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    Features that make a significant difference?

    From a more pragmatic stance, if you are stringing 100 frames a year and labor locally is $18/frame, that's $1,800. Add five extra racquets a month, there's another $1,080. Sell your drop-weight for $200 and you can invest in a $3k machine, which pays for itself in just over a year. It is a...
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    Crosses shift on first hit after string job

    Silly question: What string are you using? ... Oh, and are you a 3.0 or 4.5 player?
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    Refurbishing Neos 1000 glide bar clamps

    Thanks, @Wes and @MotoTopspin. Happy to help.
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    String one piece, different tension mains and crosses?

    You probably won't as Babolat owned/(s) the patent. I'm not seeing it on the newer frames, but the were all the rage with the Pure Control/Storm/Strike line.
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    Refurbishing Neos 1000 glide bar clamps

    They should also measure the height of the clamps, too. I bought a couple of NEOS clamps for my Toalson machine to have extras, but as it turns out, they are a half-inch shy of reaching the string bed when mounted on the glide bars.
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    Overlooked strings that are gems

    Mayami Tour Hex A solid string that delivers on consistency and spin. Its characteristics change based on the tension it is strung at.
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    String one piece, different tension mains and crosses?

    I think this may be frame-dependent. Babolat's woofer system is an excellent example of dispelling this statement. You can pull tension on the mains at different tensions and have a month of hitting, say 24 hours, the tension will "equalize". Main 1-16 will pluck at the same frequency, 2-15 will...
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    Mayami strings

    One more thing... Nice to see they still have their synthetic gut and nylon offerings in stock. I bought four reels of each last year. They are a nice, basic string offering for novice and intermediate players.
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    Mayami strings

    I just ordered three reels with the B2G1 code which expires on Saturday. One notable item; shipping was free. Back when they had the New Jersey distributor, orders took four or so business days to get to me. Here's to hoping the new distributor offers the same level of service.
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    Refurbishing Neos 1000 glide bar clamps

    I have a Toalson stringer that uses the glide bar system. No matter how much I cleaned, the clamps still moved after clamping down and releasing the tensioner. For grins and giggles, I cut strips of Neopreme and then superglued them inside the bar opening at the base of the clamp (see photo)...
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    Opinion/Poll: The personal cost/benefit of experimenting with strings

    My take: First off, "extensive" instead of "excessive" is a better word choice. That said, extensive research is more helpful than harmful in the long run once a player has possession of consistent, dependable strokes. Is it necessary? I'm on the fence. Do you build your playing style around...
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    Luxilon Eco string(Power,rough,spin)

    I've got Eco Rough in two frames right now as a cross with a multifilament in the mains. A doubles guy, I dig the feedback on volleys and touch shots as well as the ample power to bang out flat serves. It is a little more than I like to pay for a reel.
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    Your Favorite Non-mainstream/Niche Strings?

    Mayami Tour Hex and Magic Twist TruPro Black Knight Toalson T8
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    public court etiquette with people waiting to play?

    Peak time here is 5:30-8pm and it is the only time during the work week that one is likely to have to wait on an outdoor court. We have 75 public outdoor courts around town. Only the 18 at the campus tennis facility are monitored strictly. Otherwise, there are no time limits observed or posted...
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    Mayami strings

    Has anyone in the US ordered string since May 5? According to an email I got today, Mayami once again has a US distributor.
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    Mayami strings

    I'm not holding my breath with TW or any other US big box store carrying Mayami. The owner will need to build a significantly larger following before they will consider it. That will be a tough task considering how saturated the string market is currently.
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    Tennis elbow, natural gut, not very good!

    Sorry. I misread your original post thinking 45/40 was your normal setup.
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    Is stringing on a crank similar to pre stretching?

    This is my perception and preference as well. I feel a little more *pop* from a crank compared to an electric CP.
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    Mayami strings

    With summer just around the corner, I'm ready to order again when the new warehouse operation is up and running in May. During the summer months, I try to keep at least two reels of Big Spin, Magic Twist, and Tour Hex on hand. Between now and November, once I get down to one reel, I order a...
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    Tennis elbow, natural gut, not very good!

    If you have tennis elbow issues playing with synthetic gut and NG, the problem isn't the string. The real issue is your swing mechanics. It sounds like your next investment should be 2-3 private lessons with a teaching pro. I would have strung the NG at the same tension as your synthetic gut...
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    Mayami strings

    Yeah, I saw that after I read down further. I usually respond to posts as I read through them from where I started in the conversation.
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    Mayami strings

    What URL are you using? Mine says it is $109 a reel.
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    Racquet damage with Gamma X-2

    You are supposed to use the adapters that come with the stringer. I didn't because cumbersome and didn't feel like it secured the racquet in place to my liking. I wrapped electrical tape around the posts and didn't have an issue with marring after that.
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    Mayami strings

    At $110 a reel, that is just $6.50 a set for a high-performance string like Tour Hex or Magic Twist. Let's put it in perspective: A Big Mac meal was $8.50 at McDonald's. That same meal is $10.80 now. $229 used to be the top range for a top-of-the-line frame. Now, the pricing is north of $260...
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    Pro Staff 97 v12 v13 which grommets fit these, can I buy the current grommets?

    I am looking for v13 grommets. Does anybody know for sure v14 actually work in the v13 frame? TIA!
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    Whose ball is the drop shot ROS in doubles?

    From my perspective, if an opponent is hitting droppers routinely on serves, that says neither the server or his partner are putting pressure on the returner, nor working together to force the returner to abandon that strategy.
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    Uncharacteristic Racket Frame Break After Stringing

    Don't see the photo on the thread. But like someone else said, I don't need it. Having broken a couple of frames while neck-deep in a McEnroe Moment early in my tennis career, the damage was definitely the result of direct impact with the "carpeted" surface.
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    Mayami strings

    I agree with you on your review of Tour Bite and Hyper G. I haven't played with Confidential, but since we agree on the first two, I don't doubt you. Not sure I could justify 140 EUR with my player base, which is mostly college club players. Feel, tension maintenance and overall playability are...
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    Mayami strings

    That was a huge setback, but probably a necessary move for survival since there were rumblings of delivery issues prior to the change.
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    Mayami strings

    I imagine the problem for Mayami, TruPro, and other smaller string companies not making it into TW and other major retailers is the low margin on wholesale pricing.