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  1. platypus50

    Nadal at French Open.

    Nah noone else even comes remotely close to Rafito in this stat on his beloved RG turf. Not Djokovic at either AO or Wimbledon, not Federer at Wimbledon (well maybe if he hadn't lost to Tsonga in 2011, Stakhovsky in 2013 and Hurkacz in 2021)
  2. platypus50

    Zverev to win USO 2024

    Cool story Let's see Zverev actually learn to hit some offensive, attacking forehands when he needs to during a slam final instead of retreating metres behind the baseline playing safe forehands like a scared little boy. Guy has major mental demons he needs to exorcise if he is ever going to...
  3. platypus50

    Nadal to skip Wimbledon

    Good, so 2 is where Nadal's Wimbledon singles titles count will end
  4. platypus50

    Alexander Zverev has played 26 Majors in his career: 20-19 vs Top 50, 4-15 vs Top 20, 0-11 vs Top 10

    That's what happens when you play like a scared little boy on big points with your forehand. I dlslike the guy so I hope he keeps mugging it up in slams. I'm no Andy Murray fan but he has earned my respect because he at least (even if for the shortest time possible) did transform his forehand...
  5. platypus50

    Djokovic's Olympic losses: Which was the biggest missed opportunity?

    2021 - up 6-1, 3-2 against Zverev, then somehow loses 10 of the next 11 games to lose the match in 3 sets, like WTH??? Loses in 3 to PCB in the bronze medal match, his own stupidity is at fault for playing mixed doubles on top of singles and mens doubles, then he just abandoned his mixed doubles...
  6. platypus50

    Do not feel bad for Zverev

    I have never liked Zverev - his arrogance knows no bounds for someone who is slamless, still not his f&^king time lol especially when you play like a scared little boy on the big points. Forever thankful to Thiem and Alcaraz for not allowing the arrogant brat to be a major champion as I can...
  7. platypus50

    Is Alcaraz FO 2024 draw the most brutal in recent times ?

    Not even close Korda - not a threat on clay FAA - no longer much of an obstacle unless Alcaraz suffers serious brain cramps during the match Tsitsipas - LOL 6-0 H2H, Alcaraz just needs to hit high loopy FHs to that weakling 1HBH, GSM Alcaraz every single time Sinner - first real challenge...
  8. platypus50

    On this day 10 years ago, Nadal gave a forehand masterclass

    Once Nadal started to loosen up towards the end of the 2nd set in the 2014 RG final and find his forehand DTL, it was curtains for Djokovic Shame that the match (just like the 2012 RG final) resulted in a Djokovic double fault on MP down
  9. platypus50

    We Are Feeling Sad. No Big Three Player In RG SF. This Has Not Happened In 20 Years.

    It was going to happen one day. We have all been spoilt rotten over the last 20 years with the Big 3 consistently getting to at least the QF of majors I'm personally very interested in the two semis and the four semifinalists especially as there is something riding on the line for each of them...
  10. platypus50

    Roland Garros 2024 - The legacies that are about to be put to the test with the final four

    Very nice summaries of all 4 mens' semifinalists and what's on the line for them. (y) My order of preference regarding the winner is coincidentally...exactly the same as your numbered list
  11. platypus50

    which coach has taken four players to world No 1?

    Darren Cahill is an awesome coach and commentator. (y) He's doing a good job with Sinner and loved it when he was coaching Agassi for the last 4-5 years of his career.
  12. platypus50

    what is your preference for the finalist from the other half if you are Djokovic / Zverev ?

    Djokovic 1. Dimitrov (12-1 H2H, Djokovic's whipping boy whose only win was 2013 Madrid in front of a raucous Madrid crowd) 2. Tsitsipas (11-2 H2H, 10 consecutive wins against a moron who decides to play mixed and mens doubles the day before his singles QF during a slam) 3. Sinner (4-3 H2H, only...
  13. platypus50

    Hubi Hurkacz makes a hilarious request: Wanna change the umpire? :}

    Hurkacz is an absolute moron - I dislike him due to his boring game and personality but acting like an entitled tool like he did today takes the cake. Sorry for Alison Hughes, she was correct in her decision, glad that Dimitrov sent the boring Polebot packing, 6-0 H2H now.
  14. platypus50

    Which French Open semifinal would have been better/higher quality?

