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  1. michaelscoots

    Prostaff 90s are arriving tomorrow - string help please

    For flat shots, I love Kirsh. Proline II…the pocketing and extra kick is just awesome. I just started using it again on my K90's. I string it at 54 on the mains and 52 on the crosses. In a stiff frame it can be jarring on the shoulder when hitting serves/overheads and/or air forehands. I...
  2. michaelscoots

    RF97 is a continuation of the K90 more than any other Pro Staff

    The Jack Kramer Prostaff is awesome! I find the light versions best as you can generate decent head speed. If you go to hit a flying/air forehand with this racquet, you can feel the head flex back almost as if it's on a hinge with a strong spring attached...then it snaps back and you get crazy...
  3. michaelscoots

    RF97 is a continuation of the K90 more than any other Pro Staff

    I'm a K90 addict, and while I haven't tried the RF97 yet, I can see why you'd come to such a conclusion. I think it comes down to specs; on paper the specs of the RF97 are closest to the K90 (swing weight and stiffness are closest to the K). I'll let you know once I try it.
  4. michaelscoots

    RF 97 - How to get better with age

    40 doesn't have to mean slow and old. I'm thankful I changed my diet and conditioned my body; better shape now than when I was 25 and no more pain and random injuries! And yeah the rat race can kill a person over time; just don't overlook what you're eating! Love swinging my 90's, 85's and old...
  5. michaelscoots

    Fed said he likes his racket on serve, but...

    Can I get an 'AMEN?!' Dig it!
  6. michaelscoots

    Whats the longest you've had co-poly unused on a racquet?

    Two years on a St. V Wilson PS85…I strung it with MSV Focus Hex 1.18. I ended up breaking strings on two of my K90's this past week so I ended up pulling out the 85. It still played great as if it was just strung a couple of weeks ago!
  7. michaelscoots

    Fed said he likes his racket on serve, but...

    Here's my assessment: Marin is hot right now, but even still, RF needs to go back to what really works with HIS game; the 90! RF’s fitness is great; his movement is great; his drive is there – but he’s not gelling with the newer 97sq in. racquet. Slices and Ground strokes: With the new...
  8. michaelscoots

    KBlade Tour vs N.Code 90

    Get the N90 if you already play with 90's. You can add a little weight to the top of the hoop and balance it out in the butt cap to bring the swing weight up. I used the Kblade 93 tour for a while and had a few of them. I was addicted to the serve, volley's and overheads (so amazing). But...
  9. michaelscoots

    Depressed Federer fans check in here

    I agree, he's still getting handle on it, but the clock is ticking. The way he swings out, he just seemed to have a lot more control with the 90, and it would take time away from the opponent. Too many missed approach put aways and volleys and the serve hasn't been better with the 97 overall...
  10. michaelscoots

    How will Fed's US Open 2014 loss impact on the RF97 sales?

    He gave the stamp of approval early this year, but to me his game isn't the same. His fitness is excellent as is his drive, but he still lacks confidence with the stick. And many shots instead of being flat drivers, end up sitting up right into the strike zone. I wouldn't be surprised if...
  11. michaelscoots

    Depressed Federer fans check in here

    By next year, once Wilson sells as many RF97 autos as they can, he'll be sporting the 90 version. His fitness is excellent, but the experiment has been a failure when you look at stats. A healthy and fit Roger can and will do better with the 90 in hand :) Allez-Roger!
  12. michaelscoots

    Federer celebration at end of Monfils match

    Throw a chest bump in there and that would look darn right primal. Love it!
  13. michaelscoots

    If anyone ever doubted that Monf is a complete class act

    Sugar crash off the coke a cola was harsh! Tried to replace glycogen stores, but coke isn't the way to do it, no matter the trend. Next time try something with fiber in it, like a banana! RF got such a gift last night!
  14. michaelscoots

    Can you recommend me a comfy poly?!

    How does the Yonex Poly Tour Pro 125 compare to ProLine II 1.25 (assuming you've played with it). I love the feel of the Proline II on my backhand side (pocketing and kick), but it can be a little harsh if I play long and hard (ralling) on the forehand wing. This is why I've been using MSV...
  15. michaelscoots

    Who is going to buy Fed Autograph 97, and why?

    Did you ever hit with the K90? I'm wondering how the 2014 90 compares. I've heard it's similar but have held off on trying it due to the lower swing weight. thanks, Michael
  16. michaelscoots

    Pro Staff 90 String Setup

    Although they don't last long, I'm a big fan of MSV focus hex 1.18. I string my own racquets so the cost is pretty low when you buy the reel. I haven't tried the 1.23…but just might! Also, the tension maintenance is great; they drop slowly then hold and even when the bottom out they still...
  17. michaelscoots

    Disappointed in Roger

    Not to take anything away from Jo, but RF was clearly tired when you compare his energy to previous matches. I think they mentioned he went to bed at 3:00 AM after press interviews and what not, and was on the court at 10AM the next day warming up. I do like how he turned his first serve...
  18. michaelscoots

    Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph

  19. michaelscoots

    Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph

    I agree with you 100%.
  20. michaelscoots

    Wilson Mystery Prototype (pics!)

    Is this different from the one you got last year?
  21. michaelscoots

    Wilson Mystery Prototype (pics!)

    Where did you find this thing? Does it look like a 97 or 98? I dig the thin box beam!
  22. michaelscoots

    Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph

    I think I heard that his agent, Tony pushed him hard to switch. I doubt Tony ever played with the K90 and felt those shots that evoked the classic commentary…"Are you kidding me?!!"..."Only Roger Federer can hit a shot of this excellence." "NO WAY, he's done it again with his Wilson wand!!!"...
  23. michaelscoots

    rogers new frame update,

    Too funny…actually, I think I'm crying :( Still think they should've released a 90 with the new racquets (spec'd like the K of course…muhahah) as a way to hedge their bet. And so RF could go back to it if he wants. Time will tell - need to see what folks think of the new stick…give it a...
  24. michaelscoots

    rogers new frame update,

    I used to love hitting, overheads, serves and volleys with the K blade 93 tour. But yeah, the pattern was too dense for me to have a viable topspin or slice one handed backhand.
  25. michaelscoots

    Who is going to buy Fed Autograph 97, and why?

    Haven't tried the new 90 yet -- it's the only one I haven't owned. But you and others like you have me intrigued. The lower swing weight isn't an issue? I agree though: I believe now that RF's back is sorted, he would do better with the 90. As you get older you want to shorten the points...
  26. michaelscoots

    rogers new frame update,

    The KPS88 having the higher swing weight is inherently harder on the body (to swing), but it's definitely stiffer. And yes, if I swing out and don't keep my head with the ball on a shot I will feel it. That said (and this is probably best suited for another forum), but after switching up my...
  27. michaelscoots

    rogers new frame update,

    The KPS88 is definitely stiffer than the K90 - I own both.
  28. michaelscoots

    RF97 for sale on Aug 15 per TW Facebook Post

    Any chance you'll have demo's before October 1st? Curious to compare this to my go to frames :)
  29. michaelscoots

    News on PS97 paintjob sand future of Prostaff line.

    It's been said that he changed up his diet. But yeah, when watching his 2nd round match it seemed like his quads were jacked and cut more than in recent years. Man, I have to hit the gym more! Last year it seemed like he had more going on than just his back. He confirmed that he lost weight...