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  1. NineMileSkid

    Spinning racket to see who serves first

    I hate to be pedantic, but this would rarely work. I could easily envision spinning 300 times, with neither player even close to 200. Maybe best 150 out of 299? ;)
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    Under Armour Tennis Graphic Tees

    Sorry Tiffani, I won't let that happen again.
  3. NineMileSkid

    Under Armour Tennis Graphic Tees

    On the UA website, they have a few graphic tees related to tennis. Check out the Raining Winners one for Wimbledon. When is TW going to get these?
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    Serena Williams' coaches hoodie

    During the Roland Garros final, Williams' coach was wearing a full-zip hoodie that, while perhaps not the GOAT, has to be in the discussion. It was a Nike, grey with black shoulders, with a volt zipper chest pocket and volt drawstring. Does anyone know where I can get one?
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    Pro Science or Anti Science

    People are anti-science?
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    Best size for tennis

    Exactly what I was thinking.
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    Babolat Bags

    Thank! When will these new bags be coming out? Do the side pockets on the 2015 Wimbledon 15-Pack Bag have the same construction?
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    Babolat Bags

    The Babolat Pure Drive Blue 12 Pack Bag is being trashed on the customer reviews because the racquet compartments are so small that it is tough to fit mutiple racquets in them, and when you do, the fit is so tight that overgrips get damaged. There are no review for either the Pure Aero...
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    Has Adidas lost its mind with the themed Barricades?

    I hear the the Social Justice Warrior version is coming out fall of 2016. Check it out. ;)
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    One Serve Only. It's Time.

    Even if you can get everyone to agree to one serve, the debate as to whether you eliminate the first serve or the second will be never ending.
  11. NineMileSkid

    Nike Fed Cap vs Rafa Cap

    Does anyone besides me find that the Nike RF hats are smaller than the Rafa hats? As a melon head, I just can't wear a Fed hat without looking stupid.
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    Water? We talking water?
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    Multifilaments that play more like polyesters?

    What multifilaments play more like polyesters? More specifically, multis that are more durable, spin-friendly, and a touch firmer, but still not as unforgiving as most polys. I realize the trade-off would be not as much rotation on the ball or control as a polyester, but I can accept that...
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    Fed in Blacked Out Shoes During USO Practice session

    They pinked out the soles too. Something has to be up.
  15. NineMileSkid

    Great article on P1 and stringing Federer's RF97 racquets

    Here is my concern. Let's say, based on conditions, that Federer wants to play racquets strung at 26.5. He has three strung at this tension. He changes his racquet after game 7, 16, and 25. Now, he is forced to play with something strung at a different tension. That could be a problem. I...
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    Guy, I just saw the picture, and I think the shoes may be fake. The outside edges (with the RF logo) are on the inside.
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    Backpack question

    Big time 10 char
  18. NineMileSkid

    Backpack question

    I think I'd prefer a bag that is made to carry the racquets at an angle, like the adidas Barricade 3. Adjusting the zippers to do it doesn't sit right with me. Wouldn't they tend to scratch or otherwise mar the finish?
  19. NineMileSkid

    Backpack question

    I've never owned a tennis backpack, and really never wanted one...until now. But I would prefer one that does not point the racquet handle straight up. Can all or most backpacks hold the racquets diagonally?
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    Get Strength Fitness Plan For In The Gym

    I've had some very good results with Joe DeFranco's Westside For Skinny Batages 3. In fact, I plan on doing the two lower body days through the season.
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    How many pull ups for the average 50 year old ?

    Of course, but I am only cheating myself.
  22. NineMileSkid

    How many pull ups for the average 50 year old ?

    movdqa, re: "I can keep increasing that number, as long as I do them every day." I'd suggest that since it is the recovery, rather than the exercise itself, that makes you stronger, that you'd increased that number even more by doing pullups twice a week.
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    How many pull ups for the average 50 year old ?

    r2473, you may not consider using straps cheating, but if you use them in competition, you most certainly are cheating.
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    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    Agree 100%. That shirt is beautiful.
  25. NineMileSkid

    Does anyone know what a "Lock Up" Tee-shirt is?

    Thank you Michelle, you went above and beyond! :)
  26. NineMileSkid

    Does anyone know what a "Lock Up" Tee-shirt is?
  27. NineMileSkid

    Does anyone know what a "Lock Up" Tee-shirt is?

    I am seeing that term more and more to describe tees. Does anyone know what it means?