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  1. dropshotlikeitshot

    The TT Football Club

    I’m happy that Branthwaite has agreed terms with United, but 160k a week is a bit much for a player making 40k a week. Wasn’t INEOS supposed to cut down on overpaying players? Speaking of overpaying, United tax exists 100%. 60 million for him would’ve been expensive- the rumored 80 million is...
  2. dropshotlikeitshot

    Current Career Comparison: Alcaraz vs. Wawrinka?

    Alcaraz has world number 1 to his resume. Easily puts his career above Stan’s.
  3. dropshotlikeitshot

    Roland Garros 2024 F: [4] Alexander Zverev vs. [3] Carlos Alcaraz

    Not sure whats worse- the match quality or Mary Carillo
  4. dropshotlikeitshot

    RO24 R4 Sinner VS Moutet

    I like Moutet. Might have to change my profile pic
  5. dropshotlikeitshot

    The TT Football Club

    In before Foden and Haaland score a brace each in the second half
  6. dropshotlikeitshot

    Best ever match your favourite played and lost

    AO13 fourth round is an easy answer as a Stan fan.
  7. dropshotlikeitshot

    I don’t remember a time when these many too guys were hurt/injured etc?

    The YE top 5 of 2016 were all injured by the end of 2017
  8. dropshotlikeitshot

    Sudden increase in number of ATP/WTA one hand backhands!

    Fritz isn’t wrong, hit it better than Tsitsipas
  9. dropshotlikeitshot

    The TT Football Club

    A loss is a win long term
  10. dropshotlikeitshot

    The TT Football Club

    United will somehow hang on and proceed to lose 5-0 to City in the final
  11. dropshotlikeitshot

    Best One Hit Wonder?

    Not the best but a mention to Jerzy Janowicz at 2013 Wimbledon. Don’t think he did anything of note after that
  12. dropshotlikeitshot

    Most rotated 2hb on tour

    Is rotation the new compact? Maybe Jenson Brooksby sometimes? The guy has like 20 different backhand strokes
  13. dropshotlikeitshot

    Was Murray greater than Wawrinka during the Stanimal run?

    By the numbers Murray takes it despite one less slam, but Wawrinka’s runs were far more memorable Maybe a bit of bias as a Wawrinka fan, to be fair.
  14. dropshotlikeitshot

    The TT Football Club

    Sell Rashford to PSG or Saudi Arabia or wherever and bring back Greenwood. Garnacho-Hojlund-Greenwood would be a great front three.
  15. dropshotlikeitshot

    The TT Football Club

    Antony and Forson will bring it back
  16. dropshotlikeitshot

    The TT Football Club

    Win a trophy
  17. dropshotlikeitshot

    The TT Football Club

    Haaland and KDB about to link up for another 5 goals this half
  18. dropshotlikeitshot

    What are some of your worst predictions?

    Thought it would be a bit of fun. The Alcaraz vs Sinner CGS thread gave me the idea
  19. dropshotlikeitshot

    What are some of your worst predictions?

    Not match related predictions, but predictions regarding a player’s career. Mine’s quoted above- Tsitsipas won’t win a single slam at this rate.
  20. dropshotlikeitshot

    The TT Football Club

    Agreed, good kits this season. I haven’t seen the green one in a while, think its been binned in favor of the white. Thankfully- wasn’t a fan of United looking like a bunch of foot locker employees on the pitch.
  21. dropshotlikeitshot

    Win-Loss vs. Top-10 over the last 52 weeks

    Only one of Sinner’s losses came after April 2023. CYGS, OG, Sunshine Double incoming
  22. dropshotlikeitshot

    Sinner AO 2024 vs Wawrinka AO 2014

    You’d take Sinner in bh to bh rallies over Wawrinka? ROS definitely clear advantage Sinner
  23. dropshotlikeitshot

    Sinner AO 2024 vs Wawrinka AO 2014

    Both first time slam finalists playing impressive tennis prior to the final. Sinner more dominant pre-final, but Wawrinka has the win over a better Djokovic. Wawrinka much more convincing in the final but obviously with an injured opponent.
  24. dropshotlikeitshot

    Australian Open 2024 Draw

    I’m thinking similarly, but throwing in a Zverev win over both Alcaraz and Dimitrov before losing to Sinner.
  25. dropshotlikeitshot

    Talk Tennnis hypothetical scenario - Murray with Wawrinka's FH v/s Wawrinka with Murray's ROS - Who would be a better player?

    Maybe AO 13 & 15, USO 14? All 3 lost in 5 sets where a vastly improved ROS could flip the result.
  26. dropshotlikeitshot

    2023 EDITION - Best match of all time?

    Kyrgios Tsitsipas Wimbledon 2022
  27. dropshotlikeitshot

    Rate the active ATP Players in Tiers based on their current level/potential.... ?

    1: Djokovic, Alcaraz. The favorites for any tournament they enter. 2: Medvedev, Zverev, Rune, Sinner. All capable of beating anyone, but wouldn’t be favored against the top 2 and would have to play very well to beat them. 3: Rublev, Tsitsipas, Ruud. Can make deep runs in slams if the draw allows...