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  1. okdude1992

    ATP players' council around Roger Federer wants to redistribute the prize money: "Take it from the poor and give it to the rich"!

    Top post! The powers that be have chosen to line their pockets, favoring short term rewards over long term growth. And the players are naive for not unionizing a long time ago. Have you looked into the situation with combat sports ie Boxing and MMA? It's somwhat similar to tennis although even...
  2. okdude1992

    ATP players' council around Roger Federer wants to redistribute the prize money: "Take it from the poor and give it to the rich"!

    How about the average age of people viewing? I suspect it has increased. Having flat viewership rates likely means tennis is retaining fans it already had, not gaining any new ones. To be fair, this is better than a sport like baseball which has seen a decline in viewership recently.
  3. okdude1992

    ATP players' council around Roger Federer wants to redistribute the prize money: "Take it from the poor and give it to the rich"!

    I think many people would argue tennis was more popular in the 70's 80's 90's. And the talent pool was better as a result. You can speculate this is because of factors other than the pay structure, but I believe it's a major factor
  4. okdude1992

    ATP players' council around Roger Federer wants to redistribute the prize money: "Take it from the poor and give it to the rich"!

    Excellent solution, prospective pro tennis players should take up golf instead. Maybe many of us should all sign out and go join a golf forum in the meantime. There's plenty of olympic sports such as wrestling, where elite athletes make nothing. It's not even a viable career path. Please...
  5. okdude1992

    ATP players' council around Roger Federer wants to redistribute the prize money: "Take it from the poor and give it to the rich"!

    This topic has been discussed on the boards since before I joined. Never ceases to amaze me how shortsighted people are, and how greedy the ATP/ITF are. Bottom line: in order for the sport to gain more popularity and permeate new markets, you need to reduce the barrier to entry. Tennis is...
  6. okdude1992

    2020 Vienna Open (Nole Calling) - General Discussion

    Wow nice draw. Some fun potential r2 matches: Thiem - Wawrinka Rublev - Sinner Djokovic - Coric
  7. okdude1992

    Zverev will win a slam in 2021, you heard it hear first.

    For Zverev, the serve and forehand have been very shaky the last 2 years. Just making them reliable should be enough to have a major impact. But if he plays more matches like today, then the sky is the limit. Serving 140mph with no double faults, hitting 109mph forehands - yikes the rest of...
  8. okdude1992

    Why we need Live Hawkeye

    Pretty egregious umpiring. Dude shouldn't be allowed in the chair. The first call is possibly the worst overrule I've seen at tour level.
  9. okdude1992

    The Ascent To The Throne Begins For Felix Auger Aliassime

    Impossible to top Tsitsipas vs Coric. Although FAA has some worrying choker tendencies. Saw this in juniors also
  10. okdude1992

    Does Thiem have one of the all-time great Forehands?

    Probably not even top 5 greatest currently on tour: Federer Nadal DelPotro Djokovic Rublev Tsitsipas Wawrinka at his best (although for consistency might pick Thiem here) It's very powerful and spinny, but not very versatile and has too big of a windup to be effective on fast surfaces. Not to...
  11. okdude1992

    Nadal has broken Novak's serve a single time on HCs since the USO 13 final

    That is a crazy stat. Even by the eye test, Nadal has regressed on hardcourts, and seems to mainly show up at the slams, esp USO.
  12. okdude1992

    More Potential? Nadal Or Gasquet?

    Definitely agree. Gasquet always had a strange forehand and average serve. But he seemed more confident and aggressive with those shots here: . That tournament and match specifically is what caused a lot of the Gasquet hype in 2005/2006. If you consider how dominant Federer was looking at...
  13. okdude1992

    More Potential? Nadal Or Gasquet?

    Hindsight is 2020. See what I did there? ;) Some of the original posts look silly now, but Gasquet did show real promise early in his career. My main takeaway is that people tend to overrate flashiness over mental toughness, and potential over drive to actually improve. Another example of this...
  14. okdude1992

    Why is Marton Fucsovic not more succesful?

