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  1. jackson vile

    Djokovic's Olympic losses: Which was the biggest missed opportunity?

    None, it’s pointless You should’ve done what his fans told him to do, which was forget FO and focus on Wimbledon and U.S. Open
  2. jackson vile

    Federer comments about Djokovic

    What ever he told Novak really set him off :-D It’s really interesting because those guys have to know each other so well as they’ve shared a locker room so many spaces together for years Very cool
  3. jackson vile

    Djokovic to play Hamburg

    Even if he can, should he?
  4. jackson vile

    Why Andy Murray failed to become an ATG

    Mentally he was far too soft, which I think is due to being raised by a single mother. It’s important for kids to have masculine father figures to help them properly develop in this way.
  5. jackson vile

    Is Alcaraz already an ATG?

    Sure doesn’t take much time to become an ALL TIME great these days :-D I guess he’s an INSTANT CLASSIC
  6. jackson vile

    Alcaraz generational talent : will win 4+ Roland Garros

    Who knows, both Alcaraz and Sinner are already displaying repeated injury issues at the very beginning of their careers which will most likely shorten their careers The thing is that the Big 3 have set the athletic bar so high that the necessary level has become incredibly demanding on the...
  7. jackson vile

    Is it true!?

    He had the match in his hands and then blew it! If he’s going to be mad at anyone he should be mad at himself for not winning one more set and taking the trophy home.
  8. jackson vile

    Will Djokovic be ever no.1 again

    Ship has sailed, if he doesn’t get his mind straight soon he may end up 100% finished It’s crazy that the only thing holding him back is motivation.
  9. jackson vile

    Roddick states he wouldn't be able to beat the top players today.

    It’s absurd how posters think they know better about Roddrick than Roddrick knows about himself SMDH Federer had it easy. That generation sucked, and the good ones were severe underachievers ie Safin, Nalbandiin, etc But the likes of Roddick Hewitt Fererro Moya etc were all B side players
  10. jackson vile

    Novak Djokovic decided to have meniscus surgery this Wednesday morning in Paris

    I’m just saying, some stem cells and he’d be 100% in a week like nothing ever happened
  11. jackson vile

    Djokovic may end this 25-year streak...

    Let’s just say, I don’t think anyone would really be upset. Would be far more upset to not see the big three there.
  12. jackson vile

    The Draw Of 2024 RG is a Disgrace

    This is really getting ridiculous SMH
  13. jackson vile

    Djokovic is defending 6,500 more points this season, do you think he can keep most?

    I don’t think he’s worried about points at this POINT :-D He’s already won everything, so if he’s going to sacrifice more time it needs to be something that takes something away from another player Another Wim or USO etc
  14. jackson vile

    I will be shocked if Djokovic is able to play Wimbledon

    He should try a grass warm up tournament and see where things are at
  15. jackson vile

    RG 2024 feels not the same without Novak

    Nah, we want that him and USO record
  16. jackson vile

    Possible match of the year

    Actually excited for this, the result of that match will decide a whole lot of the future for both those players
  17. jackson vile

    RG 2024 feels not the same without Novak

    We didn’t want Novak focusing on RG
  18. jackson vile

    Forgive Me, Father, For I Am a Full Fledged Sinner!

    Here’s his chance, don’t blow it kid!
  19. jackson vile

    Should Djokovic play the QF or quit before if injured ?

    Excellent example, if you’re having an injury that could get worse STOP! It’s not worth it(y)
  20. jackson vile

    Djokovic withdrawing didn't sting as much today

    Thank God! Get ready for Wim instead
  21. jackson vile

    Should Djokovic play the QF or quit before if injured ?

    It’s honestly not worth it, he’s already the King Heal with stem cells and get ready for Wim