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  1. WarrenMP

    Novak finally did many right things to ease Medvedev match-up, finally...

    Novak coming to the was the key difference in the match. Medvedev didn't have an answer for that. The rallies can go either way. The net play was the key factor of Novak winning.
  2. WarrenMP

    Roger Federer, come on down!

    Too soon, but someone had to do it.
  3. WarrenMP

    Can the Ashe carry Serena to a last glory?

    Do you think she is pregnant again? Trying to pull an AO 17?
  4. WarrenMP

    Serena Fans Check-In: How are we feeling?

    Three reasons to follow the USO. #1 - Serena #2 - Serena and Venus Doubles #3 - Rafa Nadal It is crazy that Serena beat the #2 seated player. Serena's serve was awesome.
  5. WarrenMP

    Is Naomi Osaka finished as a tennis player, or do you think she can get her career back on track?

    It is clear that she doesn't love tennis the way she used to. I wouldn't count her out yet. When she start playing more tournaments, Naomi will pick back up with the consistency and winning.
  6. WarrenMP

    Halep kicked out by qualifier..

    Probably start now.
  7. WarrenMP

    Patrick M helping Halep

    Halep made it to the semis at WO. Patrick is probably sharing tips to improve her serve.
  8. WarrenMP

    All this effort, all this pain...

    He can take more pain medicine. Hopefully, Nadal wins.
  9. WarrenMP

    Ymer destroys camera

    He can miss a shot but not the camera. Hmm?
  10. WarrenMP

    Djokovic is so EPIC. It is RIDICULOUS!

    Hands down. Best celebration.
  11. WarrenMP

    Emma Raducanu News

    She is going to win the USO again. Guarantee :)
  12. WarrenMP

    Wimbledon 2022 Ladies’s Singles

    Good to see Serena out there. Movement is off but her core game is there.
  13. WarrenMP

    2022 SF, ROLAND GARROS: Rafa Nadal(5) vs Alex Zverev(3)

    Cilic has acing abilities. He can hang on with his serve.
  14. WarrenMP

    2022 SF, ROLAND GARROS: Rafa Nadal(5) vs Alex Zverev(3)

    Nadal's level is up; Zverev is down.
  15. WarrenMP

    2022 SF, ROLAND GARROS: Rafa Nadal(5) vs Alex Zverev(3)

    Zverev better not break now. He should have the mindset of going 5 sets with Rafa.
  16. WarrenMP

    2022 SF, ROLAND GARROS: Rafa Nadal(5) vs Alex Zverev(3)

    Zverev being Zverev right now. He just need to hold his serve.
  17. WarrenMP

    Should Federer have retired years before or still keep playing?

    I flip flop on this question. Should someone retire at their prime? Where I stand now is if you can still play, then play. No Fed should have continued playing.
  18. WarrenMP

    Dunlop Ice: First Impressions

    When I initially played with it, I did a hybrid set up. Most recently, I did a full bed and it played like a classic poly. I like the classic poly feel because it is super low powered plus it provides a predictable response from the strings. I am staying consistent in rallies more than normal.
  19. WarrenMP

    Emma Raducanu News

    Raducanu played a good match even though she lost. She still has a bright future. Her opponents are playing with extra incentive to beat her, which are not losing to a young player and beating a GS champion.
  20. WarrenMP

    Dunlop Ice: First Impressions

    I gave the ice a try again. I have to say that this is a great string. It is a classic poly - low powered. I have it in a 2020 yonex ezone. It plays pretty nice. I am glad I have 2 reels of this stuff.
  21. WarrenMP

    Congratulations Sebastian Korda

    Korda did play well. I feel like it was Alcaraz's match to lose.
  22. WarrenMP

    So who is the new flavor of the month? Korda?

    I wish i could like it twice. lol. It feels like consistency is going to be thrown out the window in the ATP
  23. WarrenMP

    Barty retires From Tennis

    I am jealous. Retiring at 25 sounds like a fantasy, but Barty is able to do it.
  24. WarrenMP

    What is Barty going to do?

    Retire on top. That is how you do it. Enough said.
  25. WarrenMP

    Does Nadal know how to hit a kick serve?

    Nadal's weakness make his strengths stronger.