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  1. AM95

    Federer ON Tennis Shoes Launching

    Got two pairs - super expensive but I need a new shoe anyway and hate the new Nikes, which are $150 anyway
  2. AM95

    Federer ON Tennis Shoes Launching

    Is there a link for this?
  3. AM95

    Federer has withdrawn from the WTF final

    This sucks. Not to play the "I told you so," card but late in the tiebreaker you could tell something was wrong. After they switched sides, Fed wasn't bending really when he served at 6 all and returning at 7-6.
  4. AM95

    US OPEN DRAW IS OUT !!!! -- Cake Walk for FEDERER

    Cake draw. But he really had a tough one in Australia so I guess it comes full circle.
  5. AM95

    How Federer has changed from 10 years ago

    more interesting to look how each of his shots have changed over the years.
  6. AM95

    Post your favorite Nadal fist pump image here

    Lol at how much hair Rafa has lost since 2008. Jeez
  7. AM95

    Today's tennis is just sickening....

    '99 final wasn't a tactical masterpiece, but a much more dynamic match than anything I've seen on the WTA tour this year (excluding Ivanovic thrashing Serena at the AO).
  8. AM95

    Today's tennis is just sickening....

    BP has a point. Tennis channel aired the '99 final between Steffi Graf and Lindsay Davenport. While those weren't wooden racquets, the tennis was definitely much more interesting to watch. However, the new racquet technology lends itself to ball bashing mostly just in the women's game. You...
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    Young St. Nick: The Cure For Aussie Tomic Ache

    Clever title...annoying thread.
  10. AM95

    Dear Tennis Gods...

    I love Grigor, but I would hate to see him play Roger because I wouldn't know who to root for. So please no Federer/Dimitrov final.
  11. AM95

    Nadal and his OCD disorder. Has he had it looked it?

    As much as I don't like Nadal and find all of these things hysterical, this is most likely just something he has developed to keep him focused and concentrated on the match.
  12. AM95

    Why is Everybody Ignoring Lopez?

    Lopez is 32. Dimitrov is 23. Need I say more.
  13. AM95

    Would Fedfans settle with their man being the "GTOAT"?!

    There have been more talented players than Federer name one.
  14. AM95

    Gulbis says he didn't gamble away his RG winnings

    I think he might have a gambling addiction...just a small one.
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    Wimbledon 2014 R64: Lukas Rosol vs Rafael Nadal [2]

    Toni clearly coaching from the sidelines..trying (but failing) to be subtle about it. He is 100% not saying "Vamos."
  16. AM95

    Wimbledon 2014 R64: Lukas Rosol vs Rafael Nadal [2]

    Lol at the coaching. It's funny at this point.
  17. AM95

    Wimbledon 2014 R64: Lukas Rosol vs Rafael Nadal [2]

    Yeah...Keothovong better call him out on it at some point.
  18. AM95

    Wimbledon 2014 R64: Lukas Rosol vs Rafael Nadal [2]

    LOL at uncle Toni coaching from the sidelines and trying to be discrete about it.
  19. AM95

    Federer Sets a Record (Kinda Silly) with win today

    At first, these posts were informative and sort of interesting. Now they're just pathetic..
  20. AM95

    Anyone else think Tursunov will give Federer problems?

    Not really. The first two sets were close, but Fed had 4 SP in the 2nd set tiebreaks and just didn't close.
  21. AM95

    Umpire blows call in horrible fashion, Hantuchova not happy

    a) it was for the set b) yes it was a delayed call but incomparable to the failure and incompetence of this umpire.
  22. AM95

    Umpire blows call in horrible fashion, Hantuchova not happy

    To be honest, the worst part isn't the umpire's decision, it's Kerber's completely unsportsmanlike behavior.
  23. AM95

    Haas' shoulder gives out again :(

    I thought he announced his retirement after this year.
  24. AM95

    Grigor personal issues?

    He said that Karlovic played better than him today...get over your hate - it's blinding.
  25. AM95

    French Open 2014 Practice Videos

    daren cahill's youtube channel had videos posted...but i guess he removed them
  26. AM95

    Federer - Dimitrov practice in Paris !

    4 min worth of entertainment
  27. AM95

    Can the Dimitrov hype stop already?

    Why so much hate...? In about a year or so you'll be eating your own words.
  28. AM95

    Near 33 father of 4 loses (Wife just gave birth to twins), is it really a surprise?

    He'll be 33 in August..I mean, it's not an unfair statement to make.
  29. AM95

    Did anyone else expect Roger's result?

    And? As a Fed fan, I expected him to either lose in the first round, or go deep to the final. There wasn't going to be a middle ground. I mean, the guy just had kids. He took 5 days off from the sport and then he left his family. He hasn't really had a chance to put time into preparing for the...