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  1. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Your thoughts on Kecmanovic?

    I now think kecmanovic will win done slams. He is good
  2. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Basilashvili's backhand

    It obviously stands up pretty well against Zverev. He also took sets off Djokovic and Nishikori
  3. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    I don't understand this about Shapovalov

    He had had some very good results but I do think that there is too much hype over him. His backhand especially can be a real weakness when it's off.
  4. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Who is the second favorite in Montreal after Bull?

    Nikoloz Basilashvili coming off strong after a win in Hamburg.
  5. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Most Beautiful 2HBH

    Nikoloz Basilashvili
  6. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Do you want the Big 3 Era to end?

    It's time for Basil to start winning slams and stop allowing the big 3 to dominate.
  7. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    OMG EASY Third Round for Djokovic versus Ugo Humbert !?

    There are tons of hard draws. All these top players going out in the first round shows that it isn't just the top few players who can compete for places in the second week, but anyone. Querrey had beaten Djokovic at Wimbledon before and Humbert took out a very strong and in form player when he...
  8. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Outside of Big 3, what WIM Final would you like to see?

    They are in the same half of the draw.
  9. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Who is your favourite tennis player?

    Nikoloz Basilashvili Lorenzo Sonego Marius Copil Go Soeda Lucas Pouille Grzegorz Panfil Soonwoo Kwon
  10. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    who ll win more than 5 slams ?

    Nikoloz Basilashvili Lorenzo Sonego Felix Auger-Aliassime Rudolf Molleker
  11. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    If everyone of the top 10 ends up fighting each, who comes out on top ?

    Djokovic is so flexible he could turn into Neo and dodge everyone's punches.
  12. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Fed secured the #2 seed for Wimbledon

    Hah, he is no chance of making it past Basilashvili.
  13. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    FlipTsitsipas: Big Four Wimbledon Dominance is Boring

    It is fine for fans to set that they dislike the big 4 dominance, but the current world no. 6 shouldn't be saying this. You've got a problem, go and fix it by beating them.
  14. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Why is there no consistent Women's player?

    Barty. She is number 1 and has been consistently making the latter stages of tournaments. There is also a higher level (comparatively) at players around 30-50 than in ATP.
  15. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    If only Simon was 10 years younger

    A former world no. 1 and a grand slam champion. Not a terrible loss.
  16. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Top 5 favourites for WB?

    1. Basilashvili 2. Nadal 3. Djokovic 4. del Potro 5. Federer 6. Berrettini 7. Goffin
  17. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Reports that this years US Open will NOT legalize mid-match coaching in the main draw

    Having a coach able to talk to players during matches is a terrible idea. One of the great things about tennis is that how smart the player is and whether they can figure out how to overcome the challenges they face in each match actually matters. It means people who just mindlessly bash the...
  18. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Would Nadal have beaten Wawrinka at RG15 final?

    Wawrinka favs would be happy with the result, no?
  19. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Kyrgios will win Wimbledon

    Basilashvili will win.
  20. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    FAA Dark Horse for Wimbledon

    Yes, he can. He has been consistently beating top 20 and top 10 players and should be able to compete with the very best. He isn't a favourite by any means, but a contender, very much so.
  21. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Most dangerous unseeded wimbledon player?

    He trumps all the vote candidates by far.
  22. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    What do you expect from the top 5 in the coming months ?

    I expect Basilashvili to be in the top 5 in the next 5 months.
  23. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Wimbledon 2019

  24. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Most dangerous unseeded wimbledon player?

    Raonic would be seeded close to top 16. Krajinovic, Struff and Goffin are the biggest contenders for upsets at Wimbledon.
  25. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Thank God the exciting tennis is back! Medvedev wins game in 29 seconds

    A 29 second service game without any stuffing around between points isn't a bad thing, if Medvedev hits an ace on every point then he shouldn't need to towel down or walk to the back wall. However I also think neither grass or clay tennis is more interesting to watch. On clay you get longer...
  26. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Has Thiem's chance gone ?

    I agree. He's won Indian Wells already this year and has beaten Djokovic, Nadal and Federer.
  27. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Which threesome is better ?

    At the same age Thiem has had 2 Slam finals and a Masters win. He's also been consistently in the top ten for over a year. Ferrer on the other hand had not made a slam or even a Masters final (made semis in both) and had only just cracked the top 10 (although he did make it to number 5). At 23...
  28. BasilashvilitheGOAT

    Which threesome is better ?

    If you include future achievements it becomes even harder to compare them as the younger group doesn't have to compete with the big 3 consistently throughout their career. Berdych, Tsonga and Ferrer all lost to a member of the big 3 in their finals and couldn't get to the top of the rankings...