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  1. nViATi

    Hi to everyone

    Exactly why I started working out. Power is everything :)
  2. nViATi

    Where is Oscar from?

    Florida, i win
  3. nViATi

    Hi to everyone

    Could you get on AIM? I'd prefer not to disclose it here
  4. nViATi

    Hi to everyone

    Just saying hi to all you guys and gals at TW. I'm still alive. I'm on the varsity team of my highschool in socal now; I'm one of the top on the team. I'll probably continue being a singles starter this year and I recently began working out (more than before). It's helping my game a lot and I'm...
  5. nViATi

    Mods deleting posts arbitrarily

    If you don't like it, LEAVE.
  6. nViATi

    Why most pros use slice only as a last resort?

    You lose to pushers. At that level people can't do much to slices.
  7. nViATi

    Picture Battle

  8. nViATi

    when does emotion cross the line

    When you lose points from it.
  9. nViATi

    Grr My tennis coach won't let me play with a Wilson T3000

    Tennis is about winning.
  10. nViATi

    Truth: The most difficult high school players

    Then they are not pushers. Pushers have no stroke and just tap and poke at the ball.
  11. nViATi

    Critique my Forehand.

    Fabrice Santoro is amazing.
  12. nViATi

    Mountain Bike:Hardtail or Full Suspension?

    You gotta learn w/ normal pedals! :D If I can bunny hop on a $250 costco full suspension piece of junk, anyone can bunny hop on anything, lol
  13. nViATi

    The TW CHAT Club

    03:27:21pm <Lpd> Sampras could run a small mini-lawn mover on his chest, and then use glue to attach it to his head! 03:27:31pm <Pen_Express> And I woke up with stubble today so like I was telling Lakoste I am becoming a man ;o
  14. nViATi

    Stringing your own

    I do :) I just broke the strings of my 2 vantages today against our #1 and had to default :(
  15. nViATi

    Mountain Bike:Hardtail or Full Suspension?

    You can get power from pulling pedals up in addition to psuhing them down.
  16. nViATi

    Mountain Bike:Hardtail or Full Suspension?

    Unless you have $1000+, get a hardtail.
  17. nViATi

    New stringers talking like Pros

    They do about the same quality job as sports stores though...
  18. nViATi

    Very Dissapointed and Angry with Tennis Warehouse

    Looks like TTW is the same as usual. Deuce is still going around trolling
  19. nViATi

    Word Association!!

    paper airplanes
  20. nViATi

    tensioning knots

    You can get a knot tight enough by just using pliers.
  21. nViATi

    Tennis game: Comments Welcome!

    orange shirt, blue shorts, western grip + spin Whole points aren't slowed down. Only a few strokes.I just hit... really high over the net and the other guy isn't used to my spin so he's just hitting slow.
  22. nViATi

    Would you get insulted if someone.........

    Here's the summary incase anyone doesn't want to read the whole thread: Golden Retriever lost to a good player Golden Retriever calls a player who hits winners off his weak, short shots a pusher Golden Retriever should quit tennis and give up.. uh wait did i say the last one out loud?
  23. nViATi

    Which off-roader ?

    none of those are off-road suvs except the land rover
  24. nViATi

    What's you vibration damper?

    my elbow .
  25. nViATi

    I'm making a stringing video

    You should demonstrate good weaving technique. That was probably the biggest thing I learned in stringing regarding speed.
  26. nViATi

    1 hand or two hand?

    Two hand backhand forever! I'd go for a one hander but I am not steady enough with it. I just can't hit hard, deep, and steady enough with a one hander so I decided to switch to a two hander. If you can hit a great one hander then go kick some butt :D but if you can't, then just switch to a two...
  27. nViATi

    would u ever recommend the kfactor 90 to a newbie?

    Yep, the point of tennis is to win not to go and hinder yourself so you can lose.
  28. nViATi

    Passing shot or lob?

    If you're within the court/baseline, drive the ball. If you're behind the baseline, lob it to their backhand.
  29. nViATi

    How can I keep my cool???

    Think about how much of a moron you look like and think about how cool bjorn borg the iceman looked.