Knee

    Quite simply the greatest Youtube creation ever (one for movie lovers)

    For those that haven't seen it yet I don't know how long it took this guy to edit, but it's unbelievably good. Best thing I've seen on youtube.
  20. Bad_Knee

    US Open 2015 Novak Djokovic (SRB) [1] vs. Roberto Bautista Agut (ESP) [23]

    That moment when you turn on the TV to check the score, then have to watch for another 4 hours.
  21. Bad_Knee

    The Golf Thread

    Spieth +3 thru 5, 6 shots behind day....I think everything is pointing to Spieth simply being burnt out, and who could hold that against him given the season he has had and how young he is.
  22. Bad_Knee

    Does Tiger still have any shot at all at Jack's majors record?

    The thing is with Tiger, if he gets one more it will change everything, he will suddenly feel he is the man again, the media will build him up as the main man again, and that intimidation factor over the field will all of a sudden be there again....Particularly if he were to win it by a large...
  23. Bad_Knee

    The Golf Thread

    Jason Day is playing another sport right now, opens with 3 straight birdies...
  24. Bad_Knee

    Mardy Fish - The Weight

    Will always be a foul mouthed saw loser in my book
  25. Bad_Knee

    Current top 3 in golf the most exciting together in a long time?

    Golf is in a much better place than tennis, and for more interesting to watch, the depth of field is outrageous.
  26. Bad_Knee

    USO 2015 court speed observations thread.

    Of course Federer said it's playing fast, and of course Murray would say it's playing slow. That's what each of their respective fans want to hear, and each of their respective opponents don't want to hear. Federer is pretty good at mind games, a point rarely covered on these forums.