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    Need help identifying a Donnay Pro One

    Thank you for the information. I wasn't sure if it was the one he used or not. This one almost looks like it has never been played. No scrapes or scratches just some light scuff marks. I put some fabric tape on the head and over grip and tried it out. Even with worn strings this thing hits...
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    Need help identifying a Donnay Pro One

    I need some help identifying this Donnay Pro One. The head size is a bit bigger then my Donnay Pro One Limited Edition Supermidsize and about the same head size as the Head Radical Trisys 260 oversize Agassi bumble bee racquet. What year were they made? What is the string tension range? What...
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    Azarenka in big trouble!

    They just said she is now released from hospital in good condition back at her hotel. During practice she suffered a fall and they are not sure if she landed on her arm or hit her head. A mild concussion could be the cause of her symptoms.
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    Williams is in for a tough match

    If Rebecca Marino can hold it together, Williams could be in trouble. Marino's last serve almost hit williams in the head to make the match 4-3 Marino.
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    Azarenka in big trouble!

    We may not find out what really happened but it still sucks that she is out because of injury or illness. I don't care who the player is, if you like them or not, it's never good seeing someone go down for either of those reasons. They want to do their best and we love watching a good match.
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    Azarenka in big trouble!

    USTA just said that she is in hospital for tests but are not saying much more. They said she had headache like symptoms and that what happened was not entirely heat related. If it is a case of food poisoning, I can only imagine how I would feel being on a tennis court in 100+ degree weather.
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    Azarenka in big trouble!

    I heard that too after creating this thread, that would explain why she was holding her stomach. Hope she feels better soon.
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    Best setup you've ever played with?

    Both... I'm 5'9" and bought the Aeropro drive plus used and found the extra length a benefit to my game. I was in the process of buying a new racquet and was trying a bunch of different racquets from my local pro shop. I then got a good deal on 2 PDR GT + used so I bought them. After trying 25...
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    Azarenka in big trouble!

    Match is over... she is getting taken off in a wheelchair. Hope she will be ok.
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    Best setup you've ever played with?

    Racquet: Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT Plus Mains: Babolat VS Team 17, 54lbs Crosses: Babolat RPM Blast 16, 56lbs Misc: Tourna grip, Babolat custom damp
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    Azarenka in big trouble!

    Looks like she is on drugs or something. I find it hard that the heat is getting to her after 3 games.
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    Need a Large Leather Grip

    I believe the wilson is 1.8mm and most others are 1.3mm or 1.5mm
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    Safest way to remove strings

    Start 2 crosses up and 2 mains in and cut on an angle from 7 to 1 on a clock face. Stop when you reach 2 crosses down and 2 mains in from the top, then cut the rest.
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    kFactor 90 vs. BLX 90

    Did they both have the same strings and tension?
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    What's your setup?

    2 x Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT Plus 4 3/8 VS Team mains @ 54 RPM Blast crosses @ 56 Babolat custom damp Tourna grip xl 2 x Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT Plus 4 3/8 Solinco Tour Bite @ 57 Babolat custom damp Tourna grip xl Babolat Aeropro Drive Plus (non cortex) 4 3/8 Gamma Live Wire XP @ 57...
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    Favorite Racquet Ever!!!!

    Back in the day.... Kneissl Red Now.... Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT Plus
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    Hybrid String Combinations

    I have VS Team in the mains and RPM Blast in the crosses in my Pure Storm Tour GT Plus.
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    Baboloat AeroPro Drive

    My PST+ is strung with RPM Blast in the crosses and VS Team in the mains. Nice combo but expensive.
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    Baboloat AeroPro Drive

    I use the babolat custom damp in all my racquets.
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    Baboloat AeroPro Drive

    I have the org APD Plus and it's a great racquet. Strung with Gamma live wire. I've tried the cortex and the gt and didn't like it as much as mine.
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    Pure Storm Tour GT Club

    Add me to the list! 2 pure storm tour gt plus with VS Team in the mains and RPM Blast in the crosses. 3 grams of lead at 3 and 9 and 2 grams at 12
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    Ps Ltd Gt

    I have 2 Pure Strom Tour GT Plus's strung with VS Team in the mains and RPM Blast in the crosses
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    Fake Babolat Drive GT?

    I won't buy a racket online unless it's from an authorized dealer like tennis warehouse. There are too many fakes being sold. As lonux said, they can show you a pic from taken from TW and you don't know what you will actually receive. This is the same for auction sites.
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    Solinco Tour Bite or Revolution

    I have the tour bite 16 in a roddick pure drive gt plus and it's pretty good. Good power and spin without giving up control or feel too much.
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    String advice for the Aeropro Drive

    I have the Aeropro Drive Plus non Cortex and I'm wondering what string to try next. Right now I have Gamma Live Wire XP 16 strung at 58 lbs. It's ok but I don't feel like I'm getting pop from it. The strings feel flat and I just got it strung a week ago. I like the feel and control but...
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    Lets start off by calling me stupid...

    LOL.... really? :shock:
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    Is this the real racquet?

    Based on a number of things, I would say it's a fake. I wouldn't be surprised if tennis warehouse's lawyers are already all over it considering it's pretty much an exact rip of their site.
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    APD vs APDC vs APD GT

    I picked this one up because it was almost brand new for $40. I put some Gamma live wire xp in it at 57 lbs and if nothing else it's a good backup racquet. I took a few racquets out for a demo and liked the Pure Drive Cortex the best. Pure Drive Cortex - Great all around feel and power...
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    APD vs APDC vs APD GT

    Which one do you like better and why? I have the 1st APD Plus right now and thinking about getting the GT Plus. I picked up the APD Plus for $40 used and it's condition is 9.5/10 I l like how it hits so far but wondering if the APD Cortex or APD GT are that much better.