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    ATP Finals 2020 final: Dominic Thiem (3) vs. Daniil Medvedev (4)

    Med is still quite mysterious to me. His grit, quick hands, and sheer audacity and not give a **** about anyone have been impressive but he's just not a graceful mover. I really don't know what he's capable of but I have more faith in Thiem's progess and relatively graceful but exceptional...
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    2020 Roland Garros 3R: (3) Dominic Thiem v (28) Casper Ruud

    Thiem should take this in straight sets. Tennis at this level is hugely about confidence and momentum. For years Thiem experimented and took defeats and learned that the current top form is not easy to come by. He knows it's time to learn to defend the high position he has achieved and show...
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    What it took for Thiem to finally win one.

    Can't say fortune wasn't on Thiem's side, however it doesn't take away from the fact he has been one of the most deserving of the major titles outside of the big 3 and he truly hung in there like a dog and he pushed through enormous challenge in front of him. I know he's a warrier and there will...
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    US Open 2020 final - Dominic Thiem[2] vs Alexander Zverev [5]

    Came back in a while to congratulate Thiem and the fans who stuck all this time to watch Thiem finally wins one. No doubt a great player already but here's to many more to come!
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    French Open 2018 semifinal :- Dominic Thiem[7] vs M. Cecchinato

    Cecchinato must have had pretty good game all along. That's interesting but Thiem is very different player now. Hopefully Thiem serves well and it'll be a straight setter, imo.
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    QF RG 18: Novak Djokovic vs Marco C

    Thiem has stronger shots in all areas. I don't see Thiem losing to Cecchi. Cecchi has a huge balls I give you that, but Thiem is no slouch. Will be a good one for sure!
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    QF RG 18: Novak Djokovic vs Marco C

    I like it better. it's more relaxed swing. Pitch perfect technique.
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    QF RG 18: Novak Djokovic vs Marco C

    Cecchinato has amazing ohbh..
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    we are primed for an upset.

    lol, this thread.
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    2018 Madrid Masters QF: Rafael Nadal [1] vs Dominic Thiem [5]

    Wow, This thread, made a huge turn around. What a great lesson not to poast so lightly no matter what, lol! So happy to see Thiem rose up to the occasion despite bad history. Should be a real confidence builder. Here's to a significant move toward the No. 1. Let's go, Thiem!
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    What are the technical deficiencies in Hyeon Chung's service action?

    Just catched the highlights. Super happy and proud for my countryman. His groundstroke reliability is second to none at the moment. He can beat nearly everyone just hitting ground strokes all day. His tennis IQ is exceptional. And most importantly his physical strength seems to have been...
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    Poor Thiem...DESTROYED once more, LOL!

    Damn, I couldn't see spark in his heart against Goffin. He seems to be in a pretty good slump.
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    [24] Del Potro vs [6] Thiem

    This is insane
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    Wimbledon 2017 R16 - [8] Dominic Thiem faces Public Humiliation: [11] Berdych

    I just don't think Berdych can match ground stroke power of Thiem. Even on grass. If Thiem hits good returns his chance will be very high. Thiem in 3.
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    2017 FO SF - [4] Nadal vs [6] Thiem

    Sh*t just found out it's starting at 6:30am. See ya later!
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    2017 FO SF - [4] Nadal vs [6] Thiem

    This better start on time! Waiting for 2am start here. So stoked! Any weather updates?
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    Worst run and televised (in U.S.) slam in recent memory.

    And the French Tennis Federation is cracking down hard on the highlights on YT. Just a terrible situation for tennis fans worldwide.
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    2017 FO QF - [2] Novak Djokovic vs [6] Dominic Thiem

    Huge confidence booster for Thiem. May the reign begin!
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    2017 FO QF - [2] Novak Djokovic vs [6] Dominic Thiem

    Djok just wants to get off the court. Bagel?
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    2017 FO QF - [2] Novak Djokovic vs [6] Dominic Thiem

    Thiem looks more settled. The first set was crazy but having that in the bag is huge for Thiem. Just the opposite for Djok.
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    2017 FO QF - [2] Novak Djokovic vs [6] Dominic Thiem

    Djok needs to dig seriously deep to compete against Thiem. I wonder he still has it.
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    Big match for Asian tennis tomorrow- Nishikori vs. Chung

    Two break chances in the third game Chung missed was what it was. Nishi held strong there.
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    Big match for Asian tennis tomorrow- Nishikori vs. Chung

    Dang, this is getting interesting..go chung!