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    Simon is tearing me apart (MonteCarlo2012)

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    Tennis has NEVER been this bad

    Anytime someone mentions this match, I have to add that this is one of my favorite matches of all time. I love this match.
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    Prettiest backhand??

    I love Edberg's backhand.
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    Awesome vids of pros taking the ball on the rise.

    That was awesome. Federer's backhand at 1:38 is pretty nice as well. Here it is cued up:
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    Anyone from Poland in this forum?

    Nie jestem Polakiem, ale umiem mówić po polsku. Niestety rzadko ćwiczę gramatykę, mówię, itd. bo nie miałem dużo czasu. Ale teraz mam dość czasu i postaram się ćwiczyć codzennie. Dużo Polaków w TTW...
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    Agnieszka Radwańska

    Her name is pronounced ahg-njesh-kah rahd-vine-skah. The ń is pronounced roughly like the Spanish ñ, like in piña colada. Actually, so is the 'ni' in Agnieszka. Oh and the 'sz' is roughly liek the sh in 'shell.'
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    Federer vs umpire in Robredo match

    I can't speak French, but I think he had a problem with how long it took Robredo to challenge one of Federer's serves and he was letting Maria know.
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    Women athletically superior to men

    I love how only a few people have figured out that sureshs is a master troll, in the purest sense of the word, and that this thread is an example of his greatness. sureshs, I am humbled before thee.
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    Qatar Exxonmobil Open 2011

    Please stop posting and play more tennis then. If you really don't care about and are above such arguments, then don't participate in them. You always come into a thread, state an opinion and retreat to a high-horse position, which almost always involves an exhortation for people to play more...
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    Berdych says umpire was scared of Nadal

    I don't post much under this name, but I used to post a lot more a couple years back under another (which I had the mods delete), and I have to say that you are, without a doubt, the most annoying poster on these boards. What's really pathetic is that you act like you're above everyone...
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    Coolest pictures of pros

    Ah, much obliged, sir.
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    Coolest pictures of pros

    Who is that in your avatar? I'm seeing her everywhere on this site. I mean, I know it was a tease on someone else's, but I'd like to know who it actually is. Tineye will not cooperate!
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    Werld Tour Finals Federer vs Ferrer

    Sudo apt-get sadness :(
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    Confirming rules making up Semi-Finals

    There's a leaderboard on the ATP site with updated standings at the end of every day: Or, if you want a breakdown of the % of sets won or games won and all that, go to this link on the ATP site...
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    Who was #1 when you were born?

    I think it would be pretty cool if everyone did some research and found out what cool event happened in the tennis world near to the date of their birth. I'll be back later to do mine...just suggesting.
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    Who was #1 when you were born?

    Ivan Lendl.
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    Which #1 most vunerable to 'lesser' players?

    I don't have anything constructive to add to this thread, so I'll just give you a pro-tip. The word sic usually follows a word (or phrase) that is quoted as incorrect, ungrammatical or 'wonky' from another source. The form of Troicki you used above is your own misspelling, so you wouldn't...
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    In-Form Federer would have won all slams in 2010

    Interesting, tell me more about this Federer character. What's he like?
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    "I can still dominate"

    *Generic defense of Roger*
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    Net worth of tennis pros...this has to be wrong.

    I just had to step in here and congratulate you for this awesome statement. 100 Internets to you, sir. For future reference:
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    The Federer Anit-Jixing thread for round 3. Roger willl lose to Arnaud Clement

    By admitting this is an anti-jinx thread in the thread title, you've reversed the anti-jinx polarity of your first post. You have to compensate for this somehow.
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    FO Quarters: Federer SUI (1) v Soderling SWE (5)

    Correct. I am running my fingers across the trophy. Almagro's name has been etched onto the plaque perfectly. Too's almost sensual.
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    FO Quarters: Federer SUI (1) v Soderling SWE (5)

    I lulzed all over the place. What a mess I have to clean up now.
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    Federer - Wawrinka: Inofficial Swiss Championship

    Well, to each his own, but I thought the finale was beautiful as well. The end was a nice concept, and it was rather emotional.
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    Federer - Wawrinka: Inofficial Swiss Championship

    I've got my lawyer on the phone right now.
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    Ivanovic -- good line

    Looks like Amelie saw something she didn't like in the midst of a backhand.
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    Caption This - May 26

    Ana: Oh, ok, cool. I might. Who, uh, who else is a member? Federer: Well, duh, silly goose! Pete Sampras, that's who!
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    The Courts in Paris

    Woe is me. The lamentations of a man alone in his fight to bring a type of honest justice to the world of Talk Tennis. Armed with a video, this man seeks to educate his fellow posters, to plant the ever growing seed of truth in their brains...nay, in their hearts; for in the fertile soil of...