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    Gone but not forgotten

    Arriving at the courts a hour before daylight to get the rollers out from under Mike's house to roll the dew off of Court 1 of 6. We could not use the wheeled leaf blower until 8am due to city noise ordinance. Hang up the tennis can for people to put $0.50 in to pay for the balls. Early comers...
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    you might be addicted to tennis

    When some one talking about you says, "Yeah, he is the one stroking with two hands" and you just smile. :sneaky:;):D For those not old enough to remember Gene Mayer look him up on YT.
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    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    The local thrifty national red shield chain in my area brings all the donations to a warehouse for sorting. After sorting is where things get shady. The best tennis and golf stuff gets auctioned in lots to dealers and the lower grade stuff goes to the stores. My brother worked in the warehouse...
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    Yellow tinted glasses??

    They also shine in the rain when driving. When I was an over the road truck driver I found the best protocol was if you are awake wear them. The more that you wear them, the better your brain will condition itself to correct the colors to reduce the yellow tint you see. The contrast will not be...
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    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    That's what she said! :-D:eek:8-B(y);)
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    Yellow tinted glasses??

    The yellow lens cut down on glare. I used to wear a pair everyday up to 14 hours while driving a semi. It takes a few days to train your eyes, but the yellow you see will fade and the regular colors will almost come back. Most people stop before the color correction kicks in and miss out. If you...
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    Tennis Ball Color. Yellow or Green?

    I long for the REAL tennis balls. photo courtesy
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    Memory Lane...What Racquet(s) were u using between 1985-1990?

    Wilson T-2000, Prince Woodie, Head Tournament Director, Yonex R-7, Head Graphite Director. I played in a large social doubles group logging 7-9 sets every Saturday and Sunday. Racket selection was based on opponents.
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    Private 1 court post-tensioned concrete court cost?

    Look here and ready the article.
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    Does your bag match your racquets?

    Imagine opening this up and pulling out a stack of vacuumed bagged Wilson T-2000s stung up with gut. o_Oo_Oo_O Put you opponent on tilt from the get go! :unsure::whistle::-D
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    Graphite useable lifespan?

    Thank God that Hammond and not Capt. Slow did that video, or we would still be on the steel shaft. :-D:unsure:8-B
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    It's raining extinct Wilson's at Graycrait's

    A Friday night after working 2nd shift, a fatty rolled tight and Billy Thorpe's Children of the Sun on the Quadra... Ahhh, memories!:unsure::cool:
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    It's raining extinct Wilson's at Graycrait's

    Do you remember the Quadraphonic phase? I lost my Pioneer in a fire 10 years ago. Bought it second hand at the Boys Club auction in the late 70's for $8. I had a blast with the 4-way balance stick moving the position dot on the scope.
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    favorite aluminum frames

    Maybe I missed it but what about the Prince Pro?
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    Common pre-poly string setups?

    Blue Star with String-a-lings, I ran tension fairly high in my Graphite Directors 62lbs mid-October/March, then 68lbs the rest of the year.
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    favorite aluminum frames

    Head Tournament Director only bad thing was I went through 4 fames in 16 months. I kept slinging them out of shape with kick serves. I would move on to the Graphite Director.
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    Arthut Ashe Signature Edition Tubular Graphite / Fiberglass frame?

    There is one listed on our favorite Action site with pics
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    Where to get prescription Oakley lenses...?

    I don't know where you were looking but i put a pair in the cart, got to the payment info and it showed me the 40% off price, But the sale is over now.
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    Racquets at the First Pro Match You Attended Live

    Olde Providence Racquet Club - HardTur clay Andre Agassi - POG vs Jim Courier - Wilson Pro Staff 85" Michael Chang - POG vs Roscoe Tanner - Le Coq Sportif Concept 3 TWX Then on Sunday Agassi vs Chang Agassi dropped the first set and rallied for 2 sets to 1 win Followed by Agassi / Courier vs...
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    Anybody still using a "Classic" racket (1990s and earlier) as their main racket?

    Head Graphite Director, Head TXP Pro & Yonex R-7
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    Where to get prescription Oakley lenses...?

    Oakley has a 40% off sale on Rx lens right now on the website
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    Best items you found at thrift stores (Goodwill)?

    Nothing beats having the newest cool trendy racquet like winning with the 68 y/o design and technology of a 67 square inch head racquet of the Wilson T2000.
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    Suggestions for preventing cramps

    People have different salt needs and tolerances. My high need was due to the fact I worked a very physical outdoors job (95% in the sun), Sweat would just pour out of me to the point of sweat stopping (heat exhaustion). So you have to do a little experimentation and keep a log to find out your...
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    Does anyone sell rolls of continuous overgrip? Not precut

    How big are your hands dude. you just need the wrap where your hand is on the putter.
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    Suggestions for preventing cramps

    Thou I rarely cramped I was always dripping mess once the temp reached 68F. I always drank 2 gallons of water the days before playing. The second gallon mixed with a quart of Gatorade. I also poured salt onto a glass of ice cubes and drinking the salty meltings. Reapplying the salt when the...
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    Anyone still producing wooden tennis racquets?

    According to what I found online about Grays is they only make Court Tennis racquets not conventical ones. o_O
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    Source for list of racquets available in 1972?

    Oh I remember Zayre. It was a lower buck K-mart. The only store in the south that was open on Christmas day until 9PM. And being in the south the only restaurants open were the truckstops and Waffle House.
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    Prince Woodie weight

    I never thought of the Woodie as heavy (4M), but I was coming from the T-2000 strung in the mid 40 lbs. I always considered it very smooth and buttery. A spinmeister on the serve both slice and kick. Though not as good as the Graphite Director in painting the corners from a wide serving...
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    Do you have a favourite looking classic frame?

    Maybe because it was just another in the long line of PWS frames from Wilson
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    Do you have a favourite looking classic frame?

    The Fischer Super Form blew me away the fist time I saw it.