    Zverev vs Nadal sucked - Zverev was never going to win the match, it's unfortunate that the match ended the way it did though. Djokovic vs Alcaraz on the other hand got to 1 set all and from that moment on, everyone watching was all set for an epic battle between the two players until the very...
  15. platypus50

    Least Favourite male tennis player of present and reason?

    Nadal - disgusting OCD rituals before he serves, always holding up the opponent on their service game on big points, complains when umpires actually have the balls to penalise him for taking 10,000 years between points, he is a hypocrite for saying that Djokovic is 'obsessed with wanting to...
  16. platypus50

    Rybakina asks for better questions, she gets no questions!!

    I like Rybakina, however she acted unprofessionally during her press conference after winning her 1st round match. This caught me by surprise as she's usually quite respectful, I strongly suspect that she was either just fatigued or dealing with something else behind the scenes, this is the...
  17. platypus50

    Which loss at the French Open was Nadal at his best?

    2009 - Soderling caught on fire and was just crushing the ball, Nadal did well to take it to 4 sets. 2021 - Nadal signed his own death warrant after not closing out the 1st set 6-0 or 6-1, he allowed Djokovic to gain some momentum at the end of the 1st set even though he ended up losing it, but...
  18. platypus50

    There should be 2 year protected seeding.

    Now that's an idea worth considering...but no :laughing:
  19. platypus50

    Is Djokovic done winning slams?

    No I don't think so, write off Djokovic at your own risk. Whilst Djokovic has not been the same ever since he lost last year's Davis Cup semi to Sinner where he held 3 MPs, he is still the man to beat in a BO5 (let's see how he does in the 3 remaining slams this year, I hope he can win at least...
  20. platypus50

    Fun Fact: Medvedev Is The Only Player To Ever Win Rome And Then Lose Round 1 Roland Garros... Will Zverev Follow?

    Usually I would say yes because I'm not a Zverev fan. However on this occasion I'll say no and I hope he sends Nadal packing
  21. platypus50

    So Rafa plays Sunday or Monday?

    Zverev vs Rafa will be played either on Monday or Tuesday. Check RG website sometime on either Sunday (for Monday's order of play) or Monday (for Tuesday's order of play) to see if this match will be during day session or night session...
  22. platypus50

    What would be your reaction if Rafa simply destroys Zverev

    Not surprised at all, it's Rafa Nadal, it's RG, he's going to throw everything he has left in his body to try to win his 15th RG and 23rd slam. I'm predicting Nadal to win in 4, mainly because Zverev is a massive choker in slams and I suspect he will freeze up like a deer in the headlights if...
  23. platypus50

    Rip Rafa

    Rafa will win in 4 sets, Zverev is a massive choker
  24. platypus50

    Your ranking of the big 3

    Djokovic is #1 without a doubt, currently holds the records for slams, weeks at number 1, won each slam at least 3 times, won each MS1000 at least twice and 7 ATP Finals. Federer is #2, has won 6 ATP Finals, a better slam total at 3 out of the 4 slams compared to Nadal, at least he didn't lose...
  25. platypus50

    Murray at slams

    Both his FH and 2nd serve were weaker compared to each of the Big 3, Murray's FH was never really an offensive weapon in the same way that his BH was. Murray was also too defensive when playing against them in slams and letting them dictate the terms. Kudos to Murray for winning 3 slams in...
  26. platypus50

    Best ever match your favourite played and lost

    Djokovic vs Nadal 2013 RG SF, it looked as though Djokovic was finally going to beat Nadal when he went up an early break in the 5th set (even though he should have been sent packing in 4 sets). However, knowing that it's Nadal and especially at RG, Nadal was not going to go down without a...
  27. platypus50

    I could actually see Medvedev winning RG at this point

    Oh I hope this doesn't actually happen...but it may well happen :censored: