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  1. dump_can

    A gyroscope in a tennis racquet?

    Has anyone ever seen or thought of a tennis racquet with a gyroscope in it?
  2. dump_can

    Grip shapes??

    I'm currentlly using a head but i hate the grip shape. I like the prince grip shape, but I don't like any of the racquets. I was thinking of switching to a Gamma. Does anyone know how the gamma grip shape compares to say a wilson or a dunlop?
  3. dump_can

    Tempted by the Fruit of Another (From Mid to MidPlus)

    all of you are nuts
  4. dump_can

    What will play like a T-2000?

    I agree with Nanshiki t2000 is a great racquet. I've always wanted to play with an midplus size steel racquet. Something of the same mold but a little bigger sweetspot. The weight makes low balls easy, but you have to line up the swing correctly. once the path was started it was hard to...
  5. dump_can

    5.0+ players using sub 11oz racquets?

    I have recently discovered very headlight frames suck. Anything about 11-12 ounces, even balance, and stiff is best.
  6. dump_can

    What racquets produce the most spin?

    Does anyone know of any experiments done as to whether stiff or flexible racquets produce more spin? I've heard both arguments, but was wondering if anyone knows of any actual lab results. Any info would be helpful thanx/
  7. dump_can

    How much does an overgrip weigh?

    Currently I am using 1/2, but I want to go down to a 1/4 without shaving the grip down. I decided to just take off the grip and use two overgrips, but this changes the balance a little. If I knew how much the overgrips weighed I could just use some lead tape to make up the difference.
  8. dump_can

    Prince Shark MP Racquet (Sharipova's oldie)

    Pure hilariousness
  9. dump_can

    Bardelli vs. Mcenroe challenge

    Anyone who supports my challenge against John McEnroe, feel free to visit and join my facebook group @ This is a serious challenge.
  10. dump_can

    Amatuer Callenges Macenroe!!!!!

    Roddick would school Laver with a broomstick. And as for McEnroe, every player in the game today has a stronger mental game. He was a total head case. Any call that went against him in an important situation made him cry, whine, and complain until he didn't get his way. That's a strong...
  11. dump_can

    Amatuer Callenges Macenroe!!!!!

    I'm not kidding jerk. I'll take out any 50 yr old man any day. I challenge any 50 yr old man, especially John McEnroe.
  12. dump_can

    Amatuer Callenges Macenroe!!!!!

    Me and my friend were arguing Borg and Federer. I told him today's game is simply just more demanding than it used to be. Players today are much more physical. They're faster, stronger, more flexible, swing harder. Any of today's players would beat any of the players from the 60's. I went...
  13. dump_can

    Tennis in the days of yore

    You Are Wrong!!! Today's players would destroy ANYBODY pre-eighties.
  14. dump_can

    weaving cross strings?

    I was wondering if it is legal to weave all of the crosses the same way? Anybody with actual umpiring experience best, but anyone with knowledge please respond.
  15. dump_can

    PK Kinetic 7G or ... ?

    People that like the 7g generally like extra legnth racquets and higher swingweights. You may be better off trying the 5g. It seems to have the same solid feel and stability but in a standard length.
  16. dump_can

    PK Kinetic 7G or ... ?

    I love the 7g. It's cost effective and hits solid, unlike any other racquet I've ever used. I thought the pure control plus was great too. My friend also uses the 7g and loves it. The only thing I don't like about the racket is that they crack. Not in the hoop, but at the bottom of the...
  17. dump_can

    ProKennex Heritage Type C Redondo Mid vs. Head Prestige Classic 600 Mid

    "I know it's RDC is 56, but it's also 100% graphite and feels stiffer than the Prestige. It also has a very slight "tinny" feeling on off-center hits that I equate with modern rackets, but of course this could be the 100% graphite."...
  18. dump_can

    New colours for Nike shoes

    Geesechops, everyone knows the ps85 is the worst racquet ever made. That's probably why you never get any better.
  19. dump_can

    why your stick?

    I don't know about you guys and you babalat's, but I use a Arther Ashe Competition. Nothing has the feel of the AA. It's nice to be able see your racquet flexing when you hit the ball. The power on serves is amazing too.
  20. dump_can

    "Too heavy?" "Too light?" Meet the Relative Racket Finder

    I was wondering how the one standard deviation for the length could fall below 27?
  21. dump_can

    What's your WORST racquet experience?

    The 300g is the most overated racquet. It's to light, the stringbed feels to harsh, and twists like no other. Also, my friend had a triad hammer 6.0 OS and the same thing, it twisted badly. I was thinking hard about doing him a favor and just smashing it.
  22. dump_can

    Does anyone regret breaking racquets out of anger?

    I was recently playing a tournament and lost to a pusher (very smart player). I smashed my racket out of anger, then somebody told me if you ever feel like breaking a racquet you might as well just give it to some kid. After that I realized I'm not going to get any better getting angry so I...
  23. dump_can

    Coria's serve?

    If he keeps serving like that a good player will be able to put him on the defensive on every point. And the guy he plays tonigh, Luzzi?, beat him the only time they ever played, but that was when Coria was 156th in the world.
  24. dump_can

    Most annoying players to watch at the Aus Open

    I don't like Acasuso. I was watching him play Robredo in Cincy, and they went into a tie-breaker. Robredo went down 6-0 in the breaker so I started rooting for him. He came back to 6-6 and when they switched sides, I was sitting in the first row on the side of the court he was coming onto...
  25. dump_can

    post here if you hope serena loses

    I stop liking her when she started to push her clothing line on the court.
  26. dump_can

    Coria's serve?

    Coria served 17 double faults with an average first serve speed of just under 86 mph. He won only 57% of first serves and 24% of second serves. Some of the guys on this board could probably serve better than Coria. Do you think Coria's weak serving could cost him an early round upset at the AO?
  27. dump_can

    post here if you hope serena loses

    Originally Posted by obackvalobasha I don't want her to win it all because she is BLACK. Wow I thought I was a jerk for using this avatar.
  28. dump_can

    Is Roddick's draw easy?

    In my eyes Roddick may have it easy the next couple of rounds because Ginepri and Stepanek were knocked out, but after that he seems to have the tougher draw unless Nalby and Lubicic get knocked out early. In comparison Fed has Hewitt and Coria, which, to me is an easier draw. Coria's serve is...
  29. dump_can

    Tennis in basketball terms

    lob=floater kobe bryant=leyton hewitt
  30. dump_can

    brain teaser

    Another brain teaser USSR + USA PEACE Each letter can only represent one number and no number may be repeated. I couldn't make the letters line up. Just imagine that the E is under the A, and the A is under the R, and so on.