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  1. VoodooChild24

    Djokovic disqualified from the US Open for hitting a lines woman in the throat.

    Trashy and distasteful comment. Blaming the woman for her age and just doing her job.
  2. VoodooChild24

    Novak Djokovic is the Rowan Atkinson of tennis

    I think he looks more like Screech.
  3. VoodooChild24

    Djokovic another surgery news

    I wish Novak a speedy recovery from his injuries and back in court in no time. Do you think his injuries have something to do with him being plant based or vegan? When you get into this lifestyle, you lose weight, muscle and mass thus making you susceptible to injury because the muscle that...
  4. VoodooChild24

    How can everything always goes Nadal's way?

    Luck is preparation meets opportunities. He pretty much said yesterday when he felt that the momentum turned against him that if he only “resist” he will have opportunities again.
  5. VoodooChild24

    Rod Laver just called Rafa GOAT

    Feds idol called Bull the GOAT.
  6. VoodooChild24

    Nadal lost a fan tonight

    Don’t let the door hit you on your way out. VAMOS!!!
  7. VoodooChild24

    Nadal would have been smashed by Djokovic

    But Djokovic needs to practice and hit his smash first.
  8. VoodooChild24

    Nadal needs either 2 more slams or the Aus Open to surpass Federer

    Stop with the unending GOAT discussion. Pointless in big scheme of things. Enjoy them all.
  9. VoodooChild24

    Kyrgios will win Wimbledon

    Only if he takes his medications.
  10. VoodooChild24

    2/3 of Nadal majors are on the same event

    Only REAL dynasty in all sports tbh.
  11. VoodooChild24

    The magnitude of Nadal's achievement

    If you think of it, this is one of the true dynasty in sports. 12x is unimaginable.
  12. VoodooChild24

    Rafa is apparently in trouble

    Goes both ways imo. If Rafa can hang 3 hours with his opponents then they will be in trouble as well. I don't see what the deal is with what he said. Very basic observation tbh.
  13. VoodooChild24

    Djokovic on Telekinesis and Telepathy and the Vibration of the Planet

    So is that why he cheated on his wife because of his intelligence?
  14. VoodooChild24

    tennis in bad air quality

    I live in the North Bay and about 2 hours away from Chico CA. I have not played in 2 weeks. Ugggh!
  15. VoodooChild24

    How to stop choking?

    Sing Hakuna Matata in your head in between points?
  16. VoodooChild24

    New Pure Aero 2019 = HORRIBLE COLOR!!!

    Overreaction much?
  17. VoodooChild24

    Practice Video from the weekend

    Thanks for sharing this video @ChaelAZ. That is a very nice court you play at and I'm sure it helps whenever you go back to your bench during a match and just look out while you gather your thoughts and think of what you need to do. I do this all the time during the match and it helps me...
  18. VoodooChild24

    Solinco Hyper G Prefered Gauge

    I thought I might and I feared my shots would fly but it didn't. BTW I string mine at 50lbs.
  19. VoodooChild24

    Solinco Hyper G Prefered Gauge

    PA 16x19
  20. VoodooChild24

    Solinco Hyper G Prefered Gauge

    I was using the 17g for some time now but recently switched to 18g a couple of months ago and I love it. More feel and really comfortable.
  21. VoodooChild24

    Best looking active player backhand slice?

    I see practice vids of Thiem and Dimitrov unleash some beautiful backhand slices.
  22. VoodooChild24

    Laver Cup: what motivates them??

    I read somewhere that Fed is trying very hard to get the Big 4 along with Stan in Geneva.
  23. VoodooChild24

    2018 Laver Cup - Chicago, USA

    I agree. Diego has more heart than Nick. Nick, just wants to showboat every shot by dinking and tweening.
  24. VoodooChild24

    2018 Laver Cup - Chicago, USA

    No chemistry with Fedovic whatsoever. It's like they're not enjoying playing with each other. In fairness, Sock and Anderson is a tough opponent.
  25. VoodooChild24

    Return of Serve thoughts

    I am in the same boat with you on this. I really take pride on being aggressive with the 2nd serves of my opponent and if I can hit a winner off of it, then I will. I usually hit a flat return and lean a bit on the first serve and not just block back or slice for tactical advantage. I...
  26. VoodooChild24

    Slice serve sitting up too much

    I agree with swing fast. But also with good follow through.
  27. VoodooChild24

    Any bay area tennis players here? Want to get a group started.

    Petaluma here. San Rafael is close enough though, thanks!
  28. VoodooChild24

    2018 Laver Cup - Chicago, USA

    So where can we watch this? It's not on Tennis channel. NVM, it's for tom. For some reason I thought it was Friday today.
  29. VoodooChild24

    The Big 4 will all be retired within the next 5 years. How are you going to handle the transition?

    I wonder what everyone here thinks of Stefanos Tsitsipas? I watched him in the USOpen this year playing doubles and he hits big and good IQ as well. Will he be a GS champion in the future? He is only 20 years old and well positioned to win once the Big 4 or 5 is no longer around. Zverev...