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  1. lidoazndiabloboi

    Last cross Blocked from Main knot

    It's been almost a week. Is the racket still stuck there on the machine?
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    Is the PA98 Killing Alcaraz’s arm?

    Alcaraz switched from the PAVS to the new PA98 paintjob, starting Montreal 2022, but still had the oval PAVS grommets. He used that until the end of the year, skipping WTF 2022 and AO 2023. His first match back was Feb 2023 in Argentina, which he switched to the circular PA98 grommets. The...
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    Head Speed Legend - Djokovic Signature

    I also don't understand why people kept saying the racket is unplayable. Is it the 95 sq in that makes it unplayable? The 18x19 pattern? Or the weight? If you were to remove all the lead/weight in the handle, wouldn't the racket be about 11.5 oz unstrung. The Head LM Radical Tour had heavier...
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    Murray to Yonex

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    Alex de Minaur Racket

    Still using the Steam 99/Blade Team 99. I had forgot he had added an additional cross, going from 16x18 to 16x19, at the beginning of 2023. That along with the string change, has taken him up to another level.
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    Roger Federer racquet at Dartmouth College commencement

    Its his a v13 RF97. I saw a black buttcap, so I'm assuming its just an off the shelf racket, no power pads, no string savers, stencil in the wrong direction.
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    Is the PA98 Killing Alcaraz’s arm?

    In one of the other threads, it was discussed that Alcaraz has changed from using the onsite stringing to now private stringing. Looking at recent photos, it looks like starting from Madrid, could have been when he made the change. His overgrip finishing and taping is more visually clean now...
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    Murray to Yonex Back to Gut cross in Stuttgart
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    Alcaraz New Custom Shoes

    I wonder if making the cut out Nike logo on the outsole has any sort of effect on the performance of the thread. Or it is more for the marketing purposes.
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    Crosses shift on first hit after string job

    Do you hit forehands with a clockwise rotation? essentially pulling the strings across the ball from right to left?
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    Yonex Vcore ‘Beige/Sand’ Limited Edition colorway This would be the updated site.
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    Is Nike and Jannik parting ways?

    Shoes look normal
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    Umpire vs Electronic Line Calling on Clay

    Electric line calling has its issue as well. Do we need to have umpire calling lines, with a hawkeye challenge system, and VAR just in case?
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    Winning The 2024 Paris Olympics Is More Difficult Than Winning Any Slam.

    Tsitsipas won Monte Carlo this year, 6 matches in 7 days.
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    Anyone who uses Wilson K-Blade 98?

    I measured my Kblade, and it averaged at 21.0mm. I also check a pro stock V6 KBlade, same at 21.0mm. So yeah I believe their measurements are wrong
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    Pure Aero Rafa Origin 2023

    When I first got my Origin, I removed the grommet, and tried to put the APD grommet on. Indeed it did not fit. I ended up cutting the APD throat grommet into 3 separate pieces, and put it on the Origin. If I recall correctly, the APD grommet spacing is not long enough to fit the Origin. It would...
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    Priority One Stringing and Customization; Ask your questions here

    I noticed Zverev and Alcaraz both have a similar stringing tension sticker, not the on site provider. Could they be using the same private stringers?
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    Priority One Stringing and Customization; Ask your questions here

    2015, and I was there with you 2016. Yeah Julian is still running the team, and still using Head machines
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    Priority One Stringing and Customization; Ask your questions here

    I agree, our IW team was awesome. There are seems to be a rise in racket customizers throughout the world, or we just see them a lot more now from social media.
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    Upgrading Baiardo L base clamps?

    There are times that I will use the "Gravity" feature on the clamps, by unclamping the string, and pushing the clamp down into the base clamp to unlock, and then move to clamp the next string.
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    Pros grip size?

    Rafa is using L2 with one overgrip, not on the bare handle. It was speculated that Rafa would use 2 overgrips, but from all the rackets i've seen, it's only been 1 overgrip.
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    Pros grip size?

    I believe Dimitrov uses L5 now with the cushion grip. He actually went up in size
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    Djokovic chances of returning to #1?

    Djokovic has a lot of points to lose on the 2nd half of the season. If he can replicate those results, then he would have a shot at reclaiming #1 in the front half of 2025. But the likelihood is very very slim IMO. Sinner on the other hand, has room to gain a lot of points on the back half 2024...
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    Is Nike and Jannik parting ways?

    Did the other thread get deleted?
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    Swiatek swinging T Fight ISO 300

    But she was never actually using a Tempo 298?
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    Wilson Blade V8 but 100sq.inch ?

    I had always thought the Blade 100 was meant to be a smaller version of the Blade 104, as they have a very similar throat area, and both being 22mm. The Blade 98 has a much more narrow throat compared to the 100. Also the racket head shape is more circular on the 100, similar to 104, then the...
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    New TW Playtest Format - Check out our new review of the Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 95 v14!

    @TW Staff typo in the thread title, should be v14. You got me super excited for a moment.
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    Wilson Custom Rackets

    I was referencing the v11-13 RF97s