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    Alcaraz: “I am #1. But Novak is coming”

    I'm sure Wimbledon will have Novak as #1 seed regardless of who is ranked #1.
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    Collapse of One Handed Backhand?!

    In history alot more slams have been won by one handers. If a player feels more comfortable using a one hander, than thats how he should be taught. But many players are self taught anyway.
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    Alcaraz shouldn't have become number 1

    Indeed. Pretty impressive Novak is the KING...Even though he was unrightfully screwed out of 2 slams.
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    Alcaraz shouldn't have become number 1

    In my mind Nadal has 21 slams. AO 22 was a fluke and everyone knows it thanks to ridiculous left policies.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen you know what is coming up now that RG has finished.....!!!!

    Love the green grass courts. I hate all these blue courts of today, like at the US Open.
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    Does today demonstrate that one handed backhands are dead?

    A one handed backhand is a thing of beauty.
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    Nole’s US campaign

    Whether or not it was stolen, Biden doesn't know what he's doing.
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    Nole’s US campaign

    You mean people are going into debt like crazy is more like it.
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    Nole’s US campaign

    Not as big a joke as your country ;)
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    Nole’s US campaign

    You do realize that people not looking for jobs are not counted when it comes to the unemployment rates.
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    Nole’s US campaign

    Our country was in great shape when Trump was in office. Biden is doing a great job ruining it. Crime is out of control, border out of country, inflation out of control. Higher gas prices, high grocery prices. January 6 was the Democrats fault.
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    Nole’s US campaign

    LOL what about the millions of unvaxxed migrants they let in from the southern border the last two years?
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    Nole’s US campaign

    And able people without jobs are at a record high. Businesses are closing because they cant find enough people who want to work.
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    Nole’s US campaign

    The USA is a great country when intelligent people(conservatives) are running it. Instead of the bonehead administration running it now.
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    How far with CYGS this year for Novak?

    Idiot Biden will make sure again that he doesn't play in the States at all this year.
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    What's the next record you want to see get broken by Djokovic?

    He will probably break all of them except for maybe the cygs.
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    Ben Rothernberg on Novak

    Sisipas also called Novak the greatest after the match.
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    Poor tv coverage of this year AO

    ESPN+ is not included in my spectrum package and I already pay $250 a month.
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    AO tv coverage

    I have 3 ESPN stations and Tennis channel, and they have yet to show any of Djokovic's matches. Really annoying.
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    Is USA tennis back?

    Yep some pretty decent talent on the way up.
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    What Makes Novak Djokovic So Good in Melbourne?

    to each their own. US Open courts are ugly.
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    What Makes Novak Djokovic So Good in Melbourne?

    Nicer looking courts compared to the ugly dark blue courts of the US Open.
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    Poor tv coverage of this year AO

    I have yet to see a Djokovic match on tv in this years AO. In every round so far, when its time for Novak to play the coverage goes off. I am getting rid of tennis channel and ESPN2. Total waste of money.
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    Authorities overturn Novak Djokovic’s three-year ban

    Yep it's all part of the plan to depopulate the World.
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    Authorities overturn Novak Djokovic’s three-year ban

    Finally came to your senses Australia? Leadership all over just sucks. Eat it, "vax" Nazis. No Amnesty. Novak's actions in the past 2 years have propelled him beyond tennis. He's a modern day hero.
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    Novak should've been playing this USO

    evil leaders in charge of U.S. policies right now. November cant get here fast enough.
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    Can Fed win Wimbedon 2023?

    No chance he can beat Djokovic at Wimbledon at this stage.