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    Thiem racquet

    he needs to switch to a volkl if he wants to save his arm
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    Wilson Pro Hybrid Grip and ****'s artificial leather grip

    Any idea if this grip is still available or if there is a viable alternative??
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    Next Generation of Pro Staff is Here; Pro Staff RF 97 Review

    different equipment, different time, can't compare that with now. Were Lendl and Connors playing guys who hit with spin or playing with guys who were using similar racquets with small head size.
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    Wilson Pro Staff 100LS

    Strange as I also thought it was standard length as well. I'll let you know when I get my hands on one.
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    Wilson Pro Staff 100LS

    Just picked up one of these bad boys on pre-order. Had been playing with the previous model 100L and enjoyed it very much. Decided to pick up the new version with the 16x15 string pattern in the hopes that it would bring even more spin and a larger sweetspot. I plan on adding lead to the...
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    New Graphene Prestige Pro (2014)

    You're asking the general tennis playing community about their experiences hitting a racquet that hasn't come on the market yet.
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    What happened to Nadal today....

    ....should make even more remarkable the record that Federer has had in consecutive quarterfinal appearances since FO 2003. I'm not a federer fan nor am I a Nadal hater. I think they are both great for the sport.
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    Rafael Nadal is the best thing that ever happened to tennis

    Nadal gets the most out of the current technology than any other player. For that he should be commended. And his fighting spirit is unparalleled. Additionally, being left handed gives hims that additional uniqueness.
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    V1 Classic vs Org V1 MP vs ProStaff 100

    i also would vouch for the 100, great stick and much more stable than it's weight would indicate
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    Racquet for POG OS lovers?

    donnay xp dual 102
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    Do any pros with 1HBH use a 18x20 String Pattern?

    Tommy Haas is the only one that comes to mind for me. Maybe also James Blake and Tommy Robredo
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    Help to identify Wilson Raquet.

    Best feeling racquet you'll hit with. Demanding as heck though
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    FULL REVIEW: Donnay Pro One 97 (pics)

    Looks like the new pro one 18x20 97 is available for presale
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    Donnay Pro One 97 users club

    i love t his racquet as well and it is my main stick, currently strung with klip nat gut hybrid with gosen og sheep micro
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    BLX Prostaff 95 Customization

    I would add 3-5 grams at 12 o'clock
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    Asian N/K/BLX 90's similar to PS 6.1 95 BLX

    Actually they are 11.3 oz unstrung so it's not actually the same
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    FULL REVIEW: Donnay Pro One 97 (pics)

    just picked up a pro 97 16x19, anxious to go out and hit with it. was a big fan of the 95 Donnay Pro 1 international when TW was selling git a few years ago, hope this one is in the same family of feel and control but with a bit more power
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    Donnay X-Dual Core Gold vs X-Dual Core Platinum?

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    Tennis Warehouse-Central Florida Chapter (Greater Orlando Area)

    Gonna check out this new Rafael book, sounds like it's got some juice! --- I am here:,-82.423156
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    Deal of the year for me

    Awesome deal
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    Women's World Cup Final: USA vs Japan

    USA wins 2-1
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    Who has the best chance of beating Federer?

    Nadal or a big flat hitting player who is on a hot streak.
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    is it me or the 6.0 95

    I use a hybrid of cyberblue 17 in the mains and Gosen OG sheep micro 17 in the crosses at around 54 lbs. I could probably add a more powerful string in the hybrid but that's the string setup i've been using in my other racquets and it lasts me a good 12 hours of play before the power subsides...
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    is it me or the 6.0 95

    you're right bp, i do remember you touting it back in the day. and I believe you used it as your main stick til the ncode 90 asian version came out, correct me if i'm wrong. as far as why i gave up on it in the past....i guess it goes back to the ol' their must be something better out there...
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    is it me or the 6.0 95

    If he was hungover then he didn't show it. Either way, I feel like I need to play more with this racquet and see where things go, but I can definetly see myself playing with it on a regular basis because it felt so natural to my stroke techniques.
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    is it me or the 6.0 95

    Short story, I play a friend of mine couple times a month on Sunday nights. Usually he beats me pretty comfortably 3 and 4, if I do take a set off him it's a close one. I usually play with either a pure storm gt or becker london against him. A couple days ago I strung up my old PS 6.0 95...
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    Please suggest for me a racquet

    4.0 all court player. Singles and doubles. Looking for a 95-100 sq racquet for good power on a semiwestern forehand and flag one handed backhand. Need more depth on my forehand. Balls falling a bit short with my bb London.
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    Isn't it time for Triple B. to move on from his latest "Holy Grail"?

    i say it already has happened, he just is embarrassed to say it did with the national ordeal he took everyone through last time
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    dunlop 4d 200 16x19 anyone play this???

    I have. Great racquet. However, can be demanding for it's specs.