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  1. Mediterranean Might

    Alcaraz: would rather win olympic gold..

    It’s hard to put a value on the olympic gold. I think each player values it a bit differently, but in this case it sounds like Carlos wouldn’t pick it over Wimbledon if he hadn’t won it yet. I’ve always believed Olympic gold sits above all tournament wins except for slams and I still stand by that
  2. Mediterranean Might

    What is Alcaraz best surface

    He's prone to being rushed on hardcourts, especially the faster ones. I'm confident he can work on it in the same way Rafa did, but again still weak to players who can take the ball on the rise On the other hand, Carlos seems right at home on the natural surfaces. It's tough for me to pick clay...
  3. Mediterranean Might

    What does Iga need to do to become the female clay Goat?

    People keep moving the bar adding a bunch of stipulations, but it’s really this simple - if she gets 8 RG the majority people will already consider her above Evert who has 7…
  4. Mediterranean Might

    RG2024 SF: Carlos Alcaraz[3] v Jannik Sinner[2]

    I'm so glad we have these two. I don't think I could stomach tennis if all we had was zed, med, and ruud
  5. Mediterranean Might

    Sinner is playing in another world right now

    I’ve been very impressed with how Sinner improved his level and mental fortitude since the indoor season last year. Crazy trajectory Im still going to be cautious going into clay season. He’s more comfortable on hardcourts so we’ll see how he transitions. I’m expecting Alcaraz to have the...
  6. Mediterranean Might

    Nadal out of Indian Wells

    RG or Olympics are gonna be the final one It’s sad, I almost can’t believe it’s really over
  7. Mediterranean Might

    Can Dimitrov save the 1HBH?

    Where they've comfortably been the last few years - mugging it out.
  8. Mediterranean Might

    Best one handed backhand of slam winners in the last 20 years

    Wawrinka had a laser guided missile for a backhand, so he’s the easy choice imo Neo Fed is surprisingly close though
  9. Mediterranean Might

    Is Djokovic ready ?

    He has to go slamless this year and then we can start talking about these things
  10. Mediterranean Might

    Will Djokovic even win a slam this year?

    He won 3 last year, it would be foolish to write him off already. I think he'll likely grab 1
  11. Mediterranean Might

    Djokovic hinting that 2025 will be his last year on tour?

    Novak will only retire when his chances of winning a slam are near 0. We’re not at that point yet, but it always happens fast when it does
  12. Mediterranean Might

    Australian Open SF: Novak Djokovic vs. Jannik Sinner

    Djokovic fans having literal heart attacks from this match lmao
  13. Mediterranean Might

    Australian Open SF: Novak Djokovic vs. Jannik Sinner

    I can’t believe it’s this bad just an hour in
  14. Mediterranean Might

    Australian Open SF: Novak Djokovic vs. Jannik Sinner

    This is the flattest I’ve seen Novak in forever. Of course he can always bring it back, but his age is really starting to look like it’s catching up to him
  15. Mediterranean Might

    Most talented NextGen player?

    Zverev. I hate his guts, but his talent is very real especially when you consider the fact that he has diabetes too
  16. Mediterranean Might

    AO SF schedule confirmed: Sinner-Djokovic DAY session, Zverev-Medvedev NIGHT session

    Novak is unstoppable at the AO…until eventually he isn’t. Maybe this is Sinner’s year? Day session helps him marginally Night session is good for Med a bit more than Zed I think
  17. Mediterranean Might

    Better FH in 2023 Djokovic Sinner or Alcaraz

    Wimbledon and before, I felt the answer was Alcaraz. His form drastically fell off and it wasn't as potent on indoor hards. On the other hand, Novak was consistently either the best or 2nd best. Sinner had a great year and ended on an extreme high so I'd put him just barely over Alcaraz for the...
  18. Mediterranean Might

    Mouratoglou says Djokovic is the best ever and that Djokovic 2023 > Djokovic 2015 and Federer 2017-19 > earlier versions bar fitness for whole season

    Mouratoglou is just trying to get attention like usual. Results and level of play aren't the same thing, and in either case Novak's 2015 was better. It's arguably the greatest season, both by peak level and results, of all time
  19. Mediterranean Might

    Hyeon Chung: A future grand slam champion derailed by injuries?

    He would've had a better career and been interesting for sure, but let's not downplay how hard winning one slam is. I think even 1 slam for Hyeon Chung would be unlikely. Sinner and Zverev still have 0 slams. Medvedev has been stuck on 1 slam
  20. Mediterranean Might

    Wouldn't it be awesome if Rafa evened out the GS race next year if...?

    Solid RG run and epic olympics with Alcaraz is all I can ask for. I think this is it for the bull….:cry:
  21. Mediterranean Might

    Best Baseline player on a medium fast low bouncing court

    Active players; Novak, Sinner, Medvedev, and then maybe Zverev, Alcaraz in that order. Alcaraz higher if it’s grass All time it’s hard to find an exact order, but Novak and Fed are safe bets
  22. Mediterranean Might

    Which match was a bigger choke, 2023 Davis Cup semi-final match between Djokovic and Sinner or the 2019 Wimbledon final?

    Davis Cup basically doesn’t matter and the other is a Wimbledon final. I dunno tough choice
  23. Mediterranean Might

    I found this about era strength from 2000-2023

    I don't think that makes sense at all. Nole is the best player in the world at 36 and he is a clear part of this era, why would we exclude him? Rafa and Roger had crazy good years well past 27 as well. Andy Murray reached his peak ATP point rating at 29. I think you need to look at it from best...
  24. Mediterranean Might

    I found this about era strength from 2000-2023

    I'm 100% with you here - anchoring discussions in quantitative metrics lets us get a better sense and makes it easier to understand each other. I wish the reddit OP used a typical heat map coloring based on the overall % instead of their own hot-cool coloring, it'd be much easier to understand...
  25. Mediterranean Might

    The most hyped tennis players who did not live up to their expectations?

    I expected so much more out of Shapo and FAA. I still hold a sliver of hope that FAA can turn it around, but man they’ve been miserable to follow the last year
  26. Mediterranean Might

    Will Djokovic define a new tier?

    It feels like with 25 slams it's arguable, but something about 26 slams feels right for something like this to happen. 26 slams means there's equal gaps between Djokovic - Federer - Sampras; each solidly considered GOATs at one point or another. The gap with Nadal would be 4, an entire...
  27. Mediterranean Might

    Jannik Sinner is 167 lbs. How is this possible?

    Judging by this thread I think some y’all (Sinner included) need to eat more lol
  28. Mediterranean Might

    Did Sinner exit Paris out of protest?

    The kid is made of paper, his track record of injuries isn’t great. It was completely preventative and I’m guessing he wants good results in the ATP Finals
  29. Mediterranean Might

    If Saudi Arabia gets masters, that means Novak will not have Career Golden Masters until he wins in Saudi?

    Yes exactly. What are the chances ATP adds another slot for Saudi? Theoretically possible but the calendar is tough as is. I think we’d still give Novak the golden masters even in such a situation though