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  1. nevisben

    It's weird that Stan defeat Big 3 more times on GS than Murray.

    Anyone denying there was ever a big four fits in one of the following categories - 1. Only started following tennis in the last year. 2. Have a massive chip on their shoulder against Andy Murray. Take your pick
  2. nevisben

    Kyrgios on attempting to hit Nadal

    It won him the point, therefore it was the correct shot to play. Why doesn't Rafa apologise for picking his butt then sniffing his fingers?
  3. nevisben

    2019 Wimbledon R2: RAFA vs Kyrgoat

    Power, athleticism, speed, skill, loads of drama and entertainment lasting hours. Compare that to a 45 minute 6-1 6-0 borefest in the women's game. These two players showing why women shouldn't be in the same pay stratosphere as the men.
  4. nevisben

    Murray World Number 1

    I joined this forum 9 years ago so that I could see what the world was saying about my boy and its been a rough road at times. Does he deserve number one status? Bloody right he does! Co ck-a-hoop!
  5. nevisben

    Bold Prediction: Murray wins more slams than Djokovic between now and 2019

    For the first time in a long time I feel confident that Andy can beat Novak in a slam final. Wimbledon will have given him the belief that he is shoulder to shoulder with his great rival. It's time to dethrone the silverback!
  6. nevisben

    French Open 2016 final: [1] Novak Djokovic vs [2] Andy Murray

    A belated congratulations to Novak and his sensible fans on TW. Gutted that Andy couldn't sustain the level he produced in the first set. Shame also that some contributors on here have chosen to disrespect Murray. He's not as good as Novak, but he's the best of the rest. Looking forward to...
  7. nevisben

    Murray will win the French Open!

    And yet many on here gave Andy no chance against Stan. Now some give him no chance against Novak.
  8. nevisben

    French Open 2016 final: [1] Novak Djokovic vs [2] Andy Murray

    I didn't say Djokovic hasn't played well. I did say he was the favourite. Sorry joekapa, 3/10, must try harder.
  9. nevisben

    French Open 2016 final: [1] Novak Djokovic vs [2] Andy Murray

    Obvs ND is the favourite, but I'm hoping the fact he hasn't played anyone good at RG this year gives Andy a chance to make a fast start. That, the recent Rome win and the weight of pressure on Novak gives me some cause for optimism. I'm going Andy in 5.
  10. nevisben

    RG 2016 SF: Andrew Muzziah [2] vs. Stanimal Wawrinka [3] - Pandemonium in Paris

    Almost a quick 3 setter... Well done Andy, very chuffed. Here's hoping for a great match on Sunday.
  11. nevisben

    RG 2016 SF: Andrew Muzziah [2] vs. Stanimal Wawrinka [3] - Pandemonium in Paris

    Depends whether Stan, in an effort to shorten the rallies, starts spraying the ball and gets frustrated. Could be a quick 3 setter for the Scot.
  12. nevisben

    RG 2016 SF: Andrew Muzziah [2] vs. Stanimal Wawrinka [3] - Pandemonium in Paris

    All this talk of Stan's A game being greater than Muzz's A game - baloney. Andy's average game is better than Stan's average game is the more important fact. Even more so now that Andy's average clay game has improved this year.
  13. nevisben

    RG 2016 QF: Andy Muzziah [2] vs. Richard Gasquet [9]

    For my fellow AM fans, worth checking out the Standard Life videos if you haven't seen them. I especially like the 'Master your dreams part 2' I'm going Andy in 4.
  14. nevisben

    2016 Mutua Madrid Open FINAL: N Djokovic (1) vs. A Murray (2)

    It's time the tide turned. Come on Muzz.
  15. nevisben

    2016 Australian Open Final - [1] Djokovic vs. [2] Murray

    So many keyboard warriors on this site.:( Nobody wants AM to win more than me but I have very little confidence in that happening. Some have mentioned that he runs out of stamina against ND in the 3rd and 4th sets. Unfortunately, it's mental fortitude he runs out of. I just want Andy to...
  16. nevisben

    Roger Cup R2 2015: Stan Wawrinka vs Nick Kyrgios

    "Hey, my friend shagged your girlfriend". Is he 13 years old? That's desperate. What's next? "My dad's bigger than your dad" Verdict: total knob
  17. nevisben

    Aussies at Wimbledon.

    16?! That's lots of opportunities for those crazy singing fans to drive me mad.
  18. nevisben

    Murray and Federer looking good for Wimbledon

    When do we find out the Wimbledon seeding?
  19. nevisben

    quarter-final between Andy Murray (3) and David Ferrer (7)

    Havers. I do this too. It offsets the disappointment.
  20. nevisben

    The Schadenfreude here is pathetic, leaving until after FO, bye!

    There is a very 'loud' element on here that sets the tone. Once one of the usual suspects ****s off a player, it sets in motion a downward spiral of tit for tat name calling. I look in occassionally during slams and try and filter out the dross but sometimes it's more trouble than it's worth.
  21. nevisben

    2015 BMW Open ATP 250 (Munich) Thread

    This. An impressive display of attacking tennis from AM on his weakest surface. Much chuffedness.
  22. nevisben

    Being an Andy Murray supporter

    It's tough but when we're staring into the abyss of British tennis in 7 or so years time we'll be wishing we had it so 'tough' again.
  23. nevisben

    2015 Miami Final: (1) Novak Djokovic vs (3) Andy Murray

    I fully expect Djokovic to win, but hopefully Andy makes a game of it. I don't mind him losing if he at least he goes down fighting.
  24. nevisben

    2015 Miami Open SF: (1) Novak Djokovic vs (22) John Isner

    It's not about how well isner played against others, it's how well he plays against Novak, to get into a masters final. ND in two.
  25. nevisben

    Murray records his 500th match win

    I have a Dunblane connection so have an unfair advantage over most :)
  26. nevisben

    Miami 2015 Djokovic vs. Dolgopolov

    ND waiting for Dolgo to implode. He's running out of time.
  27. nevisben

    Murray is a step behind the big 3

    Having a weak second serve put more pressure on his first serve as the match started to get away from him. It's definitely a factor. The mental side is the main problem IMHO. I'd love to see what a good sports psychologist could do with him.