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  1. darklore009

    Racket replacing angell TC95

    The TC95 was my gem racket until I decided to leave the sport due to injury. I had tried a lot of rackets before I used the TC95. Out of all the rackets that I tried so far, I think the Prince Tour 95 will be the closest one that can come in feel, spin window, and its stiffness.
  2. darklore009

    New Balance MC 996v3 Review

    I had the D width at first and that was way to narrow for my feet. I went with the 2E and it solved these issues.
  3. darklore009

    Angell TC95

    I used my TC95 for a good year now and it still served me well into not switching to another racket. Its much more powerful than a typical 95 square inch racket, but the specs I chosen makes it something I can rely on most of the time. The flexibility to customize your racket to your...
  4. darklore009

    Consistency question for electronic CP users. No right or wrong answer.

    I keep the tension the same for for the last main and crosses. Doesnt affect the playability that much as you will be hitting at the sweetspot most of the time.
  5. darklore009

    The Official Angell Users Club

    I have a ASL3 3 and i didnt like it when I used Yonex Poly Tour Pro. I will have to find a stiff poly to compliment the amount of power the racket has compared to my TC95. I will also have to string it a bit tighter to reel in the power to make it useable in my hands,
  6. darklore009

    Can cross training shoes work for a casual player?

    I would rather invest in a tennis shoe than going with cross trainers as they are engineered to prevent rolled ankle, dense cushioning, and proper grip on the court. Plus, an injury would cost much more than a pair of tennis shoes.
  7. darklore009

    The Official Angell Users Club

    I would also echo what other say saying the TC95 is very similar to the TT95. The TT95 has more of a control feel to it while the TC95 has more power behind it. I used both for them for a good amount of time, I ended up picking the TC95 as my go to as I dont have to tinker the specs as its just...
  8. darklore009

    Which FC machine works best with Wise 2086 tensioner

    I didnt have to drill the holes as the holes line up perfect on the adapter. For the Gamma dropweight, you will have to.
  9. darklore009

    Which FC machine works best with Wise 2086 tensioner

    I installed mine in my Alpha Pioneer DC plus and it's a easy installation aside of purchasing the Drop Weight adapter. I did lose the 360 rotation because the handle of the racket would hit the tension head, but it doesnt bother me as much as I got used to it.
  10. darklore009

    Alpha Gravity Release Clamp Base First Time Experience

    I'll give that a go for one junk racket that I can string with. I'll try various of methods to find how to make the gravity release go down smoothly. I do experience the same thing too when putting the clamps next to the edge of the frame, its difficult to handle. Not like I will place the...
  11. darklore009

    Wilson Pro Overgrip Black version

    Most overgrips that are colored will not have the same tack as the white ones. The additional colors can affect the performance of the product. I tried both White and Black from Yonex and the white is much tackier than the black due to no additive to the grip.
  12. darklore009

    Alpha Gravity Release Clamp Base First Time Experience

    Yes, I do release the clamp first after tensioning the string. The clamp is still under pressure as the string is pressed against it, will need some force to push the clamp down to make the "gravity" function work as a whole. If I press the button, the clamp comes off easily. I will have to...
  13. darklore009

    Favourite string to weave?

    Same experience with me too. She gave me 4 different solinco string sets for me to string for her for all 4 of her rackets (Tour Bite, Tour Bite Soft, Bard Wire, Revelation). I strung the Barb Wire as the last one as I knew it was horrendous to work with. She tried all 4 and ends up liking the...
  14. darklore009

    Favourite string to weave?

    Pretty much any twisted, texture strings are nightmare for us stringers to deal with. The amount of spin for those type of strings are often short lived and goes rather dull. Not to mention the fact it will damage the grommets if you weave it too fast.
  15. darklore009

    Favourite string to weave?

    Any synthetic gut is my fav string to weave because of its flexibility. However....Solinco Barb Wire is an absolute nightmare to deal with.
  16. darklore009

    The Official Angell Users Club

    As much I wanted to retain my Gut Mains and want to string the crosses only, theres a lot of people that would say no to that as it wont play the same after you string it.
  17. darklore009

    Alpha Gravity Release Clamp Base First Time Experience

    After my good faithful spring clamp base on my Alpha Pioneer DC Plus both gave up on me, I decided to invest in the gravity release clamps as I had an eye on them. I read through numerous of threads about them and shared their opinion on them. After biting the bullet, I ordered the clamps from...
  18. darklore009

    Jack Sock Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Kyrie 5 Colorway

    Would grab those than the one Kryios has. Its more neutral look it rather than the crazy purple, neon colors all over it.
  19. darklore009

    The Official Angell Users Club

    TC97 Tour is a rebuilt racket with a set specifications from the manufacturer while the Custom TC97 is where you can customize the racket on their website to whatever specs you want.
  20. darklore009

    The Official Angell Users Club

    I play at a much higher tension around 60ibs (10% prestrech) in the mains and 58ibs in the crosses. So far, they played pretty much the same as they come out of the machine.
  21. darklore009

    The Official Angell Users Club

    I use Pros Pro Black for the cross to keep the cost down to roughly $1 a string job. The setup is good for a good couple of hours until it either gets stiff or loosen tension to the point I try to break it. I'm still debating if I want to stay with Natural gut as I get fussed about tension...
  22. darklore009

    The Official Angell Users Club

    V3 feels more consistent in feeling than the V2. I have a friend that has his TC100 V2 that he bought from a fellow TT member and i felt slighly disconnected from my shots. I slapped on Luxilion Gut on my TC95 V3 and boy it spoiled me so hard that it became the best racket setup of all time...
  23. darklore009

    Yonex vs Babolat QC

    I get a lot of complains from my fellow players their PD has spec range that go beyond what the manufacturer's tolerance in their balance. This was the day when my high school tennis coach is a Babolat fanatic and tries to convince everyone in the team to use the Pure Drive as he think "its the...
  24. darklore009

    Why is Tourna the only third-party overgrip that pros seem to use?

    The company doesnt necessarily is forcing them to use every single product they're sponsored with. Its all about their personal preference as one brand suits them better than the one they're sponsored with. Tourna grip is merely a small part of what the pros can use in their matches, it expands...
  25. darklore009

    The Official Angell Users Club

    I tried TC97 twice already in hopping to get used to it, but the way it flexes and how the weight distributes throughout the racket is very odd for me compared to the TC95. I find it way heavier to swing the 97 than the 95.
  26. darklore009

    How does the Nike warranty process work?

    I never encountered an issue where nike gives less than the MSRP value. This is coming from buying shoes from validated stores such as my local tennis shop and tennis warehouse. I would be hesistent to purchase shoes from other places as they wont honor their warranty when bought somewhere else.
  27. darklore009

    Multi -> Poly, tension adjustments

    I strung Velocity for a client and she wanted to do Multi/Poly combo on her Pure Drive Cortex. Before she was spraying the ball with the full bed, so I strung her 54ibs M/ 50ibs Pros Pro Blackout. I usually string poly crosses much lower because you can go low tension on them and yet retain the...