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  1. yellowoctopus

    Fed 2HBH problem

    I second this comment and would like to add to the first point (about Sampras's story) that committing to a single-handed BH results in a different set of arsenals in a player's game. Some would say that it leads to a different player all together,but I am more conservative on this view simply...
  2. yellowoctopus

    Let's not kid ourselves re Roger's beard.

    May be his Gillette endorsement expired?
  3. yellowoctopus

    Share your Chest Workout

    This. and this...
  4. yellowoctopus

    Coco Wandeweghe

    Pretty sure this would not have been an issue if Ms. Vandeweghe had won the match.
  5. yellowoctopus

    Wimbledon 2015 4R: Novak Djokovic (1) vs. Kevin Anderson (14)

    Why is Mr. Djokovic not playing on the centre court?
  6. yellowoctopus

    Frances Tiafoe's 'Foehand'

    During the 2015 Roland Garros match of Mr. Frances Tiafoe vs. Mr. Klizan, the commentator mentioned a hitch in Mr. Tiafoe's forehand as a vulnerability. Then I saw a match between UCLA and SD state and noticed that both players have similar forehand hitch Are they deliberately teaching this...
  7. yellowoctopus

    Defunct - Looking for footwort pattern instructions

    David Bailey and the Bailey Method are now on The Tennis Blast website.
  8. yellowoctopus

    Coolest pictures of pros

    pocoyo y nadal !
  9. yellowoctopus

    Federer will win Roland Garros 2015

    I fancy Mr. Federer winning Wimbledon one more time.
  10. yellowoctopus

    Hyeong Chung- Hottest young teenager

    He seems like an average-looking dude to me, but I'm not the best to judge since my idea of a "hot young tennis player" is quite different. For example...
  11. yellowoctopus

    Brace yourself "Murray will win French open" posts are coming

    Humbly, I rather fancy Mr. Nishikori's chances for a title at the Roland Garros.
  12. yellowoctopus

    Nothing really matters until Rafa actually loses at Roland Garros

    Agree with the OP, it's still Mr. Nadal's title that he is defending. Still time for Mr. Nadal to 'beef up', wink wink nudge nudge :p
  13. yellowoctopus


    I felt the same when I read the original comment. Thanks, Aretium, for having the courage to express your thought.
  14. yellowoctopus

    Nadal is the best player I've ever seen...

    I believe a case can be made for Mr. Nadal as "the best player ever", especially if one believe that he rarely loses a match without being "injured".
  15. yellowoctopus

    Apart from Thiem and Dimitrov are there any OHBH coming through?

    Sam Groth Not under 25 (27), but still with potentials.
  16. yellowoctopus

    Why don't people move Serena more?

    Yea, and a lot of time, the ball comes back with vengeance :shock:
  17. yellowoctopus

    As 17year-olds: Videos of Federer (1998) & Wawrinka (2002) !danger! French

    The take back on backhand, and perhaps the forehand also, looks similar to that of Dominic Thiem today. Hope it's a good thing for the younger.
  18. yellowoctopus

    Official Dunlop iDapt Club 2014

    Anyone know if this line of racquets is doing well in sales? It would be disappointing if it flops in less than a year.
  19. yellowoctopus

    novak neutral grip

    Most obvious, IMO
  20. yellowoctopus

    novak neutral grip

    Or this one?
  21. yellowoctopus

    novak neutral grip

    This one?
  22. yellowoctopus

    Someone PLEASE get this message to Mr. Federer

    Would like to throw in my 2 shillings on this response, thanks sbengte.
  23. yellowoctopus

    Why Federer Is Better Than Sampras

    Has anyone mentioned that Mr. Federer is most likely a better tipper? If we are talking about their accomplishment/contribution to the game of tennis, IMHO they are both 'great ones'. I don't dare to venture into whether one is greater or greatest, just really appreciate both.
  24. yellowoctopus

    Rafa has appendicitis

    Ah! That's why he lost to Mr. Klizan. I knew there has to be an explanation.
  25. yellowoctopus

    What happened to Ryan Harrison?

    Insightful observation, Thank you. I would also like to add that he doesn't seem to have a game plan when he is playing, at least not an obvious or effective one. Good coaching might provide significant help.
  26. yellowoctopus

    What is The Worst or Stupidest Racquet Ever Produced?

    I hope this is not what to become of the iDapt line of racquets.
  27. yellowoctopus

    Roger Federer is in worse condition than I thought

    I think Mr. Federer will do just fine with the hairline. Otherwise, there are always modern treatments available, if it actually matters to him.
  28. yellowoctopus

    Federer-Monfils, Speculation but...

    It's hard to argue against the fact that Mr. Monfil played better than Mr. Federer on the first two sets, regardless of Mr. Federer's tactical choice. I think the faith of the third and fourth sets was really more of the failure to increase pressure on the opponent who is down two sets...
  29. yellowoctopus

    What New Racquet for 13yo

    Why not give Dunlop iDapt a try? They come in different headsizes, colours, lengths, feel, etc. Your son might actually have fun picking and customizing his racquet.