    I've seen Fucsovics live twice and my initial reaction was that he should be ranked higher. But like any 20-50 ranked player he has some flaws on closer inspection. Very much doubt he will have a Stan-like ascendency, but he's decent to watch. Pros: - Clean ball striker - Impressive...
  15. okdude1992

    So much for Shapo being the next ATG

    Shapo could still be on the Federer trajectory. Next year Wimbledon would be his breakthrough if he follows the blueprint. That said, I am worried that he shows no signs of reigning in the unforced errors or playing smarter
  16. okdude1992

    Tsitsipas will reach the FO final

    That would be pretty shocking. After the massive choke in New York, I wouldn't bet on him in any match. But he does have a high enough peak level to make the semi and maybe give Djokovic a tough match
  17. okdude1992

    Thiem could be the new Cilic ?

    Yea exactly, the comparison is so off base
  18. okdude1992

    Thiem could be the new Cilic ?

    Tsitsipas vs Thiem H2H is 3-4 and Tsitsipas won their biggest match at the ATP finals. Thiem has not shown himself to be dominant at all. Outside of clay he can lose to anyone. Also I'd be interested to see Roddick, Nalbandian, Hewitt, and also Safin vs Thiem. IMO they'd give him problems...
  19. okdude1992

    Is Thiem now considered better than del Potro?

    Agreee with the sentiment. Those 3 never really took out the absolute best guys in big tournaments during their purple patches though. How about Safin, Wawrinka, Del Potro, Nalbandian, Tsonga for "peak performance excluding all time greats" :)
  20. okdude1992

    Is Thiem now considered better than del Potro?

    I would definitely not use recent results to make that argument. 20 yr old Delpo in his first slam final ended prime Federer's 5 year winning streak at the USO. It's actually impossible to overstate how much more impressive an accomplishment that was than 27 yr old Thiem on his 4th attempt...
  21. okdude1992

    Zverev's loss, a classic choke?

    They actually managed to cut out most of the bad points. See the full TB. Thiem choked nearly as bad as Zverev. Entertaining but really ugly match
  22. okdude1992

    Thiem better on clay or hard?

    It's for sure clay. He's inconsistent on hard, but has a good top level. Kind of like Nadal actually
  23. okdude1992

    Congratulations Alexander Zverev and Pablo Carreno Busta

    Indeed, well done to them for taking advantage of it so far. Will be supporting Thiem/Medvedev winner in the final however. Since Djokovic's DQ I've been thinking about how the best slamless players from the 2000's would do given this opportunity... Might make a thread about it
  24. okdude1992

    US Open 2020 SF: [2]Dominic Thiem vs [3] Daniil Medvedev

    Would have said Medvedev in 4 yesterday. But Thiem really hit his top gear vs De Minaur an Medvedev has injury concern. Going with Thiem now
  25. okdude1992

    No Repeat US Open Men's Champion since 2008 Makes Federer's streak all the more extraordinary

    Epic match. Such a shame that Delpo was made of glass. He deserved a few more slams
  26. okdude1992

    Shapovalov serves 26 aces and still loses QF against PCB

    That was against Simon right? Pretty impressive he could win despite playing that badly. Shapo has one of the best serves on tour for a regular sized player. If he can improve his return and tidy up the errors he will be great. Then again same story for the last 2 years...
  27. okdude1992

    Berrettini will win at least 2 slams

    He has a pretty poor backhand, movement, return. Also has a pretty inconsistent first serve. I don't see it, but the next gen seems pretty inept at returning especially compared to Murray/Djokovic/Fed/Nadal/Ferrer so maybe he may has a shot
  28. okdude1992

    Kyrgio's Controversial Comment

    One one hand, PCB is not very impressive to me. He certainly received 2 very fortunate draws. It's a bit shocking that he now has the same number of USO SF as David Ferrer, a superior player in literally every way. As a benchmark, Tsonga has 0, Berdych and Nalbandian have 1, and Davydenko...
  29. okdude1992

    2020 US Open QF - [20] Pablo Carreno Busta vs [12] Denis Shapovalov

    Yea I favor Zverev over him especially after this long match. But Zverev is capable of losing to most anyone. Thiem is 7-0 vs him, Medvedev 2-1 but some close matches in there. Very unlikely but could happen ala Gaudio at RG 2004
  30. okdude1992

    2020 US Open QF - [20] Pablo Carreno Busta vs [12] Denis Shapovalov

    Oh god, that'd be awful. At least Cilic was a respectable one slam wonder. Can see PCB beating Zverev, but would be crazy if he won the tournament