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  1. CptnRiceKrispy


    So lately I've been playing quite a lot more tennis now that hockey season is over. This increased playing time has really given me the opportunity to improve and develop the different parts of my game. And lately I've been having these particularly odd but amazing moments. The sort of moment...
  2. CptnRiceKrispy

    Serve Help!

    Heres a video of my current serve, it seems like its constantly changing (for the better...hopefully). I know there are some basic things i need to work on like my toss, smoothness, etc. But the one thing ive been told is that i open up my racket face on the take back. Im trying to fix this but...
  3. CptnRiceKrispy

    I do worse against bad players... sound very much like I did just a little while ago. You are probably a better than average highschool player with an aggressive baseline game. You like dominating from the baseline and you tend to lose points because of unforced errors. Sorry to say but you're not a very good player...
  4. CptnRiceKrispy

    What Practice Tools Do You Own?

    Most players should have a ball hopper! where else would you store all your old balls? Most players should have a video camera! how else would you record some good old family memories?
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    How good is a 4 star recruit?

    I've been playing alot recently with this girl on my team. In my opinion shes really good (4 star recruit on tennis-recruiting). When we play its usually just for fun and she helps me quite a bit. I can get the odd one or two games but shes just too good. She talks pretty big and i was just...
  6. CptnRiceKrispy

    Raonic serve

    Yeah i totally agree. I look at myself and I'm pretty confident that I will be able to develop into a decent player. I know I'm a good athlete, I've been playing AAA hockey for years. Size isnt my best asset but i think i can survive. I think my serve will come with time. The guy im talking...
  7. CptnRiceKrispy

    Raonic serve

    Haha that 5'4 90lb kid can serve just as hard as a big 170lb 6'2, 18 yearold who is scheduled to play some decent div. 2 tennis next year
  8. CptnRiceKrispy

    Raonic serve

    Well i think the serve is all about technique. Height and size does help but the correct technique can improve your serve dramatically? Ive been working on my serve a lot lately and I'm hitting it substantially harder than i did previously. Haha and a friend of a friend is like 5'4 and 90lbs and...
  9. CptnRiceKrispy

    Maybe more 3.5s should just be pushers?

    Theoretically, wouldn't a 3.5 basliner be considered a "pusher" by a hard hitting 4.0-4.5 basliner? Even though im a junior id consider myself to be a good 3.5 or weak 4.0 player. at my highschool level, unless im playing a top singles player I find strokes to be more than competitive and im...
  10. CptnRiceKrispy

    Critic my strokes

    Hmm i was just wondering whats your state or provincial ranking? Not to put your game down though but I thought you had to be one of the top players to get a sponsorship.
  11. CptnRiceKrispy

    Critic my strokes

    LOL I think if any half decent athlete wanted to play college tennis then he/she could play.
  12. CptnRiceKrispy

    Just started a gym program for tennis.

    I think a really good way to help your tennis game is too cross-train. If you play other sports it helps with your athleticism, hand eye coordination and being able to compete.
  13. CptnRiceKrispy

    Drive and Determination *NOT SAFE FOR WORK*
  14. CptnRiceKrispy

    Drive and Determination *NOT SAFE FOR WORK*

    We all know that to be successful at the highest levels of anything requires insane amounts of drive and determination. I thought I'd share a great example and a good laugh too. (this particular humor isn't meant for everyone. if you're easily offended dont watch!)
  15. CptnRiceKrispy

    Critic my strokes

    Hey...You look pretty decent. Big, tall should join my bantam AAA hockey team haha. In all seriousness you have lots of potential.
  16. CptnRiceKrispy

    Serves Explained?

    I was just wondering if someone could explain to me the different kinds of serves. I'm doing a science project on the different kinds of serves and i need to REALLY know how each of them work. (different swing paths and how the spin effects the path of the ball.) I'm going to be testing...
  17. CptnRiceKrispy

    is there a rule on pre-match warm-up?

    Well...You can't control what your opponent does, so its really up to you. but somebody who isnt courteous enough to participate in a warm up is quite an ass and if they're a regular tournament player he/she will gain a reputation pretty quickly. But here is what you can control. You can...
  18. CptnRiceKrispy

    My Game on Camera - Losing the V-Card

    Hmm...I think over the next couple weeks I'll do try and implement some changes to my game one at a time. Main things Im gonna try: 1. Change my grip to more of a semi-western. (right now i think im like in between a semi and a full western) LOL is that even possible? 2. Work on split...
  19. CptnRiceKrispy

    My Game on Camera - Losing the V-Card

    Gonna take out the camera again tomorrow. Anything I should make sure to work on?
  20. CptnRiceKrispy

    My Game on Camera - Losing the V-Card

    Hmm...i'm pretty sure I can get some more pop on my shots. Back in the summer i was getting some really good quality tennis in and i was hitting the ball alot better than i am now. This spring im really looking to make a transition from just playing for fun to more of a serious, training player.
  21. CptnRiceKrispy

    My Game on Camera - Losing the V-Card

    Hmm...heavy western grip? i always believed that i played with with a semi-western. are there any huge differences between the two? and i agree that i need to hit the ball harder and use my body weight better.
  22. CptnRiceKrispy

    My Game on Camera - Losing the V-Card

    Yeah just one of the many things i need to improve on. My size LOL. 5'10 and 135lbs isnt going to cut it =(
  23. CptnRiceKrispy

    My Game on Camera - Losing the V-Card

    Well my eventual goal is to be able to play at a college or university level one day so I think I'll need some work. but for the time being does anybody have any thoughts on a solid gamestyle i will be able to excel at or atleast try out? Right now I would consider myself an aggressive...
  24. CptnRiceKrispy

    World Junior Hockey

    Canada just had a horrible game. Up 3-0 in the third and they allow 5 unanswered goals.
  25. CptnRiceKrispy

    My Game on Camera - Losing the V-Card

    How about this guy? Ben Huang, hes a member here and posted this video awhile back. Hes hitting some pretty big serves.
  26. CptnRiceKrispy

    My Game on Camera - Losing the V-Card

    Well...I've only just started "playing" tennis about 2 years ago and started taking it more seriously this last year. and the guy im playing with is in his first year of university but has been playing for a very very long time. He's not the most gifted athlete but he has been competitive with...
  27. CptnRiceKrispy

    My Game on Camera - Losing the V-Card

    Haha Thanks for that...and yeah are serves are probably not our greatest asset. But no all asians are like that LOL. My older cousin is quite an established player and hes been clocked in the 120's (mph) numerous times.
  28. CptnRiceKrispy

    My Game on Camera - Losing the V-Card

    Thanks for telling me about this..i've never noticed that about my serve. I'll make sure to think about that the next time i play. Hopefully i'll see some improvement. Like honestly as of right now...every part of my game needs alot of work. but my serve is definitely the weakest parts of my...
  29. CptnRiceKrispy

    My Game on Camera - Losing the V-Card

    Haha you're right...kinda. My hitting partner (my cousin) is actually playing the way he usually does... (obviously not 100% as we dont have much intensity) but hes actually alot better than me. Infact he used to be one of the top highschool players in are area. Hes very consistent and he gets...
  30. CptnRiceKrispy

    My Game on Camera - Losing the V-Card

    Hmm..."swing is not focused on the graphite". I've never heard that reference before. Do you mind explaining? I forgot to mention the video consists of some rallying and then some match/point play.