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    how are your usta league coordinators?

    I've always thought they have done fine. The median age of players does seem to keep increasing and pickelball is making it far worse. The USTA should offer free memberships for say 18-20 year olds. I'm assuming you'd apply on-line.
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    Ruud Not Happy With Tournament

    I didn't notice crazy prices with food or drinks. I didn't notice extreme prices. I had the pizza twice, it was big enough for more than one meal. Attempted a Sumo dog. Ordered one, cashier repeated Sumo Dog and when I went to pick it up in the busy line it was tator tots which was what was on...
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    Ruud Not Happy With Tournament

    I haven't been to the US Open in several years but I remember that did have an option where you could get a nice but pricey dinner. When the Green Papaya in Flushing closed that was a major downer. I'd stay in Flushing and we'd take a break and go there for a late lunch or late supper. Probably...
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    Ruud Not Happy With Tournament

    I went to IW for a first time this year, I wasn't impressed with the food.seemed like all stadium-type food. I didn't know they moved from Crandon Park, but I guess it's been a long time since the Lipton. I played there as well.
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    Returning Unconventional Serve

    In a league a player has a serve that barely goes over the net at times with tons of slice maybe reverse slice at times. He also can hit a decent deep serve you'd ideally return around the baseline. So a lot of times the short return is on the run. Any tips? I get I should visualize a bh return...
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    Pickleball invasion?

    Well there were eight pickelballers on the courts just now, I was the only tennis person (practicing serve) in 50 degree weather with 18 mph winds. All were young. Two long-term 4.0 USTA teams folded in my bracket this year, I'd bet the median age will continue to increase yearly.
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    Two handed back to one hand

    My fav video which I didn't attach are the Justine Hennin bh instructional videos on Facebook.
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    Two handed back to one hand

    And running around the backhand. I'm sure it will be easier than switching to a 2 hb from a 1 bh. My fav video, the wall is your friend. Your non dominate arm doesn't need a high takeback.
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    Bee attack!

    I've been stung several times when I was young. Only one occasion as an adult. I had a few bumble bees on my porch, one day there was a swarm and I got stung a few times-if only I could run like that on the court!
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    Is Martina Navratilova still on the Tennis Channel?

    I see she has doing the Indian Wells on Sky Sports, a UK company I've never heard of. Maybe she's not employable in the US anymore? She's got pretty polarizing views. Not interested in who's view is right.
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    Put a ball in the elbow drill . . .

    If the balls falls behind you, you know you did it wrong? Why, not following?
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    Wilson going public!

    It has to be a tough market. In my area two-long term USTA captains are calling it quits. The Internet said its a growing sport but IDK. Pickleball for sure
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    Why did Monica Seles use a 130 sq inch frame?

    I guess why not as a baselinner. Was she the first "screamer" while hitting the ball. Something I never enjoyed watching.
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    Wilson going public!

    I'm not sure why now but I'll put a little into the the Roth.
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    Marquette University to end tennis scholarships

    And no football team to help fund the non-revenue sports. That was a mistake decades ago. It doesnt help with enrollment being on the edge of the hood, or with some housing already there.
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    Marquette University to end tennis scholarships

    Pretty sad news, ends next year. They had six great courts for decades and recently took three out and have been playing their matches at local nothing special tennis clubs, so really not worth watching. I saw a lot of great men's and women's matches close up in the stands at MU over the years...
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    Wilson clash max RA for those with tennis elbow or injuries?

    I didn't like any of the V2. V1 Pro is the best IMO.
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    Lead tape question

    Where will I add lead tape and how much tape to have my discontinued Clash S close to the total specs of my discontinued VI Clash Pro? Any guessing on the new SW? I am getting the overextension feeling from the lighter S and thought I'd give tape a try before throwing in the towel. Both some of...
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    Wilson clash max RA for those with tennis elbow or injuries?

    The discontined Wilson Clash S is great for stiffness at 54 but I get the overextension feeling from it. Going to ask how to modify it to the VI Pro.
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    Wilson clash max RA for those with tennis elbow or injuries?

    I may try a new Blade 98 with the Clash Technology, Prince or ProKinnex but so far only the original Clash Pro works long term for my sensitive arm. The V2 felt stiff almost immediately. The V1 108 and Spin stiffness were fine but got the overextension feeling I get when using light racquets...
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    2023 WTA Tennis in the Land (Cleveland) 250

    I went twice and it was good. I hope it returns.
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    Ben Shelton Enters The Top 20

    Yes but didn't some of his his drop shots, which he used way too much IMO, look like low level club drop shots?
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    Learning Left Handed Serve.

    How did the lefty serve work out?
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    2023 U.S. Open - Women's Discussion

    Right, I wouldn't diss her. I saw her play twice from the 1st row in the Chicago heat last week and is superstrong. Great baseliner that can really flatten it out, 115 mph serve, great at coming into the neat, etc..
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    Heavy racquets helps arm after using light racquet

    Thanks, I'll demo the Phantom 100P and the blue model.
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    Claire Liu Racquet

    I'm watching her serve for the match right now.
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    Never thought it would happen to me: tennis elbow

    I really recommend the Wilson Clash Tour, formally Pro. Definitely get an electric toothbrush too. Your teeth will thank you too. I've tried ever racquet or gimmick in the past for arm pain but this racquet is the real deal.